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  1. Thank you for the information. I ordered a few sticks a couple of months ago with that grip but I'll definitely try the Powder Matte or Clear Matte grip next time!
  2. Are you guys no longer offering the Polar Fibre grip option for sticks? Just wondering because I don't see it as an option when you choose grip finish.
  3. Thank you very much, I've been using Base sticks for the last few years now. Great sticks, can't wait to see what you guys have coming up next!
  4. Will this option be available on one-piece sticks?
  5. Yeah you're welcome, usually they have a deal around Christmas time where you can buy 2 sticks and the 2nd is 40% off. My 2 intermediate Supernaturals were only 139.99 each so a good deal for sure.
  6. Have both sticks in the BC28 curve, I actually ordered some Supernaturals in a BC92 just a couple of weeks ago when they had that deal going on. I've had every Base stick and the Nasty R was probably my least favourite one out of the 4. The Nasty R, I got that when they we're doing the special ops testing and just found that the shaft lacked the responsiveness that I normally feel with the other base sticks. Might be cause of the softer flex rating that caused that issue. The puck feel and weight of the stick is nice, I felt the puck feel was more dampened compared to the Nasty. I do find that the blade does give your shots some more pop when it fires off the blade. As for accuracy, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary that had a negative impact on where shots were going. Just didn't find the stick had a lot of pop. I liked my Nasty, I compare to a Bauer x60 with a puck feel that's not as pingy and lively. It's a good stick but not quite my favourite. It's a bit heavier than the Nasty R but the difference isn't too big and the Nasty is still light. I liked the pop on it and it's overall a nice stick. The puck feel is more lively than the Nasty R but it's not pingy like a CCM RBZ or Easton RS. My favourite stick is the Base Supernatural though, just love the feel, the stiff blade, the kickpoint its the perfect stick for me. It's been the stick I have liked the most out of every stick I've used and has a ton of pop. I just like it the best and have 2 more coming on the way.
  7. Between September 12th 2013 and January 12th 2014
  8. I'm looking at getting either the DT1 LT or ST. Very tough choice, both look like good sticks. Warrior is on the way up for sure. You guys care about making sticks better and more durable, so that's great. For a guy who likes to take snappers and either take em quick or muscle them on net. What would be best for me?
  9. I've seen only 85 RH w88 in grip as well. I checked hockey monkey and only found 85 flex Henrique and Kovalchuk curve for non grip. I know that Warrior mentioned a while ago that grip out sells non-grip a while back so it might be because of the popular choice by players.
  10. It was a while ago that Warrior said it on a different post.
  11. No problem, I should have been more specific in the first place.
  12. Probably early 2013, Warrior said this on there Facebook page when somebody asked a question about when the DT1 will be available for customization.
  13. DT1 will be available to customize in Winter 2013.
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