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  1. About the same I'd say and my stats (HR and calories) generally come out to about the same as well, my legs are just super tired. Maybe it's just coincidence with how I eat that day or something. I'll try again tonight, just wanted to check if anybody else noticed. Could very well be that I skate more technically sound rather than straight lines due to more edge confidence.
  2. Did anybody notice increased leg fatigue using these? I am trying to test them on different days, but somehow I am always extremely tired after a game with the XC blades, while skating on my regular STEP runners feels completely normal otherwise. I don't know if that little of a weight difference can have that much impact (I didn't weigh them, but assume it isn't like 300g difference).
  3. So I finally found the courage and put a 1 1/8" on the XC runners after normally skating on a 3/4" FBV and the transition was pretty much seamless. I just went on the ice and it felt completely normal, but I noticed some extra bite during tight turns (although that could be placebo). In general though, much less weird to skate on than I thought it might be.
  4. Got 1, 1-1/8, 1-1/4 wheels coming and will report back. Seems that if 1/2 > 3/4 worked, maybe there is something with the 50% increase. So for 3/4" maybe the 1-1/8 also makes sense, but I'll try out a few and see what feels back. I am pretty terrified of the stock hollow though, but it's getting tested before the game tomorrow. I expect a quick "Nope' and back to room to swap back, but maybe it'll work out.
  5. Cycling has lots of weird shit coming out every year and innovating back and forth in cycles to make people buy new bikes.
  6. That 3M tape has like 1mm or so of foam, so that might already do that job well.
  7. Do you follow the same hollow adjustment that Flare uses here or just regular hollow? I am currently on 3/4 and wondering if with these I should go up to 1-1/8 or so or just stay on 3/4. Any input from anybody?
  8. It's not so much that the unit as a whole overheats, but the part the rings attach to is (in my opinion) specifically designed to absorb heat away from the rings that's caused by friction. Seeing that part is solid metal and the rings partially plastic, it expands a tiny bit more than the ring and they get "sticky". I would guess that happens at around ~12-15 passes in quick succession. I usually do 2-4 per skate for my teammates before games and after couple of pairs the 1/2" ring needs to be pried off. I never had an issue grabbing it with a towel though and pulling it off with a little force.
  9. Yep, I have that happen as well, although so far I was always able to pop it off. It doesn't bond or anything, but the piece the rings sit on (with the cooling fins) expands more than the ring and kind of locks it in place. You could possibly put an icepack or something on it (the silver ring behind the sharpening ring) or just do the rings with fewer skates first to reduce the need to swap. I doubt you're going through 10 different hollows. This way you can probably pop it off and then squeeze the next one on.
  10. Did anybody find some less pricey alternative backpack/case for the ES200 to carry around?
  11. Did you end up taking the machine apart at all for cleanup? I vacuumed it clean and it briefly worked but back to stuttering on return. I am thinking there still might be gunk somwhere I can't get to, but would rather not just start taking it apart if not necessary. Will give the grease a try though!
  12. 263 and good call about SLS, didn't occur to me to check there, at all. Now to find a pair that doesn't have the same fault as mine. Had issues with the bolt-hole compressing and wearing out and one pair on SLS seems to have the same fold going already. Either way, that should be the cheapest path forward! Oh that's a super neat system. Thanks for the suggestion! I think if I end up switching, this is the front runner. I am also not hearing good things about Bauer's trigger, so that confirmed that.
  13. My Gen1 True runners (with bolt) are shot and need replacement, but seems they are almost impossible to find at this point. Unfortunate since I have two sets of steel for it. However, if I were to switch, what would be the ideal holder to switch to? Looking mostly for longevity and weight as I would like to avoid having to switch to yet another technology down the line. There are so many holders out there though that it's tough to pick one. True Shift is the "obvious" choice, but I believe they are pretty heavy. Is Bauer holding on to the Edge holder/blades for a while or is something newer out that should be produced over the next 4/5 years without issue?
  14. Having the same issue developing lately with about the same ownership timeframe. I did not clean it much though, so that's on me. After a thorough cleaning, it seems it has gotten a lot better. Mine stuttered and stopped to the point of getting the 3 6 10 error. I found that there was a lot of really hidden dust up above the grinding ring in the area the spring connects to. Must be gunking up some sensor or something.
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