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  1. Missouri Mavericks equipment sale today E-Pro gloves E700 Helmet 2 piece pants
  2. We're not accomplishing anything but one last time and we'll end of my explanations. Clearly people think I'm somehow trying to scam Easton. The day the skates went on sale I took the day off and drove 8 hours round trip to get fitted and purchased skates. Midway through second session on new skates the tendon guard retaining screw and screw holder broke. Further examination showed separation of glued materials on bottom of same skate. Asked in this very thread.. "What is best way to make a warrantee claim. Response from JR. "Call Easton customer support." First call to Easton I was told send pictures and fill out warrantee form. Include receipt. Several days later: Repeat above process. Several days later repeat above process and ask for confirmation of receipt of pictures and form. Several days later repeat and ask to speak with supervisor. Told no supervisor available. Several days later repeat above. During above discussions told "I'm not sure we make that model any more" told on subsequent call "On back order" Each discussion included me being asked for a case number. Each time I reply that no one has given me said number. This is always followed by: "Fill out the form and send pictures" End result: I'm looking for a new skate that fits like Mako. No more purchases of Easton equipment to include sticks (too bad I like their sticks) for me. As a side note, this morning I took said skates to the prosthetics lab at work, tapped out the screw holder, heated the area around the screw holder with a heat gun and pulled it back through the leather. Tendon guard now held in place. My prosthetics technician is going to mix a resin to re-glue the separating pieces. I understand that I'll not get a warrantee claim because of this, but after 30 days and several phone calls to Easton, I've come to the conclusion there will be no resolution.
  3. In this case the store is 8 hours round trip drive. I asked earlier in the thread how to go about warrantee repair/replacement. JR indicated "call customer service" Each customer service rep tells me send pictures and fill out a form. From there nothing. I've requested that they confirm receipt, still nothing. My next call I mention who I last spoke with and am told that person isn't working today. It really is too bad because I like the skates. I didn't demand new skates and expected to send them in for repair. One customer service rep actually told me that she thought these were no longer in production and that they'd have to determine what to replace them with. Another told me they are on back order. I'm probably going to simply find a screw retainer of some type and replace the broken one. A little sewing should work OK. I'll glue down the separating piece and call it an expensive lesson. No more Easton products for me.
  4. I'm certainly not scamming. My left tendon guard came off 2nd skate. The screw and screw holder were completely stripped. The boot is delaminating on the bottom. I purchased in store and did not home bake Thus far I've submitted claims on multiple occasions. Each time there is no record and the person I last spoke with is unavailable. My requests to speak with a supervisor result in being told no one is available. No calls have been returned. Today marks 30 days of trying.
  5. What warrantee? I've been trying to get my warrantee claim through for 3 weeks. It hasn't been denied just not acknowledged.
  6. The ankle shot I took was kind of a freak shot, didn't hurt but broke the tendon guard attachment. I suspect that's a very odd occurrence.
  7. Original six- I'd argue that like most things hockey, all the studies and papers in the world will mean nothing to the majority of players. For hockey players, perception is reality. If a player feels that the compound radius with FBV and special blade sauce works better than ROH no amount of science will change his mind. It's all about feel and perception. Why not try different sharpenings until you get the one you like and buy a machine and accessories that will do that particular grind?
  8. Easton had me send pictures of my broken tendon guard and the separated lamination on the bottom. No word since. I'm pretty disappointed in the poor customer service.
  9. 3rd game on mine today. They felt really dialed in. Then a screw on tendon guard pulled loose. I taped it up and finished the game, but the female threads will need to be replaced. Same size screw as MLX in the same spot, but much shorter. I'd recommend to Easton to put more than 4 threads into the female piece. There's a good bit of torque there. Also for you MLX guys, I'd grab the torx driver that came with your skates. The ones that came with Mako don't fit the tendon guard screws. The ones that came with MLX do fit. I tightened the rest though I expect I'll be sending the skates in for replacement. I've never warrantee replaced skates before and the LHS is 4 hours drive away. Any tips?
  10. That's the big "hype". For me personally it makes a difference on both straight line skating and most quick direction changes as I can get deep knee bend and still get my feet spread pretty far for stability. With skates that don't allow the flex I simply don't feel as stable. I suspect that some skaters won't see much benefit due to skating techniques. There's a reason we have 50 - 100 models of skate to choose from. We all skate differently. What works for me might be horrible for someone else.
  11. Interesting comment from our Central League EQM. He won't order these for the players because he's worried about injury at the Achilles tendon. I'm playing again tonight but hope to avoid shots off the foot. Hopefully I won't be able to comment on protection. I tend to agree with Wrangler, buy skates for skating and add protection as needed. And quit flamingo'ing on shots! I watch guys do it all the time and then complain that they took one right to the laces.
  12. I would never say one skate is better than another comparable level of skate. APX and Mako are both top tier skates. Mako fits me very very well and is comfortable. I like the extra forward flex because it fits my skating style. I like that it's not as stiff as APX. Vapor series skates simply don't feel right to me. It's my personal belief that many players can't flex super stiff skates and thus don't benefit from an skate like an APX but that's only my opinion. Wear what fits your feet and your skating style and ability.
  13. Skated on them tonight. A practice and 1/2 hour scrimmage. It took 5 minutes to get used to the forward stance. Very aggressive. I didn't notice just how forward walking around but it was very noticeable on the ice. Had a bit of trouble at first during skating drills as there was far too much bite but that's due to 3/8ths vs my normal 9/16ths cut I'd guess. Super comfortable. No pain what so ever. The most noticeable aspects to the skate were how tight I cut corners in cone drills and acceleration. I was beating one of my 25 year old players (I'm over 50...) off the line and to top of the circle. He typically runs right with me but tonight I was out accelerating him. Top speed seemed unchanged. During scrimmage all I can say is I didn't think about them. I just played hockey. That's the best testamant to my belief I've found my skate.
  14. Aireaye - Hard to say exactly without skating, but they seem more forward than Vapors, CCM U+ pro and certainly my '98 Bauer 3000s. (yes I've been trying to find the perfect fitting skate). They seem pretty close walking around to the EQ5. The manager of the shop where I bought them said he felt like he was going to fall on his face when he first put them on, but adjusted after 5 minutes on the ice. I didn't notice that much difference but my EQs have a fairly aggressive forward bias on the radius. The EQM for my local Central League team did the same on my MLX but it didn't come close to the EQ.
  15. Picked up mine today. 4 Hour drive each way but the staff have always treated me well so I don't mind. I was hoping they'd be the best of MLX and EQ series combined. So far they seem to be just that. The blades are longer than the EQ but shorter than the MLX of the same size. Stance is definitely more forward than the MLX. Notable to skate until Monday so we'll see how they are then. 50 grams lighter per skate than the MLX on a simple food scale. Is anyone selling extra steel yet? I rotate blades out to No-Icing since the sharpening options here are not good.
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