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  1. Your size and playing style sounds very similar to mine. I like the QR1 but havent used one much. I've been using my TRUE 5.2 and I am VERY fond of it. I've been using a 75 flex cut down a few inches with the p92 curve.
  2. How's the protection? What chassis did you put on them? Thanks again.
  3. Has anyone converted Makos? I'm curious as to the performance. Thanks!
  4. The good, The evil, (S17 black, Mission MG Chassis, Labeda Addictions, Bones Reds bearings) And, the backups. (Nike V12's, Rink Rat Hornet, Red Star Chassis, Mission Swiss bearings.)
  5. same price $99.99 plus tax
  6. Haha, tell me about it. I took a buddy of mine to pickup hockey last week in my GTR. Had to yank out the passenger seat to get his bag in there and he had to sit in the back behind me. I felt like a taxi driver GTRs are sweet. You have any pictures of yours? Took a few just before I ran off to pickup tonight. The seat is kinda dirty but suede just always looks dirty in pictures. Mods are pretty basic right now, Apex'i Intake pods, Apex'i GT-Spec 4" exhaust, SSR Professor wheels, Nismo front bumper, Nismo N1 headlights, Nismo steering wheel, Tein HA Coilovers, Tein A-arms, OS Giken twin plate clutch, and I pulled the boost restrictor. Is that a TPS response roll bar?
  7. Wasn't it something like Texalium, like the ccm sticks?
  8. where did you pick up those nike bauer short cuff gloves?
  9. nice skates edge, how did you go about polishing the chassis?
  10. any pics of the flexlites?
  11. rick,how is the comparison to the mvp setup, that is a 72 80 correct? i ask since there are multiple labeda setups.
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