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  • Skates
    X:60 Pro Stock
  • Stick
    X:60 Stick 'Um 77 Flex P92
  • Gloves
    Black Bauer 4 Rolls 13"`
  • Helmet
    Bauer Medium Black 4500 w/ RBE III Cage (black)
  • Pants
    One 95 Girdle and black bauer shell
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer XXV
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer One 10 (lower grade the better)
  • Shin Pads
    Warrior Hitman 15" (GREAT)
  • Hockey Bag
    South Shore Kings Bag

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    Rhode Island
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  1. Just picked up a Kovalchuk pro stock DD. Pretty nice shot, coming from a P92. Really boxy. Flex is a 95. He shaves the heel which is weird, I really wana know why. Probably to keep the toe hook from getting in the way when cupping the puck.
  2. There's a bunch on Ebay.
  3. Just came in the mail today. Jofa 5044 Pro Stock Elbow Pads Size 6.
  4. I feel like the laces would get in the way or tangled up in the jersey at times, no?
  5. That's a sick jersey. I know a kid who has the blue one of the EXACT same team... You probably stole the idea from him ;)
  6. New Bauer Concept II Shield, bunch of boys on the team are rockin it this season
  7. Here's the code of my clutterbuck one95 pro stock Is this a one95? It's the same curve as a P92 basically 0977-5 95 A
  8. Picked up the twigs today. P92 77 Flex No Grip Righties
  9. I know this is kinda off topic and may be in another thread already, but I'm 17 and trying to my first retail job (pure hockey) near me. I play juniors, know a lot about the sport and understand that every twelve year old (despite what their parents say) don't need to be put into total ones. So basically my question is, for you LHS owners, what are some qualities or things that you like to see in a 17 year old applying for a job at your store? Any tips?
  10. haha It was just this random team that some coach wanted me to play for. I have no clue what a Hibernian is.
  11. Some photos from the Boston Challenge Tournament in Marlboro, MA
  12. Great looking practice jerseys. You didn't do the whole raffle thing for ovechkin's stuff did you? That's an Eric Fehr clone, eh?
  13. Quick vid of my setup this season http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4fP-INS1Cw
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