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  1. Any difference you think between a "mid kick" that is higher like say a supreme vs a more true mid like a nexus?
  2. So I like to shoot with my hands in stickhandling position and don't like to slide my bottom hand down for wrist or snap shots. Are there any sticks that work better for this type of shooting style? I also play defense so I would like something that is decent on slappers. Thanks.
  3. Amazing!! If only it was a righty!!! Well done!
  4. That would be cool. I had a G3 a while back and that was a fun shooting stick as well. Might have to give the Jetspeed a shot. Thanks for the responses (most of them...). 😜 That went off the rails there for a minute...
  5. got it. what would you say is a comparable shooting stick? I'm currently using a RibCor and I like it, but it's low kick, and doesn't really give that smooth/effortless motion when I shoot. If that makes any sense...
  6. Do you mean soft as in not very stiff? or soft as in damp and not very lively? I think that was the confusion. I took you to mean not very stiff.
  7. I'm not a fan of soft blades. Thanks for the heads up on that. Any suggestions on finding something similar to the Nexus 1000?
  8. Sorry if this has been posted already, but I can't find anything on it. Anyone know what the Jetspeed stick plays like? Flex? Blade feel? Etc... I'm hoping it's similar to the old Nexus 1000. Thanks for any help.
  9. I emailed warrior to get pictures of some of the "pro" curves. Still waiting... He did point me to the hockeygiant blade pattern chart which does have the old retail patterns still, so that helped.
  10. Trying to order a stick on the new Warrior customizer. Doesn't seem to have an option to purchase the stick, just 'save the design' and 'Find a Retailer'. Am I missing something?
  11. Great info, thanks for that. I wonder how that softer blade will be shooting one-timers and slapshots? Wonder if accuracy will take a hit? It'll be interesting to hear reviews.
  12. What's this new Nasty R stick supposed to be all about? compared to the Nasty?
  13. Is the Step Blacksteel the same as Blackedge with just better steel underneath the coating? Or is there something more to it?
  14. When does this gear get released? March? April?
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