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    TO, x:60s, XXXX, XXX
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    Wheeler TO, 2x Palushaj U+CL, Zidlicky S19, Kennedy SE16 painted EQ50
  • Gloves
    Custom Franchises, Easton E-Pros, NB 4-rolls, Vapor XXX
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    5x 4500, 5500
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    Bauer 6000
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    Bauer Classics
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    RBK 6k, RBK 5k
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    Bobby Mo Custom

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    hockey, music, video games.

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  1. Here's a comparison. Letang(Kreps), Horn, Zidlicky(Kovy Pro)
  2. I was gonna get one or two of those, now I know who they went to. :P Picked these up of eBay for a good price surprisingly.
  3. I would assume not since you would only have to cut 2 inches off the INT as compared to 5 off the Senior?
  4. Has anyone who ordered Franchises through PSHG have problems with the stitching? The palms also seem very weak too. Overall for having these gloves a few months and only using them in drop-ins and practice (I haven't been able to play games this year) I am disappointed with the quality of the glove. The $100 retail gloves I have owned in the past seem to hold up better than these have.
  5. Ah I wasn't aware you are located in Canada. My bad!
  6. I'm not sure about other places but did you get them from Total Hockey? I think they have them for around $130 if I remember correctly.
  7. If I remember from a thread in here it stands for ST Classic.
  8. Speaking of Hejduk. http://www.ebay.com/itm/PRO-STOCK-EASTON-RS-STEALTH-RH-HOCKEY-STICK-HEJDUK-/140601407045?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20bc7f3645#ht_500wt_1363 He has a picture of the sticker but you can't read it...
  9. That would give me an idea. If I owned that stick and when it broke I would turn the blade into a scooper!
  10. I decided to accumulate a few items before I posted a pic. I can't remember if I posted a few of these already in here. Pens 3rd jersey shell. Custom Franchises, Malkin Pant Shell, Tyler Kennedy SE16 painted as a EQ, Marek Zidlicky S19, Retail EQ, Retail TOs.
  11. If it's anything like the liner in the Warrior glove it's to keep them from smelling bad? Atleast I think that's it.
  12. What do ya know, just my size! ;) Too bad I'm broke.
  13. They definitely are narrows. Beautiful!
  14. Got it a few months back off of eBay from Ziggy's.
  15. Just some items I have that I feel like sharing. I think 2 of em have been posted in there before but now they are together. Malkin's Pens pant shells Custom Warrior Franchises(used Kovy layout) Zidlicky S19(not repaint) Retail TOs(got em for cheaper so I figured I'd add em)
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