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    Warrior Covert DT1
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  1. Anyone tried or have 18K shins? I'm looking for some feedback. How bulky are they? How's the weight? etc. My local shops don't have them, so I can't try them on.
  2. Yeah, I've seen the prices and they can be pretty crazy. I had those Jofa shins (Can't remember if they were exactly that model) when I was younger and I think they've been the most comfortable shins I've ever had. Just looking for something similar.
  3. I have never had Reebok equipment before so I'm sorry if I sound like a noob asking this. Is it true that RBK 8K shins were pretty much the newer version of the legendary Jofa 5090 shins? If so, are any of the newest Reebok shins comparable to these both? Or should I keep checking ebay etc for these Jofas or 8K's?
  4. Thanks, man. Really appreciate it. Yeah, I can't really try them on first without having to drive to another city. I can always return them and change, but it'd be just easier to get the right size immediately. Thanks a lot guys. Let's see what I'll end up with...
  5. Well, to be honest I have never had Warrior protective gear (except for pants and gloves) before so I asked online for kinda narrow/slim pads and some people kept recommending AX1's. That was before they had come out, so I don't know how they knew they're gonna be the pads I'm looking for. I have always loved Warrior so I kinda wanted to make a change and try Warrior pads. Thanks a lot for your help. Really appreciate it. I guess I'll keep looking a little more before actually buying these..
  6. I'm 25 so I'm not growing that much anymore. Haha. I really want to get as narrow pads as possible. Do you think there's much difference between SR and INT pads? Also, I contacted some of our online shops asking about the size difference between CCM's 14" and Warrior's INT 14" and I was told that INT 14" is about 0.5 - 1cm longer than CCM's 14". Is this even possible? Because if it is, then Warrior's own measurements are way off and their 15" pads would be way too big for me.
  7. I don't want to start a new thread yet, so I'll see if I can get an answer here. So...I really want to order Dynasty AX1 shins, but I'm not sure which size is good. We don't have Warrior products in my city so I haven't seen them in person and I can't try them on. My current shins are old CCM V06's size 14". Now that Warrior has those protective gear in INT sizes as well, I'm not 100% sure which one is the right size. So does anyone have those new Warrior shins? I'm 5'9". Do you think INT 14" is too small or should I go with INT 15"? According to Warrior's own measurements INT 14" is good for 5'4" - 5'7" players and INT 15" is for 5'7" - 5'10". So INT 15" looks like it's the right size, but I'm still worried that it's going to be too big.
  8. Adam Henrique style
  9. This is for anyone who's tried the AX1 shins: How narrow are they? I'm trying to find a shin guard that's pretty much as narrow as possible and I've heard these are pretty narrow?
  10. Those skates are awesome. My old Vapor 8's are the best skates I've ever had. Also the best looking. Too bad they're too small now.
  11. Yeah man, stay strong. Love from Finland.
  12. What curve is that? Kremlin clone?
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