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  1. Below is the message I got from Bauer about my custom stick order: Dear Valued Customer Thank you for purchasing a MYBAUER custom stick. We are unfortunately experiencing unforeseen delays. The imposed government shutdown in China has affected much of the world, and consequently, parts of our Supply Chain. This situation is unfortunate and out of our control. We have been advised that the shutdown will be prolonged until at least February 17th. This situation is fluid and we are doing everything possible to mitigate disruption to the supply of custom sticks. We appreciate that this is an important part of the season. Please know that the BAUER team is taking all the steps it can to minimize impact to players. We will continue to provide you with updates as new information becomes available. Our regular delivery expectation on custom sticks is 35 days from the date your order is placed however, at this point, the information available to us is that your expected delivery date will be delayed by an estimated 5 weeks. We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to reach out to our Customer Support group, should you have any questions or concerns regarding your order. We can be reached at 1-833-897-9942 or by emailing dtc@bauer.com. We appreciate your understanding and we will continue to update you with any changes concerning your delivery time frame. Bauer Hockey
  2. Serendipity for me! I went with CCM's for the first time in 30 years and LOVE the new holder.
  3. The problem with ALL of the helmets with this type foam is that the foam eventually hardens and becomes useless as protection. My old CCM's from the 80's are rock hard inside.
  4. Yep. Got those in both my pairs and immediately chucked them into the bin both times. I went with the Superfeet carbons.
  5. They're probably just the regular new CCM footbeds with the arch insert thingys?
  6. Before you grind off all of your steel trying to find the sweet spot, look at your boot. I have just recently had the experience of switching to an entirely new brand (CCM from Bauer) and had things like the top lace holes moved out 1/4" in addition to getting a larger volume boot. The point is, I have a LOT more ability to bend and get my knee over the toes on the skate a LOT more than I was used to with my last Bauers. I feel like I have gain my toe AND heel back from getting that ankle flex back in which made my agility a lot better. The Bauer you changed to is an entirely different fit animal from what you had in those 3000's from the 90's and you have gone from a really pliable skate to a literally casted foot. If you don't add those abilities to move your foot like you used to, you're going to be catching both toe and heel, especially while crossing over. Total pain the ass but I'd do some experimenting with the boot flex, and how your foot is now restricted by the new boot first.
  7. I'm not sure the scan wasn't good but they built the front ends too narrow and so I was getting significant pinch across the balls of the feet.
  8. I've been waiting on CCM to give the go ahead to get re-scanned for my FT2's since July. Now the excuse is that the factory is shut down for a month in September or something and no one would be available to process a new pair anyway.
  9. Yeah I removed those too. What I'm really wondering is what they told you regarding your options for either a re-scan, or a new pair of boots? Did they even address that as an option?
  10. What options are they offering you?
  11. Have they replied to you at all about any re-working as of yet?
  12. My thought was to at least have the clear scanning platform against something solid so that you could push down a little more with the fronts of your feet at least, but then that gets in the way of the person doing the scan being able to get the front and bottoms of the foot. I think the bottom part is all pretty irrelevant anyway since they don't do anything different than the regular boot bottom that way.
  13. I don't recall if that was an option or not since it wasn't anything I needed.
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