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    Bauer 1X 2.0
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    Bauer 2S Pro 77 Flex P28
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    CCM HG97
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    Bauer 4500
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    Bauer Nexus 800
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    Bauer Frankenpads
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    Reebok 14K
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  1. Why do they need to spend a separate 150K to use the Easton brand? Since it’s part of their umbrella isn’t it no different than using “Vapor” or “Supreme”. Apologies for the naïveté on the contract law but it doesn’t make sense to me.
  2. I don’t lace the top eyelet. Compared to my competitive days (think Vapor XXX or XXXX era) skates today are like ski boots with no flex whatsoever laced to the top.
  3. The Tuuk vs XS is a matter of preference on feel and I have a bunch of old STEP edge so it makes more sense for me to go that route. Both holders are great IMO.
  4. Does it have to be a top-top end skate? For what it’s worth I’m about 175-180 lbs (similar playing background) and the FT490 has felt significantly better for me than the FT2 having skated in both. Older model but you get the parallel. I get way better flexion out of the boot (both used top eyelet undone and with Tuuk Edge instead of XS) and don’t feel like I’m in a cast. Haven’t had any issues with the boot holding up either. If that isn’t an option a custom 100k seems like the right play but I’d give the FT4 (non pro) a look in your situation. The FT490 is my favorite skate since the old Bauer One90 which had crazy range of motion.
  5. Both are mint and cut to 62.5 inches. Silver Geo graphics, 2N Pro build. Asking $290 shipped for the pair within the US.
  6. For what it’s worth on the topic - a bunch of old Drury guys switched to P28 in recent years. Letang, Doughty among others. That’s not to say everyone can or should make the switch but it seems to be the most logical transition from old school to new school if one doesn’t feel like scouring eBay and Sideline for pro stocks.
  7. I go back and forth between Drury pro stocks and P28 these days. The adjustment isn’t that bad since the lie and side profile on both are almost identical but I prefer the Drury overall as I’ve used it since 2002 or so. We’re about the same age fwiw - long live heel curves!
  8. Both are taped and used once, effectively new condition. Uncut full length retail sticks. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/sticks/4590531-ccm-2-pack-ribcor-trigger-5-pro-p29-70-flex-senior-right-grip Asking $260 shipped within the US OBO.
  9. Like new condition. Cut to ~63 standing up from the floor to the top. Build code is literally just “Flylite” Asking $135 shipped gifted within the US https://imgur.com/a/lXvgMRU
  10. One90 is my favorite boot of all time hands down - Keep us posted if you find a suitable replacement. FWIW I’m in Jetspeed 490s with edge holders and they’re pretty damn nice with the top eyelets undone. Not quite the holy grail but very serviceable relative to the zillion other models I’ve tried recently. I do agree with what others have said in that the top end boots nowadays are ultra stiff and will overpower your foot and ankle compared to the One90 which basically moved with you 1:1. The reduced stiffness is what primarily drove my logic to go down 1 level from the top end model. My experience has been that CCMs are way more feature rich at that $599-$699 price point whereas Bauer (the brand I wore exclusively from mites to about a year ago) really starts to cut corners on some #2 models and drop features that have been standard on high end skates forever.
  11. Moving to the burbs in a few weeks and will finally be able to get myself a proper outdoor shooting setup in the driveway. Curious if you guys have any suggestions for nets/backstops to consider. It will be stored in the garage when not in use and mostly shot at using green biscuit snipes or regular ice pucks off a shooting pad. I’ve seen mixed reviews on the EZGoal so I’m looking for something a bit more durable/weatherproof in the event I do leave it out during the New England winters. Not interested in a tarp or hanging carpet setup. Thanks!!
  12. I’m curious how people are finding the fit 2 Vapor heel as well. Fit 1 has great heel lock but the rest of the skate is way too shallow and narrow compared to my 7D 1X 2.0s and 2X Pros.
  13. All the cool patterns are dead unless you order via MyBauer. I still use P106 and P91A so I feel your pain. Warrior still offers the W01(PM9) at retail. Your best bet is Sideline/Ebay or pro stocks.
  14. Are you ordering custom or do you have a source to get some of these? p15 is one of my all time favorites.
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