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  1. Get as much advice as you can from people who have done it. Poor service cost repeat customers and overstocking puts a hardship on your bank account. If you are the only one for 30 miles you have a good opportunity. Talk to everyone at the rink, players, coaches, parents and see what the are looking for. I agree about getting in with the teams. No use wasting inventory and space on blue helmets if the teams where black. You never know when a player will need something at the last minute. Good luck, hope it works out.
  2. Read my past posts, I've always been a fan of the team, just don't care for the owner or the name. Go figure, someone can like the team even if they don't like everything about it.
  3. Ask your son which he would rather play. AA and traveling take a lot of money and commitment and there is always politics involved. As a parent you will have little to say when it comes anything in AA. If you don't like the coaching, ice time, practices etc. The way my son's coach always told the parents; coaches coach, players play and parents watch. In my experience AA will have better coaching and support. The coaches usually played at a high level and know more about the game in real world applications (like how to take a defensive zone face off). There is nothing wrong with being a 3rd or 4th line player as long as you have a good coach who plays them and treats them the same in practice. Your grinders are what helps win games. I have seen bad coaches do drills with the 1st and 2nd lines 10 times and then run the 3rd and 4th through twice. Then when it's game time he sits them because they didn't execute everything properly (this cost us a trip to nationals one year). Being a dominant player isn't always good. Yes it can build confidence but if they go to the next level and get walked all over it can break them down. I always think you get better by playing against better people. That is where you start understanding why things are done or why a player did what they did. You also get advice from the better players. I agree to some extent about what Vet88 said about 1/2 ice practices. There is a lot that can be learned but a lot that can't be done without a full sheet. Full breakout drills and full speed entry into the O zones need full ice. Even when I had full ice I always preferred to split the team into O & D for part of the practice to work on position specifics and then use the full ice to practice game situations and scrimmage. Being in Las Vegas the majority of our play was out of state and into Canada. I spent a lot of money to the point I didn't even keep track of it because I knew it would make me crazy. That said, we got to see a lot of the country, meet a lot of people and have a lot of family time together. I've always said the money I spent on hockey was well worth it.
  4. The VGK are just tenacious! When they stick to their game plan they take every inch of space away and transition fast. I think the coaches have found that rare balance for lines. Every line buys into the program, knows their responsibilities and plays every shift hard. The lines haven't changed much from the start of the season and they roll all four. This lets the top lines get that extra break instead of having to jump out every 3rd shift.
  5. If you play long enough it just becomes second nature. When I coached we always included drills like superman slides, butt slides and the like so the kids could learn and figure out how to get back up. Best way to learn is practice. Sometimes it's easier to get up while your sliding because you can dig an edge in and use momentum. Sometimes it's hard because you are just to tired and need to come to a stop to get everything underneath you. The worst is when you are sliding into the boards and you know you can't stop. If you're lucky you may have a split second to decide how you want hit, if not you just hope for the best.
  6. In the immortal words of Stephen Hawking...Space here I come. Thank you from humanity for everything you did.
  7. Watched the USA vs CA game last night. CA's 2nd goal sure looked offside. The USA bench didn't ask for a review. Since it was basically a throw away game my thought was the USA coach wants to put the team behind the eight ball to see how they react to being down. USA did a good job playing and if they had a little better puck luck could have won the game. Anyone who says Women's hockey isn't physical needs to watch the US and CA play. Those ladies were brutal.
  8. If you are learning to skate get lessons from a figure skating instructor. You can still wear a hockey skate. In my experience a figure skating instructor will teach you how to use your edges, maximize your stride and all around balance. When my son was playing at a high level the teams always brought a figure skating instructor in to help them. Once you get the skating down then you can work in using a stick and puck.
  9. To top it off, he was such a D-bag that in the 3rd period (cheap shot happened in the middle of the 1st and I played the game out) while skating by to line up for a face off he jabs the toe of his stick in my stomach and start his tough guy routine. Who does that to a guy you know is injured, especially in beer league. Refs didn't do anything but separate us. Tough guy should have got a 2 because the refs saw it all. Hope he knows Karma is a bitch.
  10. The bad thing about family is they tend to over do it. I have a massive bruise on my elbow from the crosscheck. I didn't realize it at the time but that's where the point of contact was, explains why he didn't break any ribs. Good thing I wear good elbow pads or I would be screwed.
  11. I agree with you. A player who is well above the level they are playing in has the ability to control the emotion of the game. Perfect example is my last game. It's a solid B/ high C league. Player on the other team is way over everyone and is at minor league level. He is coming down the boards and I got my stick on him a little to hard (he's early 20's, I'm 52). His Daddy who plays with him sees it and as I start to make the turn to go behind the net this ass hat comes through the slot at speed and blind sides me with a cross check. I was down, thought some ribs were cracked and had the wind knocked out of me. I think the kid realized things we getting out of hand because he took it down a notch. Most of the players on his team calmed down but Daddy didn't, was a D-bag for the rest of the game.
  12. you look great. my only thought was don't let your body get to tight. The way you are holding your right arm and glove looks like you don't want to move them. Keep the glove up but relax and let things move a little. Time to let your body go on auto-pilot. You are a great example of what persistence is. Keep i up.
