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    Bauer 1X 2.0
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    Bauer 2S Pro 77 Flex P28
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    CCM HG97
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    Bauer 4500
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    Bauer Nexus 800
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    Bauer Frankenpads
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    Reebok 14K
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    Reebok 16K
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    Warrior Pro Bag

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  1. Pretty sure about 70% of the NHL is in a two piece Bauer skate. CCMs best two poster-boys (McDavid and Mackinnon) are in two piece skates. This isn’t a generational thing either. Most rookies and younger guys are still wearing Bauer.
  2. Definitely has a 1X 1.0 LE vibe to it.
  3. Easton CNT Stealth 85 Drury or Sakic. Nothing has ever come close for me. I still have dreams of randomly coming across a storage bin in Mexico or Salt Lake stocked with 40 of them. Until then - if anyone has one shoot me a PM.
  4. The P92 has a deep enough pocket through the toe where you can still pull and sling it with relative ease. See: Auston Matthews.
  5. You’re also much more prone to hyper extension with the loops cut. I hate how cut loops feel and the solution is buying gloves with good flex thumbs.
  6. Used once and could basically pass as new. Uncut retail length. Asking $145 shipped within the US obo or trade for a Bauer 1S/2N Pro 77 P92.
  7. The red heel on the prototype Vapor looks awesome. Just the right amount of pop and identifiable from a distance/on TV while still being a classy looking black boot. I’m sure it will end up like the Ultrasonic with some horrible bright yellow racing stripes but here’s to hoping.
  8. @flip12 I don’t think you’re wrong at all and I’m probably chopping my words/explanation a bit. I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I tend to carry the puck in the mid-heel ish part of the blade (my first composite sticks were Modano/PM9s for the most part before I switched to Drury - wood Leetch/Lidstrom blades before all of that). At the way back of the heel the P28 is safe - mid heel you start to get into that weird twist/wedge part of the blade where unpredictable stuff starts to happen. At least for me that is. I also feel like the P28 wants you to carry the puck up by the toe and I just have a hard time unlearning the muscle memory of keeping the puck in the heel pocket for ~20 years. The 92 let’s me maintain the mechanics im comfortable with. I’m sure if I gave it enough time I’d adapt but it’s too late in the game/im too washed up to try to teach myself new tricks.
  9. Not disagreeing with any of the above, but... It’s easier to go to a P92 imo. The P28 toe is an absolute beast and you really can’t play with the puck on the heel/shoot off the heel because it’s completely straight and closed relative to the P92 and P91. Just my personal experience. After giving the P92 some time after using the P91 and P106 forever I’ve really come around to liking it - and can appreciate why it’s the most popular curve on the planet. It does everything well.
  10. Whatever the label is it’s lower than the P92/P29 and P30. The whole 5 vs 5.5 vs 6 concept doesn’t work anymore since brands can’t translate that number into anything that makes sense in the real world both across their own patterns and to other manufacturers. As a general rule of thumb I cut my lower lie sticks (P28/P106/PM9/P88) about half an inch longer than my P92 since they require me to carry the puck further from my feet to get the blade to sit flat. I use the P92 95% of the time these days so that’s my baseline measuring stick.
  11. New and uncut 77 flex. Vapor 1X2.0SE build with grip. Asking $270 shipped within the US or trade for Bauer P92/CCM P29 75-77.
  12. C Forefoot, AAA heel. For reference a retail D vapor was D/A.
  13. Based on the weave of the shaft he’s referring to the G3 build. Curve he’s always used P92/Sakic.
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