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  1. Wondering what sites people use to buy prostock gear ?
  2. What's up with Giroux. Seems he still all Bauer but stx gloves. Would he still be a bauer sponsored athlete ?
  3. Can anyone comment on quality or performance? The multiple colourways is kind of cool.
  4. Our assistant gm is missing the first round of draft because he assaulted someone at combine and has court that day. In the last day it has come to light that Hoffman's longtime girlfriend has allgedly been harassing the Karlsson's and they have filled for an order of protection. As a sens fan I can't see how this ends well and I'm shocked something like this is happening.
  5. Mcdavid rocking a 1s today!
  6. Bauer is running a series of polls all month on Instagram. Voting on a bracket they made up of various sticks. It disappoints me classics like the xxx and one95 have gotten no support. Has anyone else seen this on Instagram?
  7. Thinking of purchasing an rx2. In past I put a 3" wood plug into my stick. Would that be possible with the unique shaft design ?
  8. Bobby Ryan back from injury. Not in true. Stx stick and ccm gloves
  9. They said their is 65 pros using it. If it was that advanced would they not all use it ?
  10. Interested to here more specs. I wonder if their well be a resale market like in the sneaker collections
  11. Hockey bag fell out of my truck. Lost the whole set. pretty bummed and new set is not going to be near as nice on a college budget.
  12. lie 5.5 , went to a pick up hockey seession last night. felt okay still need to add a 2 inch plug , coming form an apx , well give better review after more use
  13. bought an htx today , grip e3 75 flex
  14. Byufiglien's skates seem like there a tad like supremes if i am to guess
  15. lol yes thats what i meant
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