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  1. Moving to the burbs in a few weeks and will finally be able to get myself a proper outdoor shooting setup in the driveway. Curious if you guys have any suggestions for nets/backstops to consider. It will be stored in the garage when not in use and mostly shot at using green biscuit snipes or regular ice pucks off a shooting pad. I’ve seen mixed reviews on the EZGoal so I’m looking for something a bit more durable/weatherproof in the event I do leave it out during the New England winters. Not interested in a tarp or hanging carpet setup. Thanks!!
  2. I’m curious how people are finding the fit 2 Vapor heel as well. Fit 1 has great heel lock but the rest of the skate is way too shallow and narrow compared to my 7D 1X 2.0s and 2X Pros.
  3. All the cool patterns are dead unless you order via MyBauer. I still use P106 and P91A so I feel your pain. Warrior still offers the W01(PM9) at retail. Your best bet is Sideline/Ebay or pro stocks.
  4. Are you ordering custom or do you have a source to get some of these? p15 is one of my all time favorites.
  5. Another giveaway is if it’s a random curve. There’s a guy selling a “retail P91A” ADV on SLS and god knows they aren’t making a limited run stick in that pattern lol. Edit: found it - https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/sticks/one-piece-sticks/3422588-bauer-senior-right-handed-vapor-adv-heel-pattern-hockey-stick?referral_code=ZR91396
  6. The trick is to actually push down on the puck and load the shaft to generate centrifugal force and then pull upward smoothly from there. If I’m being blunt though it’s a completely useless skill and I wouldn’t spend a ton of time practicing it or worrying about it. I enjoy doing it in warmups from time to time to get my hands loose but beyond that its pretty pointless unless you plan on attempting the Michigan on a nightly basis (and dealing with the repercussions of people potentially trying to take your head off).
  7. To be fair, Bauer product managers have been spewing marketing jargon for years. What do you think lands better with largely uninformed consumers? Option 1: Fit 1 is slightly narrower than a Vapor D, Fit 2 is slightly wider - sorry for alienating our largest segment of skate buyers that default to our most popular line in a D width every release Or Option 2: Fit 1 is “basically” a Vapor. Done.
  8. I actually don’t think Vapor D and Fit 1 are the same. The Fit 1 felt closer to a pro stock C to me. The forefoot absolutely murdered my foot and the heel is definitely tighter. Never had those issues with a D vapor from the APX through the 1X 2.0.
  9. P88 is probably the closest that is readily available in terms of blade shape and lie. It’s more closed and more mid than heel but probably the best you can do right now without scouring ebay and sidelineswap. P106 is the best curve ever so I feel your pain. CCMs clone on pro stocks is the P50 if you’re willing to switch brands.
  10. People are still scarred by their likely awful experience with the LS fusion steel. This looks very similar. Presumably they’ve improved the construction process but I’m not going to hold my breath. Also kind of funny that they added weight via a hybrid TPU outsole and are now trying to sell people on lighter half composite steel. LOL.
  11. How do you know that hyper is lighter than ultra, fly, crazy, or super? There’s no globally accepted measurement scale for these types of things.
  12. How do the new CCM fits square up to the old lasts? If a D Jetspeed fits me perfectly will that sync up with a regular? Or should I be stocking up on closeout FT490s...
  13. Pretty sure about 70% of the NHL is in a two piece Bauer skate. CCMs best two poster-boys (McDavid and Mackinnon) are in two piece skates. This isn’t a generational thing either. Most rookies and younger guys are still wearing Bauer.
  14. Definitely has a 1X 1.0 LE vibe to it.
  15. Easton CNT Stealth 85 Drury or Sakic. Nothing has ever come close for me. I still have dreams of randomly coming across a storage bin in Mexico or Salt Lake stocked with 40 of them. Until then - if anyone has one shoot me a PM.
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