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About Ralphiv#13

  • Birthday 06/17/1996


  • Skates
    Bauer MX3
  • Stick
    CCM RibCor 40k
  • Gloves
    Team Warrior Pro
  • Helmet
    Team Reebok 7k
  • Pants
    Reebok 9K Pro Stock
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM U+CL
  • Elbow Pads
    Reebok 11k
  • Shin Pads
    CCM UltraTacks
  • Hockey Bag
    Eagle Leather

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    Alberta, Canada
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  1. Is the CCM NUG curve anything similar?
  2. Helmet: Bauer Re-akt Shoulder: CCM U+CL Elbow: CCM U+CL Gloves: Bauer 4-Roll Pro Pants: Reebok 9k Girdle Shin: Reebok 9k Skates: Bauer TotalONE Sticks: CCM RBZ (2) Bag: Eagle Team Bag
  3. Skates: Bauer TotalONE Sticks: Bauer Apx P88, Bauer x:60 P91A. Base P88 Pants: Reebok Pro-Stock 9k Girdle + Team Shell Elbow Pads: CCM U+CL Shoulder Pads: CCM U+CL Shin Pads: Reebok 11k Gloves: Bauer APX Pro (Team) Helmet: Easton S19 and CCM V10 (Team)
  4. Got Bauer APX pro gloves

  5. Also looks like the helemt is a V10 not the V08 or whatever is similar to ovi's helmet. just based on the little glance of the inside protection you can see.
  6. Whats the APX like ? i've heard its supposed to be a mix between the totalone and x60 , it that true?
  7. Helmet: Easton S19 with Itech Phantom or something cage. Shoulder Pads: Bauer One95's Elbow Pads: Rbk 8k Pro Gloves: Bauer Pro 4-Roll, NikeBauer XXXX, Eagle PFX Pants: Bauer Totalone Adaptable Core Shin Pads: Bauer One95's, looking to get 11k's soon though. Skates: Bauer Vapor x:60's Stick: Bauer Totalone and NikeBauer xxx-lite
  8. I broke my x:60 LE, so I got the TotalONE.

  9. For me all I do is buy the compression shorts and then buy a jock, it resolved that issue for me. Plus now i dont have to buy a whole new cup after I grow more.
  10. Ugggghhhh, I hate it when there is someone on your team that thinks their such an allstar but they don't even deserve to be on the team, the only reason they made it was because of there family. . . . . UGH!!
  11. http://ralphiv13.blogspot.com/2011/02/blog-post.html Just a look at my gear :)
  12. Helmet- Easton S19 Shoulder Pads- Bauer Supreme One95 Elbow Pads- Bauer Supreme One95 Gloves- Bauer 4-Roll Pro and Eagle Pfx Pants- Bauer Vapor x:60 Shin Pads- Bauer Supreme One95 Skates- Bauer Vapor x:Shift Sticks- Bauer x:60 LE, Nike Bauer Vapor XXX Lite and Bauer One95 Pro stock (Conroy) with an 11k blade (I broke the the real blade
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