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  1. We'll see. First game he paired them, but that could be to get a look at Scuderi, and because he still isn't a big Rundblad fan.
  2. Late last night, the Blackhawks traded Trevor Daley to the Penguins for Rob Scuderi. Media reports have the Penguins retaining 1/3 of Scuderi's cap hit, and taking all of Daley's, giving the Blackhawks additional cap space of a bit over a million. I liked Daley, and am not that familiar with Scuderi. I'm thinking the value of this trade to the Blackhawks will be what Bowman can do with the cap space. I'm curious to see which defensemen will be on the road between Chicago and Rockford.
  3. Which isn't the same, though the shop told him it was.
  4. Yeah, there aren't "types" of FBV. It is or it isn't.
  5. The ones I heard were different.
  6. I'm not sure what this means. The facts that a man was able to remember a bunch of words, or has a Ph.D,. have nothing to do with with the task at hand. He's like a writer who never learned the concept of excess -- more is better, whether it be syllables, or the displayed extent of his lexicon. And, no, Emrick is not the show -- he does not draw the crowd -- the games do! As to "verbal range", incessant babbling of terms I would call "anti-descriptive" is a detriment, not a benefit, to the viewers. His use of words screams for attention, distracting viewers from the action on the ice, especially his neverending search for the most inapplicable verb to describe the movement of the puck. And his stream of stories and irrelevant facts draw even more attention to him, when a viewer can see very well that the puck is in motion, and sometimes a goal has been scored, while Emrick is still off in his own world of beloved exposition.
  7. Emrick is terrible. He treats the game as a backdrop for his stories, useless information, and to exercise his vocabulary. He doesn't care if a word is appropriate or descriptive of what's happening, just that it's one more different word. Give me a play-by-play guy who doesn't babble like a frustrated writer, and simply and accurately describes what's going on. Give me a guy who understands that he's not the show, he's narrating the show, and that he's best when his presence fades into the background and doesn't call attention to himself.
  8. They should spend their time figuring out how not to give out 3 points for a game.
  9. Buy a skate that fits. If you don't like the price of a current model, look for the previous model at a nice discount.
  10. If it bothers you, I won't kid you about it any more. But that wasn't directly solely at you. EDIT: Now that I'm thinking about it, I remember that your initial "apology" was "I'd do it again!"
  11. Or is felled. And a heavier player can hit the ice harder, and want better protection.
  12. Two games for Nordstrom: http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=778810
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