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    Bauer 1X 2.0
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    Bauer 2S Pro 77 Flex P28
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    CCM HG97
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    Bauer 4500
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    Bauer Nexus 800
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    Bauer Frankenpads
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  1. Whatever the label is it’s lower than the P92/P29 and P30. The whole 5 vs 5.5 vs 6 concept doesn’t work anymore since brands can’t translate that number into anything that makes sense in the real world both across their own patterns and to other manufacturers. As a general rule of thumb I cut my lower lie sticks (P28/P106/PM9/P88) about half an inch longer than my P92 since they require me to carry the puck further from my feet to get the blade to sit flat. I use the P92 95% of the time these days so that’s my baseline measuring stick.
  2. New and uncut 77 flex. Vapor 1X2.0SE build with grip. Asking $270 shipped within the US or trade for Bauer P92/CCM P29 75-77.
  3. C Forefoot, AAA heel. For reference a retail D vapor was D/A.
  4. Based on the weave of the shaft he’s referring to the G3 build. Curve he’s always used P92/Sakic.
  5. I do the same and think it dampens the feel a bit. Could be placebo but hockey players are weird and I would put myself in that category. I also wonder if using wood implies a less premium overall product because it’s...wood. Especially at $299. If anything I could see them putting composite plugs in instead but that would cannibalize that item as a separate sale.
  6. Price lowered. Hoping to move ASAP
  7. Sharpened once by JR and skated on twice. Mint condition. Asking $95 shipped within the US OBO https://imgur.com/a/gJzGCQI
  8. Boots are in great shape and still very stiff. 263 edge holders, thin black Classic Supreme tongues, standard eyelets. LS Fusion steel and Superfeet yellow insoles. Heel lock is unreal on these. Normal cosmetic wear and a few repairs on the edges of the tongues to prevent fraying. Asking $125 + shipping within the US. Open to trades as well. https://imgur.com/a/UFSIncn
  9. The shift to overseas production is part of it but doesn’t tell the whole story. I’ve owned a few pairs of overseas retail Bonafide X and overseas pro stock gloves built to Franchise (dressed as an AX1) or QR1 specs and they’re way nicer than the newer models. The real question is why on earth did they ditch the blooming MIA/Franchise cuff for whatever they decided to put on the AX1/QX/DX. It’s the #1 reason why the glove doesn’t feel nearly as good as the older model and I’d be curious as to what data/feedback/focus group suggested that was a good idea.
  10. I’m sure they’ll look even more “sick” after the graphics get chipped into oblivion like on every other CCM skate.
  11. It’s the old X60. If you can’t find an G15/APX2/APX the 2X Pro is probably your best bet albeit not ideal.
  12. I couldn’t find anything recent on these - are they still alive and kickin? I bought a set of the grey customs back in 2013 and they are easily one of the best hockey purchases I’ve ever made. Speedplates don’t offer the same custom fit, the heel cup/cradle isn’t comfortable and the build quality isn’t as good. Looking to source another pair or take recommendations on a similar product - I bought mine from Westside Skate in NYC originally.
  13. I’m liking my CCMs so far. My biggest issue with a normal everyday mask was that I found having something wrapped around my ears all skate to be pretty annoying. Covering the nose isn’t ideal but it seems more aligned with the intended purpose which is to try to keep people safe. As a younger guy in a lot of the pick up I play in these days I’d rather wear something more conservative. The Bauer product seems like an absolute scam if I’m being blunt.
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