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  1. Purchased new from the Kings organization at an equipment sale and used by me for about 8-10 skates. Amazing, light gloves in great shape built to Doughty’s personal specs including digital palms. Nothing “wrong” with them except for some palm wear and a small gap of fabric on the cuff roll (see pic) which was there when I bought them - just trying to clear out my closet so I’ve decided to make these available. He wore these exact same gloves during the 2018-2019 season. Looking for $125 shipped to the conUSA, I do shipping to Canada but I would have to charge for that.
  2. Exact reason I stopped buying any True OPS... though I have heard they have improved a lot in terms of blade durability. I switched to a Vapor 1X Lite last year and have stuck with that and now the Vapor FlyLite since and the TeXtreme construction of their blades has been excellent. I have played a ton with the 1X and the blade has no chips or anything, it’s been great.
  3. I broke so many True tapered blades that I finally stopped using them... kept breaking them at the hosel and it was clear there was some kind of design defect with them. I switched to the Warrior tapered blades and was off and running. I agree with what you said about the True shafts though, they are excellent. Too bad all the tapered stuff is no longer made by them or Warrior anymore.
  4. I was looking to order a one-off custom Re-Akt 200 but it looks like the custom builder is no longer on Monkey, Pure, IW, etc. Anyone know if they don’t allow it anymore? I’m assuming they took it away but just wanted to be sure.
  5. I have a few used ones (85, 95 flex) and tapered RH Warrior blades I am willing to part with if anyone is interested.
  6. Saw this and thought of your profile pic


    1. Fletch


      Hahaha... that's awesome, thanks man.  That would make a great shirt 😄

  7. Just an update, below is a pic of my palm after 6 skates using digital/lizard skin 0.5mm: Not too bad, very minimal wear in the actual material... mostly cosmetic discoloration.
  8. I ended up sticking with Lizard Skin (bought a couple new rolls). Skated with the gloves for a pickup, so far so good. I’ll update the thread with a pic after a few more skates with them.
  9. Hey everyone, I just got a pair of new CCM Landeskog pro returns that have digital. I have never used digital palms before and I want these to last. I usually use LizardSkin for my grips but I tend to go through them fairly fast and at $10 a pop, I have been leaning toward going back to tape. Anyone have any recommendations as it pertains to what works best on digital palms? Thanks!
  10. Of course he does, he knows where his priorities lie.
  11. A couple shots from our tournament in Vegas two weekends ago... the Knights practice facility is awesome. We lost 2-1 in OT in the championship game but still had a great time. Team pic. The majority of us have been playing together since we were 14 years old... we are all in our 40's now. Team name is Hammer Team, in memory of our friend (last name was Hammer) who passed away in 2012 from cancer. He loved Crown Royale, so their logo is represented in our logo
  12. Those are BADASS... haha. Where can I get one? And Anaheim Ice, right? Dude I am right down the freeway in Aliso...haha.
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