  13. It takes more endurance and sometimes strength to do things wrong. If you have good technique you use less energy in the motions. IMHO a physically weak person who has great technique is a better asset that a physically stronger player that has lousy technique. The best players are the ones who have both.
  14. Most of the people I've talked to here would have preferred Desert Knights.
  15. I was not a big supporter of getting a team from the start. The last thing the NHL and hockey needs is another Coyote or Panther problem. The team will do well here the first few years, but if they don't do well after that then what? Move them or sell them? Both will make the NHL and Las Vegas look bad. Las Vegas had a tough time supporting our minor league teams (Thunder and Wranglers). Foley said 6-7 years to become a contender for the cup. Hopefully he keeps his commitment on putting together a top notch team and lets management run it like a pro sports team, because we saw what happened in Tampa Bay when Koules tried to get involved. After the newness wares off I hope we don't have a tough time supporting a pro team. Up until the new team was local headlines most people didn't even know we have ice rinks, let alone a hockey program here. I guess what it feels like is the people here have put a lot of faith in Foley by purchasing enough season tickets to get the team. Instead of honoring the city with a name that means something to it, he gives it a name and image that don't connect with Las Vegas. We are more than the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" image that most people think we are.
  16. Anaheims' original name was because of Disney (which is pretty much what Anaheim is known for) and the movie so that ties it to the city and gives the name some value. When they were bought, the new ownership dropped Mighty but the Duck name was already established. The Whoopie, Bananana's and other goofy named teams are minor league teams which is a far cry from a pro team. Minor leagues are well know for off names. I guess the Canadian team can be called the Yellow Snowmen and the people are just suppose to support it.
  17. No, they're complaining because it took many, many years to get a professional team and it seams like the Owners did not take any consideration for the city, only for the name they wanted and marketing. The last thing a city with a new team needs is the wrong name for a team. To a lot of real Las Vegans (especially natives) calling it Vegas and not Las Vegas would be like calling them the Philly Flyers, Tampa Lightning, Jersey Devils. Those are nicknames of cities, not the actual city name.
  18. They're complaining because they feel it was an insult to the city of Las Vegas.
  19. So he could keep his West Point theme he could have used Desert Knights and kept the black and gold. But a lot of natives here don't like "Vegas" and would rather it be "Las Vegas". Like I said. Seems like an ego thing to me. I'm afraid it will turn into another fiasco like Tampa Bay had with Koules/Barrie, more of a personal toy than a team.
  20. Las Vegas looks more like a Christmas tree at night than golden. That is just their BS excuse to use his West Point team name. Like I said before, the city's name is Las Vegas, and that is what most locals, especially the ones born here, call it. The people who call it Vegas as mostly tourists or transient residents. They went with Vegas because some marketing idiot thought it sounded cool. This is suppose to be Las Vegas' team, why not treat it that way.
  21. People that know me and my family know how important hockey is to us. They just announced the name of Las Vegas’s hockey team and to say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. It seems like this is more a toy for Bill Foley than something for our city. Everyone knows that he went to West Point and they are the Golden Nights but to call this city’s team that is absurd. Does he not know or care that Nevada is the “Silver State”? The Silver Knights would have been a much more appropriate name. At least it would have honored the state instead of stroking his ego. Yes, the Kings are silver and black. We still could have been that (how many black and yellow or blue and white teams are there) or just pick another color like scarlet or something. When they first showed the logo my first thought was that’s more of a Spartan helmet than a Knight’s helmet, if the name isn’t with the image it should confuse a lot people. We live in “Las Vegas” not “Vegas”. Las Vegas is the city we love, work in and raise our families in. It’s not perfect but it’s ours. Vegas is the place where tourists come to gamble and party. Vegas Golden Knights sounds more like a bad porn fetish movie than the name of a professional team. For Las Vegas and the NHL I hope the team does well or it will be an embarrassment. As for me, I might go to a game every now and then, especially if they are playing a team I want to see. I doubt you’ll see me in any of their stuff for a while. After this naming fiasco, they need to do something to earn my support instead of assuming I’ll support them since I live here. I’ll keep supporting the Red Wings like I have done for the last 40+ years.
  22. First....NO CRYING IN HOCKEY!!! Don't ever be embarrassed if you can't do something or have a question. That is part of the learning process. We all had to learn, some just did it earlier than other. When you are practicing, don't every be afraid to fail or fall. You learn that way. As long as you are putting in a honest, hard effort you have nothing to be embarrassed about. If someone gives you crap because you asked a question, fell during a drilled or whiffed a shot they are the fools not you. Even the pros still make mistakes and they will tell you they are always learning something.
  23. Keep up the hard work. Skating and stick handling all come with time and hard practice. Defense positioning takes a long time to get right. If you don't have speed you need to learn the spots and angles. That is what makes older D-men hard to play against and how you keep the faster guy under control. One thing I have always suggested is watch as much high level hockey as possible on TV. It gives you a great insight on where to play, how to play and why. It is even better when you have a commentator who breaks it down for you. You can freeze the screen, go forward, back ward and slow mo and it helps you understand things. As you play more you will start to put the two together.
  24. I am convinced Keith Richards died about 15 years ago but his body doesn't know it yet.
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