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  1. Does eagle only do the embroidered logo on the cuff roll now or will they still do the older style?
  2. Skates: http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e382/a_s...es12/new001.jpg Just got home with the white S15's Gloves: http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e382/a_s...es12/new002.jpg And a few items I picked up at the Mooseheads sale sunday: http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e382/a_s...es12/new003.jpg I really didnt need new pants but for $20 I couldnt resist
  3. Dont the Habs sell stuff at the Bell Center? I was there a few years ago and they had a rack of older game used sticks at the shop by the box office.
  4. Pretty sure thats pro stock Richards pattern
  5. envyous of you mack with your stash of zcarbs
  6. Mack: Is that a Hull "z-bubble" I see in there?
  7. I didnt put that the greatest, big for what im use too. Ive been using drurys for a while. figured id give this a shot though
  8. my first venture in to the the world of big toe curves, so i figured id post a pic of it. http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e382/a_steeves12/toe.jpg dvorak S17, should be interesting giving this a try tomorrow night
  9. Most recent pickups: Eagle CP95 chubarov Pro stock CNT drury curve And just today my Dvorak S17 showed up. what a curve and that thing.
  10. pretty sure the going rate is $100 + tax. thats what it was a few years ago when i was there.
  11. umm, smyth? Smyth isn't even close to a pro-stock Kovy. I don't know wtf you guys find these toe curves, because I can NEVER find any, and I check ebay every damn day :( i saw one on ebay this morning.
  12. Assuming you were talking about my eastons, my LHS had a sale and i went in and they just happened to be sitting there.
  13. Picked up some new mits last night And the SE collection. Top 3 are pro stocks with grip last one is a 85 tapered shaft
  14. Did you get those UL's on ebay a few months back? I was about to pull the trigger on them then he came back and said someone from austraila snagged them.
  15. Why are you using the old ugly purple holders in stead of the 2.1's? yea i know there ugly they came with the skates. Im thinking they are prostocks, noticed the holes drilled in the bottem, so the pro probably ordered them like that.
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