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    Graf 502 with t blades
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    Sherwood Nexon N12 and Warrior AK27 shaft with Easton ST blade
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    Bauer One75
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    Nike Bauer 8500
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    Nike Bauer XVI / Tackla 951 Advantage
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    Bauer One 95
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    An oldddd team bag lol

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  1. Ahh I see! I know exactly what you're talking about, they are also a bit of a pain and requite a pretty good amount of strength. I'm sure you've been shown by now, but the key is to lift and then squeeze the trigger. If you're fine with the end triggers then you'll pick up the side trigger no problem. As far as the grumpy partner there's not much you can do, unfortunately every job as them. The longer you stay on the job slowly they start to dwindle
  2. Did they not teach you triggers in school?! Stretchers are very finicky when trying to learn; I can't believe they didn't drill it into your head! My best advice is if you have any down time, or before/after a shift practice it for as long as you can. After a few days you'll feel fine on the trigger end. I remember when I was learning in the hospital the medics would say to raise it up "2 clicks" or whatever and I would usually send it four clicks up or another two down haha! Stick it with and you'll be fine!
  3. Jonah Lomu, the greatest rugby player to play the game, dead at 40. http://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-union/34853536
  4. I've taught/guest spoken to paramedic schools across Ontario and I can guarantee that most of those kids won't make it to the national exam, and the few that do will most likely fail it. I know the exact students you're talking about; fresh out of high school, no real life experience, still living with there parents and haven't realized how lucky they are to be in the program. When they're about to fail out (about a couple weeks before they do) I bet you'll see them "try" to improve only to find out it's to late. Getting into the Primary Care Paramedic program is the hardest college program in Ontario and most of the kids they accept are already university/college graduates, and there is still about a 50% attrition rate among the students.
  5. Those are the ones that really get ya!
  6. I agree sometimes the tough decisions have to be made just to prove a point. You truly do have to be a parent to understand, but you made the right call in my books and I would have done the same thing.
  7. My wife's company just got into big trouble for that this previous summer. The interns are only allowed to "work" a maximum of 15 unpaid hours a week, while some of the students were doing over 30. Needless to say the people in charge of the internship got in big trouble and the whole process was delayed a year. It's a shame how a company can do something like that and have a student miss out on an excellent opportunity the next year because of legal battles.
  8. I would remove "friend" from your opening line because that's not something a real friend would do.
  9. I can't give you much advice on the situation because I don't know much about insurance or claims with the city, however, I can give you some support and say car issues like are some of the worst, and most stressful I've had to deal with throughout my life. There's nothing worse when something stupid happens and you basically have to fork over 5 grand, or bite the bullet and buy a new car. I know the feeling, and I can tell you that it does suck; however don't get down on yourself too much, it'll work itself out with time
  10. I remember a very sad episode of "8 Simple Rules" when he died. Raw emotion from all the actors really showed
  11. Well after today I think I've switched teams to the people who don't like snow again! Shoveled the driveway 4 times today and we had to push it out of the spot in the driveway to get it going! Took my wife and I and hour and half of prep work before we were able to hit the grocery store!
  12. I had the opportunity, and it was fun for about three years; I have to say, you really do start to miss it.
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