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  1. yep yep, i love the all the breaks in the fingers.. sooooo niice :)
  2. there is a PM in your box.. why are you hiding? :P
  3. im taking the photo :P
  4. Welp... I was gonna get RBK pants.. but saw these babies on ebay.. and well the photo says it all (plus I have NYR ones & love em) LOL.. here's the rest of my gear (airin' out)
  5. Well actually on a goalie board I visit is where I stole the idea, and they have 1,874 posts hehehe.. although we're at 566 in a shorter period of time :D PS: I think it's fun to see what other people are wearing, gives me ideas on my stuff hehehe -- gonna have to update this when I get my new pants & SL and post the images again heh
  6. damn i paid 150cdn for my SL :P
  7. Protection These are a heavier bulky pad, still seemed to get bruises through all the bulkiness/padding tho. There are calf wraps but even the slightess slash by a stick would still hurt. 5/10 Fit/Comfort No break in needed, but like I said above they are quite big/bulky, and I'm not a petite female at all. They fit nicely over my skate with max. comfort just very think padding/plastic. 7/10 Quality/Durability Every game I take out the removable liner and after a few months the material inside the padding was falling apart into little pieces. You can't wash the liners as this makes the peices worse. Eventually Bauer sent me a new replacement pair. And 2 weeks later the strap that is sewn onto the pad is falling apart. I will now just suck it up and sew it myself, and get a different pair soon. No sense getting another pair of these, obviously the quality is not there. 4/10 Conclusion These pads are good for any level of hockey but only when you can get them in about 2 years when they are on clearance for 30 bucks. I would not pay more than $50 CDN for them. They look nice, but that's about all I can say that's nice about them. 6/10
  8. Thanks all for the nice words on the jersey/skates.. all I need now is a pair of blue reebok pants :D :D :D :D
  9. my new pic of me at warmups (me in my new jersey) :D
  10. awesome skates.. I absolutley love mine.. ;)
  11. Show it off = no rules! :)
  12. No there real.. i swear :D I love em to death :)
  13. Welp :P Don't get me wrong Mission is great, but somehow ended up with only the gloves now hehe
  14. hehe.. saw this on a goalie board.. thought I'd start one to show off me
  15. Chicks Point Of View.. lol... Mission Carbster L helmet with Bauer TRU-Vision Fit- I tried the CCM.. squeezed my head till I got headaches, tried a NIKE looked too big on my head, tried on the Itech didn't like it.. Bauer seemed ok, but as soon as I tried on the CARBSTER, I had to buy it, it's like putting your head into a soft leather couch, wearing it for a full year now, still fits like a charm. 10/10 Protection- Welp... I haven't really tested this out that much throughout the year, but I have no headaches so I'll give it a 10/10 Weight - I think the tru-vision cage weighs more! I find it very light. 10/10 Durability - Only been a year... women's league play, men's pick-up, co-ed pick-up.. can't really tell how durable it is from where I am standing right now.. NA/NA Intangibles- The removable WASHABLE liner is friggin awesome.. this is the best thing since... I don't know *i dont like bread* lol.. There is nothing I don't like about this helmet.. that's all I have to say.. 10/10 Conclusion - Great helmet.. (the Bauer 5000 was my second fav) 9/10 I took a point off cause it cost me 150+tax when I bought it :o
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