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    Easton V9E, Reebok 20K
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    Easton EQ50 Pro
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    Easton E700
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    RBK 9K gridle
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    CCM U+ 12
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    Reebok 7K
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    CCM U+ Pro
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    Easton EQ Pro

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  1. E3 (Hall, Sakic, etc..) 85 flex. I have been using my V9E E28 quite a bit, but I'm not that great with it, I've been known to put a shot or two into the netting without a deflection.
  2. Just in time for a game tomorrow...
  3. Got a Sher-wood EK15. Haven't been this excited about a Sher-wood stick since the 5030 I bought entirely with Canadian Tire money.
  4. New Ribcor. Can't wait to try it on Wednesday night.
  5. bg9

    "Beer Leauge" gloves

    Updated the post. Sorry about that.
  6. bg9

    "Beer Leauge" gloves

    Got some "Molson Canadian" gloves a while ago. I have never used them, not once. They are pretty basic, as far as protection goes: Single density foam, no inserts. Probably not good enough for anything competitive, but good enough for a beer leaguer or pond hockey, for sure. Sort of a 4-roll design, pretty voluminous. 14" gloves. $60 + shipping. Send me a message. thanks \
  7. Before these, I had used the Reebok 20K's, before that Easton SE16's, and before that Bauer Vapor XXXX's. Very early review: Really stiff boot and I love the Hyper-Glide steel and the new holder. The fit is much bigger than 20Ks of the same size (8EE). The RBZ's feel like an 8 1/4 and another width wider. I think I'm going to have to re-bake.
  8. Wow! I'm pretty jealous.
  9. It's CCM's Sakic/Hall/P92 curve.
  10. bg9

    Easton Synergy EQ50

    Easton Synergy EQ50 85 flex Sakic Clear 75 flex Iginla Grip Time used: 16 months (I've had 2 in that time) Appearance: I like the look of this stick, when compared to the new direction Easton is heading in. It's a classic look in my mind. I like the black/grey with the red/white graphics. I don't really care for the visible weights, I was just fine with my SE16 when I couldn't see them. 8/10 Weight and Balance: The overall weight is fine, maybe a touch heavier than an SE16. The ability to adjust the balance point is a great feature that I'm sort of surprised no one else has picked up on. I've found that playing with 2-3 weights works well for me, 2 gave me what I would consider a perfectly balanced stick, 3 made it slightly blade-light, which I sometimes prefer. This ability to have a really blade-heavy stick (0 weights) or a really blade-light stick (4 weights) really made this feel like a custom-made stick, especially if you cut your sticks. 10/10 Blade: The blade has retained it's initial stiffness even after more than year of use. My first EQ50 finally snapped at the hosel, where a lot of sticks seem to break. By the end of my first stick, the toe of the blade was beginning to chip a bit, but nothing drastic. I think the durability and stiffness of the blade was an improvement over the SE16. One of the criticisms that I see often is the visible weights. I admit, they really do look ugly, but as far as durability goes, there is no issues to report. The weights never came lose or gave me any trouble. Once the stick was taped up, I never even saw them, and after a period or 2, I totally forgot they were even there. If you have reservations about this stick because of the visible weights, I can understand, but I will tell you, it won't be a problem. 9/10 Shaft/Flex: The shaft and flex profile felt very similar to the SE16. The kick-point is not the lowest, but it's still quite low. I prefer these shaft dimensions and the slightly concave shaft walls over extremely boxy shafts (Easton ST) or really round shafts (Easton S19). Nothing really new or special about the shaft or the flex. I felt the sticks played true to Easton flexes, having used an 85 and a 75, they are perhaps a bit softer than a Bauer of similar rating, but I have found that across the board with all Easton sticks. 9/10 Shooting: I felt very confident with this stick. I felt the stick played and performed as well as any Easton stick I've owned. I am probably a little biased because I came from using the SE16, and before that the SE, so I have been shooting with the Synergy line of Easton sticks for a while now. I didn't have to adjust my shot at all for this stick. The release was quick and accurate with every type of shot. If you were comfortable with the SE16, you will be right at home with the EQ50. 10/10 Stickhandling: This is the main reason I have stuck with Easton sticks. The puck feel with an EQ50 is exceptional, the only stick I've ever used that I would say was better was the Bauer ONE95. The EQ50 might be an improvement over the SE16 in regards to stick handling, but I would attribute that to the ability to customize the balance point more than anything else. Personally, I feel when the stick is slightly more blade-light, I had better puck feel, because I could feel the weight of the puck on my stick a bit more. There was a big dynamic in blade-weight with the puck on my stick vs. off. Until someone can make a stick with puck feel like the ONE95, no one is getting a 10/10. 9/10 Durability: This stick last longer than my SE16's did. I think the kevlar wrap really improved the durability of the stick. Usually, when an SE16 would break on me, it was because it had previously been stepped on or kicked with a skate. That would put a gash in the carbon fibre, and weaken it a bit. And that is usually where it would break in the next week or 2. I didn't notice any of these gashes in my EQ50s. The paint chipped away near the hosel of my first stick, exposing the carbon fibre, and eventually, that's where it broke on a one-timer. But it did last a year of playing several times a week, even through the summer. Durability is not a problem for this stick. 10/10 Conclusion: I am surprised I don't see more of these sticks in my league, given the popularity of the SE16. I bet if Easton could hop in a time machine, they wouldn't have the visible weights in the blade. This is a great stick, and you will likely start to find deals on these now that the Mako line replacing the Synergy line. Don't let the visible weights deter you from this stick, even though they are gimmicky. The ability to customize the balance of this stick is really something you will have fun with. Overall 65/70
  11. Where was this sale?
  12. Flames sale is this coming Saturday (May 26, 2012) 8:00 am at the Saddledome. Details -> http://flames.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=632395
  13. I was at the same sale. I saw those, but I passed on them.
  14. I got some of this stuff this week: http://www.groovejuiceinc.com/products/groove-juice-drum-stick-grip/ I ordered it through Amazon, although it doesn't look like it's available anymore. But I have seen on it a lot of websites out there. Anyways - this stuff WORKS. There is probably enough in 1 can to do 20 sticks. When the stick is wet from playing, it becomes less tacky, but not way less. The grip feels a lot like the coating they put on the Reebok 8k sticks, the silver ones (for some reason, those feel crazy tacky to me). This might even be tackier than that. After I put it on and I let it dry, when i picked up the stick, my fingers would even "stick" to it a little, as if it wasn't dry. Hockey gloves didn't do this. This is a good option if you need some grip. It gives the stick a slight matte finish, but it's hard to take a picture of the effect.
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