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    Bauer 1X 2.0
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    Bauer 2S Pro 77 Flex P28
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    CCM HG97
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    Bauer 4500
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    Bauer Nexus 800
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    Bauer Frankenpads
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    Reebok 14K
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    Reebok 16K
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  1. It’s the old X60. If you can’t find an G15/APX2/APX the 2X Pro is probably your best bet albeit not ideal.
  2. I couldn’t find anything recent on these - are they still alive and kickin? I bought a set of the grey customs back in 2013 and they are easily one of the best hockey purchases I’ve ever made. Speedplates don’t offer the same custom fit, the heel cup/cradle isn’t comfortable and the build quality isn’t as good. Looking to source another pair or take recommendations on a similar product - I bought mine from Westside Skate in NYC originally.
  3. I’m liking my CCMs so far. My biggest issue with a normal everyday mask was that I found having something wrapped around my ears all skate to be pretty annoying. Covering the nose isn’t ideal but it seems more aligned with the intended purpose which is to try to keep people safe. As a younger guy in a lot of the pick up I play in these days I’d rather wear something more conservative. The Bauer product seems like an absolute scam if I’m being blunt.
  4. P88 is super popular from what I’ve seen. If you don’t want a massive open toe or rockered blade it’s your only option. I’d rather see them experiment with quirky stuff for the 4th and 5th options in the lineup in limited quantities rather than offering an max version of what’s already there. Stuff that could still have mainstream appeal like P90T, Laine, etc.
  5. I’d look into a set of streamlined lacrosse rib pads. Many of them are low profile enough to toss under your shoulder pads without them disrupting your natural range of motion.
  6. Steel was profiled to 9/10 and sharpened once to 5/8 by JR. Basically new condition. Asking $85 shipped within the US. Speedplates have never been molded and were skated on once. Will ship in original box. Asking $35 shipped within the US. $110 shipped takes both.
  7. Seems like 90% of the NHL wears either that pad or the RBZ.
  8. New condition, never baked or sharpened. Include new speed plates as well. Retail boot. Asking $350 shipped within the US OBO or trade for a 1X or 2X pro in a 7D. https://imgur.com/a/mjKXBgr
  9. Part of the problem is the Mako came out when Easton was going through a pretty steep decline in popularity. If Bauer re-released the Mako II with an Edge holder, new graphics, and called it the UltraBoomADVSonicLite with a superdynaflex tendon guard it would probably fly off the shelves at levels the Mako never came close to.
  10. These are new never used, clarino palms. #91 written in sharpie on both palms. Asking $100 shipped gifted within the US obo. Open to trades for another pair of Black 13 inch mitts. Will listen on most stuff in great to new condition except Nexus as they have way too much volume for my liking. In the US for shipping. https://imgur.com/a/dhywCqw
  11. Does Mylec count? Only brand to this day where you could change your PM9 to a P28 within the same shift with a quick stomp of the sneaker. Still waiting for someone to match that tech.
  12. P89 is legendary - along with P106 going back to the Bauer Linden days. P88 is much more closed and a deeper curve by comparison. That plus the lack of rocker on the toe makes it a no go for me. If they “modernized” the P88 to shave the toe and open it up just a smidge it would be super viable from my perspective. Easton E36 was close - Bauer P14 and CCM P30 are too extreme in terms of openness/twist on the toe.
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