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    Bauer 1X 2.0
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    Bauer 2S Pro 77 Flex P28
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    CCM HG97
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    Bauer 4500
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    Bauer Nexus 800
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    Bauer Frankenpads
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    Reebok 14K
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    Reebok 16K
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    Warrior Pro Bag

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  1. I’d love to try HG12s or the Warrior variant but they seem impossible to find in a decent shape 13…
  2. Do you guys have any suggestions on the most open cuff glove on the market at the moment? I’ve worn 4 roll style my whole life (namely Franchise narrows and Eagles) but options are seemingly limited or not ideal at this point - CCM 4 rolls run really snug, the Warrior FR pro feels likes it’s made out of garbage bags, and the Bauer Pro Series feels too boxy and doesn’t seem like great value at $199. What I’m trying to avoid is a glove that hits my wrist or restricts motion on smaller/micro stickhandling moves. I’m leaning FT4 since that “blooming” style cuff seems appealing but let me know what you guys think. I also don’t have time to scour SLS for a newish pair of Franchises since my last pair is basically kaput and needs to be replaced asap. Thanks!
  3. That RY code and different player name font implies that those are Tacks pro team sticks - explains the heavier weight. Those are not true AS4 Pros. They’re fine sticks used by college and CHL teams on a budget but you didn’t get what was advertised.
  4. With curves like that I’d just take what you can get unless you go custom. I’d use a 6 pack of tree branches with a P106 curve at this point.
  5. The issue is that it’s really hard in any industry to conjure up significant innovation on a yearly release cycle (it’s really more like 10 months when you factor in holidays, shipping lead time, et al). Most of the improvements are incremental to non existent at best and of course there are the anecdotes of NHL players like P. Kane using a 13 year old O33 Total One build muddying the waters further. That said - I do like what Bauer is doing in releasing stuff like the Sling, ADVs, etc in parallel to their standard lines, or the ODIN project from a few years back (as cheesy as some of those releases and concepts might be). The “think big” type work that looks 3-5-7 years out in conjunction with the annual releases to please the masses (and slowly integrating some of that future tech into the main lines) seems to be a logical approach to me. All that said - the biggest improvement in stick tech by far in the last few years has been the recoil on lower flex sticks (in my case a senior 70). They used to just lag and fold on me like a pool noodle up until around the Trigger 2 vintage when shooting or battling for loose pucks - but now they recoil and kick like a performance hunting bow which has led to real improvements in quick release power and velocity. @stick9 @psulion22 have had similar experiences and maybe want to chime in.
  6. Was looking at the Bauer customizer earlier - in addition to adding the Sync Bauer now has an option for a “P90TM” under retail patterns in addition to the “Benn” under pro. Anyone in the know/LHS game have intel on if they’re finally going to release the P90T at retail? I only see the Sync in their usual four patterns (including the annoyingly redundant P92M) but perhaps for future releases?
  7. Too bad they aren’t just bringing the Inno Novius back with a name like that…
  8. I went from a 7D 2S Pro to a 7D Jetspeed FT490 and don’t see myself wearing anything else for the foreseeable future. The CCMs are unreal.
  9. Miller pretty much nailed the state of play. I’ve always been partial to Franchise, Eagle and Easton in that order. Warrior’s decline at retail has been catastrophically bad/embarassing. Not sure if it’s a rising materials/input cost issue or the product design team is totally clueless, or maybe a bit of both. CCM 4 rolls are OK, Nexus Pro Series are nice but not worth $200.
  10. I went from Vapor 2X Pros to Jetspeeds and don’t really notice a difference or performance give up. If anything I think the traditional eyelets wrap and mold better and if I were to order custom Hyperlites I’d opt for traditional over injected. That said, I don’t see myself switching from CCM any time soon.
  11. I was a lifetime Vapor D wearer and had many of the same issues. Switching to a Jetspeed D FT490/FT2 solved nearly all of my lacebite and high instep problems while adding better heel lock. I think the closest fit in the current offerings is the tapered cut.
  12. Build is a rounded grip nexus shaft with a vapor blade core. Both are cut about an inch off retail length and in mint condition. Canada graphics. Asking $260 + shipping within the US for the pair https://imgur.com/a/xyo5nYJ
  13. Has anyone had success doing this similar to some of the older CCM models? I have an opportunity to upgrade from my FT490s to non-pro FT4s at a decent price. Generally I don’t care that much about graphics but these are easily the ugliest skate I’ve ever seen (and none of the teams I play on have red in the color scheme). That said, I love the fit and feel of the Jetspeed line so worst case I’ll just swallow my pride and wear clown skates.
  14. Why do they need to spend a separate 150K to use the Easton brand? Since it’s part of their umbrella isn’t it no different than using “Vapor” or “Supreme”. Apologies for the naïveté on the contract law but it doesn’t make sense to me.
  15. I don’t lace the top eyelet. Compared to my competitive days (think Vapor XXX or XXXX era) skates today are like ski boots with no flex whatsoever laced to the top.
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