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  1. 2 piece Large. For the pants, 14" gloves Both are Carl Gunnerson Both have very little wear, no rips, palms are in great shape. And paid $125 for each. There was no tags on either, I thought the gloves were only $100 cuz most pairs were $100 but I liked them to much to put back. Got exactly what I wanted and went to get so I'm very happy. Got home/away socks, helmet and stick at the last sale. Anyone else go to the leaf sale??
  2. Stuff from the leafs sale. Sorry for the cell phone pictures Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. Dukes. i think the only pair thats the same as those is a 13" narrow but they might have more in the back. they have the exact same but black with silver in 14" that i know. i think they got more too. the price tag said $249.99 but they guy told me it was only $160 then after tax came to just over $180. i couldn't pass that up lol
  4. i know i just posted all my gloves but i just got these today so i have to post em up they are navy not black. and are a 14" narrow. i got a great deal on them at my lhs came to $180 cdn after taxes cant wait to use them this weekend :D
  5. finally got around to taking pics of my gloves.. got these from Mississauga St.Michaels Majors, more beat up then i wanted, they fell really comfy but i dont see myself wearing them very often. dont match any of my jerseys and the rest of the collection
  6. time for update Helmet - ccm v10 - navy Shoulders - jofa 2500 with the shoulder caps removed Elbows - ccm tacks 352 Gloves - Warrior Bully (black w/white) nbh 4-rolls. (blue w/ white kronwall) Pants - ccm tacks 492 - blue Shins - ccm tacks 492 Skates - Nbh vapor velocity Sticks - warrior dolomite grip 100 flex kovalev warrior dolomite grip shaft 75 flex w/ dolo hd kovalev blade x2
  7. they would be if they didn't trade it for kessel..
  8. just got these sticks for my birthday. both are 75 flex dolomite shafts with dolo hd blades in the kovalev curve gloves are warrior bully, (just got these) nbh kronwall 4-rolls, easton clarke wilm and finally helmet and skates
  9. me from my winter team last season me from my current summer team
  10. you'd lose a bit of length and need a wood plug. just measure up the shaft and cut it or just flip it and put the blade in the butt end
  11. nice setup KryptOng just got two broken mac daddy's for cheap so here's a updated pic of all my sticks. need to get all my equipment together and i'll take a pic of everything warrior dolomite shaft (broken ops) easton synergy grip (broken ops) with wooden easton sakic blade painted black easton synergy se pro stock "27 Parker" warrior dolomite pro stock "22 metro" warrior dolomite grip kovalev 100 flex warrior mac daddy grip shafts (broken ops) with easton sakic blades painted black x2 warrior ak27 "kubina"
  12. one guy on my mens team got the blake gloves, they seem to be in good shape. i didn't try em on or anything but they looked good. i prefer the fit of the 4rolls to remove the residue just use goo gone. i used alcohol pads but i hear goo gone is the best option. i saw blake's old XXX sticks last sale and they were totally covered in black tape residue
  13. there was khavanov gloves at the last leafs sale. they had his blue/yellow missions from st.louis. are your blake sticks used or new? you try them yet? i wore the kronwall nbh 4rolls last night with the dolo and are great, i have 3 pairs of gloves all are prostock and i dont think i could go back to retail after using these lol the kubina stick was also covered in tape residue all over the shaft but i cleaned it all off. its to bad its too stiff to use
  14. the dolo is not a stajan cuz its a righty. i didn't go so my girlfriend went for me she was about the 50th in line a half hour before the sale started. she actually had those sundin mission gloves in her hand when she called me, cuz i told her to try to grab stajan's or kaberle's warrior gloves but i told her to put sundins back and get the nbh 4rolls. were the clearance gloves any good?
  15. the nbh gloves were $80 and the dolomite grip was $100. both were mint. i didn't go i had to work so my girlfriend went and got it for me. the last one they had in december i paid $50 for those easton gloves and $75 for the kubina stick
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