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  1. I think part of it is getting that deeper heel pocket for him. 7.5D APX2 is a lot narrower than a 6.5 FIT3 HL allowing for the foot to properly fit all the way back in the skate. Not saying that isn't what is happening to you, but, in my experience with skates the wider you go you can usually go down in size. And typically people get too long of a skate (even if it is "touching" the front) because they need that width.
  2. Friend just went from APX2 7.5 to 6.5 fit 3 Hyperlites...couldn't tell a difference in stiffness at all, but sure as hell felt more in control & better push offs. Especially if you "aren't that heavy" then I highly doubt the intermediate sizing is going to effect you at all in your skating. The more properly fit skate is going to help more than that. The info you have been giving about lacebite, etc screams to me you're in a skate too long and just not enough volume. Go back to the shop and try 3XPro or HL in 6.5 fit 3 or even 6.0 fit 3, I'm sure it'll be better than you think.. Especially once you bake you'll gain some room in it.
  3. Haha no kidding. You also don't know if they're sized correctly or anything else that may have caused that. I picked up a pair, baked, forgot my socks and had the best skate of my entire life after 1 go around.
  4. I give my rep crap about this every time. "CCM - ALL OUT (of stock)"
  5. Absolutely nothing. That's why no one blinked when sticks went from $199 to $249 to $299. Or top-end skates being $499 to $599 to $799 to $849 to $899 to $949 to $999. Or helmets going from $69 to $99 to $139 to $199 to $299 to $399... As for becoming a JIT manufacture, the biggest pro is what was mentioned by Leif, you will never have excess stock that needs sold off nor will you have a warehouse storing that or accounts that do not pay their bill, etc. However there is a demand for players going into a store and getting a high-end product that despite however much they want that to go away, most likely never will. I think one solution they could or should get to would be offering one retail top-end skate, in one fit, and making that your offering for a top-end skate. If you need a FIT 3 for instance and you want a top-end boot, go custom. Otherwise buy the $600 skate. For the $1000 skate it only comes in 4-12, half sizes, 1 fit, 1 model. Knowing these companies, I'm presuming that the financial costs outweigh any pros for them to offer this. At the end of the day they are a business and need to profit, and cut as many areas as necessary in order to increase their profit as much as possible. There is a reason you can only buy 4-6 colorways on gloves these days, and they don't make every model pant in royal blue or red, or the forgotten maroon and greens. Just didn't make financial sense to stock those items, so they pushed a lot of teams to go MTO custom ordering.
  6. The margin for custom is worse than stock, but it's a sale with 0 over head (although you do need a high volume to even be able to do customs, but all of your dollars don't need to be in skates). Same with custom goalie; great for retailer but downside is you need to have a big stock in order to get volume in custom. Ideally for the retailer they do not stock any skate above $600, and all high level skates are custom-only. The manufacture probably wouldn't like that though with a massive increase in labor costs.
  7. Opportunity buy. When retailers have a lot of excess inventory they will offer it to retailers at a great discount to encourage us to buy their stock out before the new models arrive.
  8. my clearance section would like a word with you. Granted partially because CCM had an opp buy and Bauer did not.. but the fact that there was an opp buy to begin with says something. They had excess stock, Bauer didn't. So they overbought initially.
  9. Unfortunately that list only says a few things about the stick such as grip, flex, model, shaft shape. Rarely does it come with a picture of the curve. Also, once they are no longer on-hand with True they delete it. I just checked and it is not on there.
  10. CCM is over-estimating the demand for $1000 skates I think and the practicality for retailers to bring in all of their lines and stock 3 different fits. 2 lines and 3 fits works for Bauer because they do substantially more volume in skates. 3 lines and 3 fits would probably work for Bauer, too. I don't see many shops carrying all 3 models and fits beyond the largest Pure in an area (and even then, probably only 4-5 cities) and a half dozen independents. Best of luck to them, just seems challenging to me to accomplish. I know we're our rep's biggest dealer and while we'll have all 3 models, we're only bringing in regular and wide fits, and even then a low quantity with us chasing the rest of the way. $1000 skates don't sell daily, unfortunately.
  11. He's looking for the model before this one. This is the S20 pro series.
  12. Nothing new in 2021, possibly 2022 would be it. Go buy the bag from your favorite retailer now!
  13. y'all gonna be in for a treat next summer if you're in for a new bucket and don't care about dropping as much on your brain as you do for sticks. Except those that won't pay retail for sticks; but you're in a v08 or 4500 anyways.
  14. Does anyone know where I can buy some O1s? Trying to find for a VIP customer and cannot find any. Size large. Thanks!
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