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  1. I'm currently in a pair of MX3's size 7D. I've read that the new Fit 2 is equivalent to the D width. Can anyone advise if the lengths are consistent (ie, the length of a MX3 size 7 is the same as an Ultrasonic 7)? I'm guessing that I'd fall into a size 7, Fit 2.
  2. Hey JR, I’ve noticed that the 2018 Bauer catalog has not been published. Is it (or the 2019 Bauer catalog) coming at some point, or is that a thing of the past?
  3. Where exactly are the nicks, on the skating surface of the runner or along the sides? Can you post a picture?
  4. If a pair of skates has too much volume for your feet it's akin to a skate being too long or too wide. You may lack heel lock or experience movement of your foot while laced up in the boot. I had too much volume when I tried a pair of Bauer Nexus 8000 skates (2014 model). What I found was that I felt as though I could never get the skates tight enough. It was as though my feet were floating around in them.
  5. That’s how most do it. Laces loosened up and the tongue pulled out/forward. Then lay a pencil across the eyelets. Ideal fit is for the pencil to be really close or just barely graze your ankle/foot. If the pencil is pushed way off the eyelets you’ll eventually develop lace bite in those skates. However if there’s too much of a gap between your ankle and the pencil it may be an indication that there’s too much volume.
  6. Out of curiosity, what was the longest a player would use the same pair for?
  7. I believe that in the top end Bauer skates that are made of Curv composite it’s ok to stand for the first few minutes of the baking process. That being said I did not stand in my MX3’s when I baked them and they fit like a glove.
  8. To my knowledge the Ti Curv material was more of a cosmetic change than anything else. I was unaware that the material was structurally different.
  9. Just as an FYI on the temperature, I own a Bauer skate oven. I’ve measured the temperature several times. It takes about 7 minutes to preheat and then it sits right at 220 degrees.
  10. I've heard that Bauer will repair it by replacing the entire piece.
  11. While I do like the one piece injected lacing on my MX3's, I have observed that many pro stock Bauer skates utilize conventional eyelets. It's my understanding that when ordering custom skates if you increase vamping, you forfeit the injected lacing. As much as I like them it's clear that the injected lacing is something many pros wearing Bauer skates manage to do without. Just an observation.
  12. I believe the boot itself is less stiff due to how the Curv material is layered.
  13. Has anyone had any more experience between the 2014 Supreme skates and the current 2016 models? In particular I'm curious if in fact the 1S and S190 do in fact run larger than the MX3 and the 190.
  14. Definitely looks to have more volume.
  15. Does it really matter whether the sizing lines up or is consistent with another brand? Regardless when getting fitted you're always going to try on several sizes anyways. I understand that it can be an annoyance. However I would never blindly buy new skates in a particular size based solely on past experience with a previous model. I'll always try on several pair to ensure a proper fit.
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