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  • Skates
    Bauer Vapor X:60
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    Warrior Dolomite DDs
  • Gloves
    Bauer 4-Rolls
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500s with white CCM cage/ Bauer Aviator Pro Cut Tinted Visor
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    Bauer Supreme One95 Girdle
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    Bauer X: 40
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    Jofas 9135
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    Bauer Supreme One55
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    Warrior Team Bag

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  1. I'm picky about my hats. New Era doesn't have a very good sizing standard which is why I will never buy one online. I usually do the wet it and wear it till it dries technique to have the perfectly molded hat. Works better on some hats than others, depends on the material. But you're right, the more you wear and sweat in it the better it fits.
  2. This was in a 20s pick up league. We have to wear cages in NCHA, but we might be going NCAA in a year or two which has rumored about switching to visors in upcoming years.
  3. No I didn't. I was wearing a half shield though, no cage. There was actually a case with a team from where I'm from and some kid getting arrested. At a junior game the goalie baseball swung his stick into a kids jaw....he got arrested.
  4. I agree with you. I bend all of my brims appropriately. I was just saying that the On Field 59/50s fit better than the regular 59/50s (the ones with the New Era logo on the side and are usually made in absurd colors) which tend to bubble up in the front when you bend the brim because they are made for that flat brim look.
  5. Oh my gosh that site is awesome. I just wish that they would make "on field" NHL hats. The regular 59/50s look weird when you bend the brim.
  6. It happened like 5 days ago. His helmet/cage hit the side of my jaw. Needless to stay I stood this guy up, but still. This is the xray from the right(the only one I managed to sneak home with me) so you can't really see the damage. I have a filling in that tooth so it's blocking the crack which went straight through to the filling. You can see how close the crack is to the nerve. Plus my gum is wicked swollen now. So to avoid all pain and infection I've just decided to get it pulled.
  7. I love when people think pick up is a time to hit like the pros. This guy tried laying me out and in the process cracked my wisdom tooth with his cage. Going to get this thing pulled tomorrow.
  8. I can tell that's one of your favorite picture JR...but hey if I had a picture like that it would be my favorite too
  9. Bauer Aviator Pro Half Shield (Tinted) Helmet used: Bauer 4500 (medium) Fit: It fits the 4500 perfectly. It doesn't pull the sides of the helmet out where it attaches either, so it does not affect the fit of the helmet. Spacers are provided and the side slots allow you to position the visor how you like it: more forward, closer, higher or lower. It also stays in the same position and doesn't loosen up too much over time like some other visors. 10/10 Protection: Obviously, you're not going to get as much protection as any cage, but for a visor I would say that it is one of the better protecting ones. However, it is a non-certified visor. The Aviator does come a lot lower than the straight cut which is nice and provides a little more protection. It is a polycarbonate visor so it does have some flex in it, while at the same time staying strong. 9/10 Optics: One thing that I like about the Pro cut aviator visor was that the bottom of it comes down far enough so that it is not in the middle of your vision. With the straight cut visor I felt like I was getting dizzy from the cutoff point sometimes, but with this it is not a problem. There is no distortion with the curve in the visor either. I purchased the tinted version of the visor and I like slight tint it provides. The tint is very minimal and does not seem awkward looking out of it. I have worn this visor in both well and poorly lit arenas and there was no problem. Of course if you bought the clear version you would have a much brighter view, but I prefer the slight tint. 9/10 Fog: Although it claims to have an anti-fog coating on the inside, it fogs up pretty easy if you do not use any anti-fog. Once is starts to fog there is not much hope in reviving it on the bench. Alone, this visor will fog tons, but I have found that using dish soap on the inside before every game has almost completely eliminated any fog problems. 7/10 USE SOME KIND OF ANTI FOG! Durability: I take care of my visors and put my helmet in a pillow case when carrying it in my bag. The outside is pretty strong and there is no chipping or chaffing in the tint. I have also used paper towel to clean it (which usually puts swirl marks on visors) and I haven't had a problem. Microfiber towels are the best to clean it scratch free though. 10/10 Intangibles: This visor looks great. Clear or tinted, it is a very clean visor. Its simplicity it what makes it stand out among the rest, it just seems like how a visor should look. 10/10 Conclusion: Great visor. By far the best set up I have used over any of the straight cuts. Comes with all the hardware to install. A little pricey, but I think it's worth it. Overall rating: 9/10
  10. From some mens league game I subbed in. And two from my college team.
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