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  1. One of my older buddies decided to get in his truck and drive himself home from the bar the other night. He never made it home...and neither did the innocent people in the car he hit while he was driving the wrong direction down a major roadway. The two gentlemen in the other car were killed. My buddy is currently in critical condition. I'm rattled beyond belief...going through bouts of horrible sadness, but I'm also incredibly angry and disappointed with my friend (and, to a lesser extent, whoever he was with that night who let him get behind the wheel). It's terrible knowing that my friend is responsible for something so tragic...and that he'll likely be spending a good chunk of the rest of his life behind bars. My thoughts go out to the families of the men in the other vehicle.
  2. Devils win two in a row. They're going to miss the playoffs but manage to play just well enough down the stretch to miss-out on a lottery pick.
  3. Devils win two in a row and looked pretty not bad doing it. Getting the ball rolling, perhaps. Maybe it's not too late for a run of epic proportions....? (for more thoughts from a more realistic point-of-view, see The Venting Spot)
  4. I'd like to have a discussion with those people, then. If your foot doesn't fill the skate properly, you simply don't have constant, consistent control over the entire skate - while also being deprived of desired response and support. There is a reason that skates are designed to achieve a "zero negative space" fit...and why I prefer to wear skates that are actually a little too small.
  5. Buddy of mine just sent me this video a little earlier. It's good for a laugh...but it's a bit infuriating, too. I don't know what my favorite part is - the fact that he seems to believe that shoe size is relevant when fitting OR - direct quote - "you want him to be able to move and have some sort of movement inside the skate".
  6. +1. I had been an BB guy up until I jumped to the iPhone 4 a few months ago after some STRONG encouragement from my girlfriend's older brother. Based on my experience thus far - as long as Apple will be making phones, I'll be using them.
  7. I don't really know if I should be putting this here or in The Venting Spot; but since I've got myself a pretty awesome amount of entertainment out of this, I guess I'll leave it here....: Conspiracy theorists are always good for a laugh. Got sucked into watching a(nother) B.S. 2012 "Doom and Gloom"-type program on the History Channel today (same old craziness, mostly). Anyways - one of the hippies in the show started talking about strange things seen at the Denver airport and possible alternate purposes for the property in the future. Now, I'm a curious individual, so I've been doing some reading-up on some of this stuff since I got home a couple hours ago and have to admit, I've been kind of fascinated: the claims that some of these lunatics make have me wondering how some people are able to function in our society. I've literally laughed out-loud at a few of the things I've read this evening. I guess some people can convince themselves of just about anything...so long as it helps them feel smarter than the rest of the population while supporting their half-baked "anti-establishment" positions.
  8. Wooden is gone. http://www.cnn.com/2010/SPORT/06/03/basket...T1&iref=BN1
  9. I would think that, given the circumstances, there should have been some "special consideration" given to the play in question. Fuck, it's the 27th out of a Perfect Game. I'm not going to speculate what the "approval rating" would have been in clubhouses around the league, but I really think Bud would have done himself (as well as the players, umpires AND fans) right if he would have reached out to the management of all 30 clubs and asked for their blessings to overturn the call and put the guy in the record books....with the understanding that it would have been an EXTREMELY unique situation; a one-time thing before further implementation of instant replay rules----------- THEN (pending the go-ahead from all 30 teams), made a statement to the public in which 1) he acknowledged that the demand and necessity for instant replay reform in MLB to be real, 2) promised reform to the current system (or lack thereof) within this season and 3) ceremoniously awarded Armando Galarraga his Perfect Game as the result of the first ruling to be overturned by instant replay (outside of Home Run controversies currently settled by replay). As it stands now, I think the situation is a black eye for Major League Baseball and is a kick to the balls of Armando Galarraga and - possibly to an even greater degree - Jim Joyce. I don't think there is anyone in this world who would have loved to see that call overturned more than that man.
  10. Selig has disgusted me before and he's disgusted me again.
  11. Not to place any blame on the guy, but I'm a little surprised Cabrera insisted on going after that ball - that's a VERY routine ball to Guillen. If Cabrera would have just sit on the bag, the throw beats Donald by 10 feet, we pencil it in 4-3...and Galarraga is officially in the record books. That being said, Cabrera made a pretty tough play look relatively easy. Obviously, the fact that I think Cabrera should have left that ball for Guillen doesn't absolve Joyce. I don't know, man. I generally agree with you, and it's a close play for sure....but it's certainly clear-cut enough that I think someone who has made a (lucrative) career of calling baseball games at the Major League level has to get it right. Donald is a full stride down the line when Galarraga gets the ball with his foot directly over-top of the bag. When a throw beats a runner by that much and there is no subsequent "searching" for the bag, I think you have to punch the guy out. "Close-ish" absolutely, but not quite "bang-bang". I know I had "aggressive" words with a few umps in my days of high school/summer travel ball on plays that were undoubtedly much closer than that one. Anybody else think Joyce was out of position by a few feet on the call? I think that call gets a bit easier if he shuffles himself off the line (towards second base) a couple of giant steps.
  12. Forcing food down after a workout.
  13. Promise? My mom is 43 - I've done 42. She was divorced with kids (which was a little weird). It.....was.....awesome. Only complaint was that I had to get up and get to the rink the next morning before I could talk her into making me breakfast.
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