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  1. Aw, hell. I was so ready to bury the Leafs tonight. Really hoping Columbus comes out hot in Game 5.
  2. Jordan Eberle did it last year as well in Game 3. It's a hard shooting angle but Murray seems to have been beaten by it quite often, although I haven't played goal since probably 6th grade so I don't know if there's a better technique to use in that situation. Link to Eberle goal, about 1:15 in:
  3. On one hand, I don't want them to get Lafreniere. On the other hand, it's always fun to see the Rangers get swept. Carolina's a good team.
  4. My college has such a half baked plan to bring students to campus (plus college students aren't great at following the rules anyway) that I'm almost certain I'm going to just withdraw and take community college classes online instead. I want to believe that I could actually stay on campus all year but from what I've heard from other students it's not gonna last more than two weeks.
  5. The Blue Jackets play so hard that I think if they can stifle the Leafs early they'll never recover. My biases against Toronto aside I really do think they're cooked if they don't come out hot.
  6. This is my most anticipated series because of the rivalry factor, if Connor Hellebuyck is as good as he was in the regular season then I think the Jets will be fine.
  7. I think I'm the only Islanders fan on the site, that said I feel relatively uneasy about this series because I think both teams should have been better this season. I have enough confidence in our team to pull out a win but it could totally go either way and we'll see how the layoff changes things. Having Adam Pelech back will be massive if he's at 100 percent.
  8. Update: Two teammates have corroborated his story https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/carcillos-former-teammates-back-up-hazing-and-sexual-assault-allegations Trigger warning for people who are made uncomfortable by this stuff, but it needs to be heard.
  9. My big fear with all of this is that someone in the media could have been privy to some of this information for years - because I understand why players might not speak out during their careers and think of all the sources that reporters have in the CHL - and didn't say anything because the power structure in hockey was big enough to survive it and try to discredit that person. If these prove true (as I assume they are) then the entire thing needs to be cleaned out, but I fear that it may not be.
  10. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/29330583/daniel-carcillo-leads-class-action-lawsuit-canadian-hockey-league-physical-sexual-abuse I know a lot of people aren't big on Carcillo both during and after his playing days, but this really needs to be talked about. If I put this in the wrong subforum or it doesn't belong on the site, I apologize; but I want people to know about this and think about how deep some of these issues potentially run. I feel so terrible for those players.
  11. I'll give my thoughts as somebody who hasn't been a very active member of this community in a few years, mostly since I've only had one season of hockey in all of high school; and putting aside the pandemic for a second, the amount of information on new products has decreased substantially even since I joined MSH. This site has also lived through a transformation of the internet - or it at least seems that way to me because I'm young enough to have never really experienced the internet before 2010 or so - where sleuthing on internet forums is replaced with brands wanting to get ahead of everything and limiting what makes its way out. Everyone's already stated that the amount of genuinely novel innovation in hockey has decreased substantially, which I agree with, and you can only really debate the merits of what curve to use so much (and I would know). This community is definitely still has a lot of knowledge and is really closely knit, there's just less new stuff to apply that knowledge to without disrespecting manufacturers. Just my take, I still enjoy visiting here and hopefully I'll finally be able to go to a MSH event at some point.
  12. My high school finally cancelled the rest of the year, which, while it was obvious in retrospect, it still really sucks to lose the end of senior year and all the stuff that was lined up for the next month - an internship, HS Nationals for rugby, prom, graduation, saying goodbye to friends, etc. I'm hopeful that college won't be impacted a lot by this, especially since the county that the school I'll be attending is in has had very few cases, but that optimism feels foolish. Hope everyone's doing well though, I'm fortunate to live in a town where there hasn't been many cases.
  13. All of the Akim Aliu news that's come out in the last 24 hours. It's incredibly sad to think he never got a fair shake because of stuff like that and I hope something gets done to try and remove racism from the sport as much as possible.
  14. The QRE SL is on sale at HockeyWorld for $129 after a discount code right now. (Code is QRE50) https://www.hockeyworld.com/WARRIOR-Covert-QRE-SL-Grip-Hockey-Stick-Sr
  15. Finding a non - grip stick is tough these days, you might be better off removing the grip after you buy it if your son wants a glossy or matte finish. That said, these might fit your needs: https://www.hockeymonkey.com/equipment/hockey-sticks-shafts-blades/sticks-all-composite/hockey-sticks-junior/easton-hockey-stick-synergy-gx-grip-jr.html https://www.hockeymonkey.com/equipment/hockey-sticks-shafts-blades/sticks-all-composite/hockey-sticks-junior/true-hockey-stick-a6-0-sbp-jr.html
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