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    Bauer APX2 Custom
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    Bauer 1N Nolan Patrick Pro Stock: 82 Flex P91A
  • Gloves
    Warrior Bonafide X
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    Bauer 4500 Helmet, CCM 480 Chrome Cage
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    Bauer Nexus 800
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    Bauer Frankenpads
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    Reebok 12K
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    CCM Tacks 7092
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    Warrior Pro Bag

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  1. The only company that made a true intermediate blade was Easton with the blue hosel Synthesis blade to be paired with their intermediate shaft. Otherwise, 99% of intermediate shafts took senior blades.
  2. Stealth CNT Drury 85 Anything Styles/Roenick pro from back in the day, ideally the OG Stealth Jofa 8060 shins
  3. I’m a big frankenpad guy - top of the line chest and bicep piece with shoulder caps from a $30 entry level model. Most of the repalm/repair places can do this relatively easily. I agree with @psulion22 in that if I had to pick anything off the rack it would be the Vapor line. I had the “holy grail” CCM U+ CLs recently and felt like a linebacker in those shoulder caps.
  4. I remember loving the metal tipped laces on my old Bauer 7000s back in high school - until they somehow came into contact with my steel and absolutely destroyed my sharpening.
  5. Ryder optimized shooting with a long P89. PK Subban hammers one timers with a P91A. Boeser has an absolute bomb with a P88. Sakic had arguably the quickest “dual lie” release in NHL history using a Drury Blake Wheeler averages like 15G-60A a season using a P28. Tavares has the puck on a string with a P15. TLDR: Curves aren’t good at things, players are.
  6. In addition to the above - hockey isn’t golf in that you have your hands in the exact same position for different shots and have time to approach the ball. Ideally you want to be able to get your shots off from a variety of hand/body positions as the play unfolds dynamically. TLDR: Whoever fed you the hold at the balance point idea, fed you nonsense.
  7. This is only true if you’re comparing a retail 2S Pro or pro stock 2SPRO build to a 2SPROSE. The SEs have thicker sidewalls and are heavier, the regular builds are the same.
  8. This screams Jetspeed FT1 to me. They’ve always felt similar to a vapor with the V shape heel-forefoot dimensions but with slightly more volume ala Supreme.
  9. It’s more or less the same number of SKUs. It probably ends up being a SKU reduction if you take into account the senior Supreme being offered in C,D,EE over the years. New: 2 lines x 3 fits vs Old: 3 lines x 2 widths
  10. Whether or not you lace the top eyelet and/or the overall height of the boot (where the top eyelet hits your ankle) is the number one determinant for this, not volume. The top of my foot bulges out of my Vapors but I don’t have any mobility issues with them. There are also other variables like flexible/stiff tendon guards, tongue stiffness - that can help or inhibit toe flick.
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