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  1. I see a guy is selling 2 x RH p46. Says they are ribcor without the ribs, here is a picture of the stick numbers. Anyone know what it means? I cannot figure out the flex profile, materials used or shaft geometry. Looks like if I zoom in at the sticker on the top of the shaft it may say " (RCR) " on it, but a quick google search did not return any results for that.
  2. sounds good... I heard the ribcor is very different in the pro stock version, like it doesn't use the rib technology and may not even be low kick point, not sure if this is completely accurate though, cause I have never gotten one.
  3. damn 7... ill be on the look out... I just dont trust the "pro stock" stuff, and it seems like that site has mostly that
  4. Before that I used the Bauer p92. Which I liked, but found the p46 to give me more control and power without losing much accuracy.
  5. They have it listed as an option on the pure hockey website for the CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT Pure Hockey Link
  6. Ya i looked there, if ur a lefty its gold, righty not so much
  7. I love the p46 CCM curve, but it is only on their highest priced sticks, so it can be a tough curve to get
  8. I just broke my last CCM Ribcor Trigger. I have been using (four of them) over the past two years. I love the p46 curve and the CCM ribcor trigger has been good to me. I no longer want to pay $300 a stick, and CCM only offers the p46 curve on the most expensive stick. What would you recommend I try as a replacement? I looked up a few comparisons but it looks like Bauer doesn't really have a real clone. Warrior lists the W71 as a clone. Anyone else who has been in my situation, what did you try and what was best? Thanks!
  9. Ill post a picture tonight... I got them re-palmed by peaches, but he said he cant really fix the top of the thumb. They are still in great condition besides the thumbs, plus they have a lot of sentimental value being left over from my college playing days. I attached a picture of a similar issue in a different pair Thumb Repair
  10. Hey all. I was wondering if anyone had a good idea for repairing my gloves. the thumbs are starting to come apart at the seam on the top. I sent some pictures to peaches gloves and he told me he wouldn't be able to fix them. I was wondering it i could get like the goalie pad tape to hold it together so it doesnt rip more. Let me know if any of you have fixed this issue. Thanks!
  11. I was wondering if anyone knew a stick I could buy that would match the feel of the reebok 30k? I have a couple of 30ks and I really like them. Reasonable price, good performance, but it isn't sold anymore. I notice some of the new ribcor sticks do not really have the ribs like the old ones did. Thanks!!!
  12. My Team is looking for players in the Northern Virginia Area. B Level. We play at Mt Vernon in Alexandria and Kettler in Arlington. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  13. Thats why I got mine, Most my games are after 10p, pro shop at the rink closes at like 9p, gotta be there by 8p if you want your skates done. Having my own has saved me enough time, that Its worth it. Plus its 40 minutes away...
  14. I have the blackstone portable spinner FC-01-SPIN, I got it for 3k about 3 years ago and use it about 3 times a week. I love the machine. But to be honest, after 400ish sharpenings if I was to guess, I am still not sure that I know what I am doing. when people ask me to do their skates, I do, for free, but I tell them no promises on quality. I have gotten to the point where I love my sharpening, but I dont know if its really any good. I check the edges in 3 spots every time, but even though the edges look great, I still dont know. Maybe I am just overly worried. Everyone has always said that the sharpening is good, but when its free, some people might not complain. If the sparx was out at the time I bought mine, I would def have done that instead. But the big question I am asking now, is should I get ride of my blackstone and move to the sparx? I like the fact that It doesn't make any dust, I have to use a vacuum and even then, sparks and dust are all over the area my machine is in. Id love to be able to control that the way that sparx does. Also, my son is now starting to play hockey, and Id love to be able for him to use the sharpener himself as well. I most likely will not get the sparx, just because I already have a solution that works well, so why rock the boat. If I had got in on the kickstarter, the price may have been worth it.
  15. Can someone give me more explanation on how to do this? Sounds like something that could help me
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