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  1. Not to hash this from a month ago but just want to reiterate the reason those sticks (T5P & FT3P) we're very brittle and not durable - due to covid their manufacturers became a total shitshow, and they were not allowed to have any QC over their process. The manufacturing plant was allowing carbon to stay extended periods of times in a non-controlled environment, this caused them to have issues in the process. Finally they were able to go there and remedy the issue, which is why you've seen durability come back to what it should be. T8P & FT6P have further refined balance points making them feel much lighter than the current generation. The FT6P is going to be an amazing selling stick this year.
  2. A women on the Georgia Bulldogs basketball team was wearing what I thought was this in their Loss yesterday against Iowa. I tried to find pics but could not. All the pics seem to be courtside, where as I saw this on television
  3. JR XL is now INT MED XL adult is still XL adult
  4. Yes in Canada - didn't take off for the same reason I am guessing this product wont (albeit having more sports would be beneficial to selling your product) - too expensive. I already have a hell of a time selling the Tacks X simply due to its cost. We've only done a handful of custom helmets. People want to spend money on their kid's head, but the limit seems to be about $250-300 USD.
  5. BlackStep & V Step are infinitely better (not really, you know what I mean) compared to just regular step. Coming from LS3, I totally understand and don't disagree with your opinion.
  6. FWIW CCM is getting rid of their 90 day very soon and I don't see True keeping their 30 day around much longer.
  7. I think I've given myself a stroke reading this thread. Flex/Stiffness = how much force you need to bend the stick. Bigger number = can't bend as far. Technically I know that isn't correct, but for layman's terms and how 99.9% of hockey players understand "stick go bendy" that is what they mean. --- Back on thread, Bauer is releasing 65 flex to their Senior HL2 line this summer. I would expect on the S24 Nexus to have the same. Also currently available on custom 6 packs & myBauers. Other than that, Warrior & True offers 65 flex in Senior sticks (top-end) CCM does not offer 65 in a Senior stick length (60"). You can do custom 60" 65 flex but it is with an Intermediate shaft, not senior shaft.
  8. "/" typically doesn't indicate a combination of the two words, rather an "or" meaning, hence my confusion. That's your English lesson for the day 😜 For sure if it is a combination device - since it takes baseballs - would work just fine. Would hate to give someone the thought they can use a golf net and be a-okay when most likely, they won't be.
  9. From a physics stand point, you are completely wrong in terms of a golf ball. A golf ball is putting out approx 256N of force (160 Km/h X 1.6 oz) where as a hockey puck is putting out approx 600N of force (100 km/h X 6 oz) Baseball is definitely more in line with a hockey puck shot. Your average baseball player is probably hitting at around 100 to 120 km/h, X 5.25 oz of a baseball equating to more or less the same amount of force as a hockey puck shot.
  10. Ribcor is officially dying this upcoming season, yes. The closet in-line skate to that 80K is probably the 90K. the 100K is a full composite boot, where as the 80K was not. The 90K is going to be closer in stiffness to what he had. Based on what you're saying tapered in the new fit system is probably correct but without trying a skate on it is hard to say.
  11. He said 3X. Should be 10'. The performance profiles (Quad & Zup) that Bauer put on skates were on the UltraSonic & 3S Pro (Quad). Did they put it on S20 builds of the 2X Pros? I can't remember seeing that on steel. Regardless he has S21 3X pros which would've been not a performance profile. He grabbed stock 10' on the Pulse Ti. Only difference is the natural pitch of the vapor vs the supreme hence why I'd just do a heel lift if using multiple sets, or profile to a 10' with a forward pitch. Doing a performance profile for him will not get him to where he was on the 3X. The Zup would put him definitely more on his toes then what he was used to
  12. I'd either install a 3mm heel lift in each skate (if you're someone who has multiple sets of steel) or do a stock 9' or 10' (depending on preference) with a forward lean to it if it is the only set of steel you use.
  13. the small and medium - 1 should be the same length, waist being the obvious difference. The longest of those 3 being a medium. I just have +1 & +2s in-stock right now so can't measure for you.
  14. Oh for sure, I'm sure there are stores that still have them as well. Just talking about how from a production stand point, it will be 2 years this summer from the last batch of those things coming into Indy warehouse.
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