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  1. These came in today, and I love them. All tufftek except for the white which is classic. Silver lettering and blue wrist guard logo.
  2. That looks like a hybrid twist cuff, the wrist guard looks different then I usually see with the hossa style cuff
  3. Thanks! Yes and no, I really like the red/blk/wht color scheme and inherently like the chicago jerseys and ottawa thirds etc. I just kind of came up with that on the customizer and went for it.
  4. What options does Joe offer besides what's on the customizer, besides just the different cuffs.
  5. Perfect, I'm in the states, so that is no problem. Thank you guys for the info. Does any one have pics of the standard cuff mentioned above? Want to compare that to the hossa cuff. Thanks guys
  6. My custom Franchise are on their way to me! Real excited, this is my first pair of customs.
  7. Any suggestion on where to order from to get the Hossa cuff done? UCLA, post them any way! Custom gloves are custom gloves!!! Do it!
  8. UCLA, is there any extra procedure for caring for the mustang palms or tips you can suggest to prolong the life of them? I'm thinking about getting those on my next customs. Oh, and pics of them please.. in the gallery I guess.
  9. I will third the notion of preserving those sticks. The beauty of vintage equipment is being looked over these days by the induction of new technologies.
  10. Very nice! Who did you order them through??
  11. Beautiful gloves, dupes!!!
  12. Did both of you order custom Warrior gloves? If so, where from if you don't mind saying. I ordered custom franchise on the 8th of this month, haven't heard anything yet. UCLA, curious to hear what custom stuff you ordered. Enlighten me while I wait for my beauts to arrive.
  13. Empire, when did you order yours? I have ordered some custom franchises and I can't wait to get them!! On a side note, those caesar's gloves are awesome. The custom stitching is really cool.
  14. Hey guys, been lurking here for a while and finally decided to post. I ordered some custom warriors and i'm pretty excited about their arrival. Hopefully will be here in the next couple of weeks. On a side note, does anyone have the 'burnt orange' tukktek from warrior? I wanted to see what that looks like in an actual photo.
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