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  1. I've been eyeing this bag since it first popped up on SLS. I use backpacks because it allows me to have both hands free and is easier for stairs. Currently using an Easton one in the US and older Bauer model(preferred) overseas. Water bottle holder is a great idea, my only worry would be stuff getting caught on it. I messaged this company about getting a video review made. They didn't seems receptive to the idea.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. I've seen all the previous threads and videos on youtube concerning the individual girdles. I was just hoping to find someone with experience with both. The stipulation is that I have 2 Identical sets of gear, since I travel quite a bit...or at least I used to pre-covid. The Jetspeed is readily available being a current model. I'm sure I could find 2 Tacks, it would take some time for them to show up on the market. I'm also pretty confident the Tacks is very similar to the 9800 I've been wearing.
  3. Hey guys, doesn't appear that this topic has been beaten down too much. I'm looking for opinions on these 2 girdles. Currently using Jofa 9800, which was predecessor to the 9k if I remember correctly. Looking for weight/protection compared to each other. I'm currently overseas and have no opportunity to see either of these in person. The only thing that I can see from videos is that Jetspeed is not quite as protective as Tacks? Is this a trade off in weight/mobility? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Question: O1 Sizing Reference: I'm in a 7.5ee skate with 272 holder. Seems I am in the middle of M/L. I'd prefer to be on 280. -Should I size up or down? -Pros/cons. Thanks in advance.
  5. Much easier going from smaller to larger because of stability. I went down from a 280 to a 272 and feel like I'm missing a portion of my blade that is used for toe flick.
  6. Any updates on this? I have a .178mm gap in the front of my holder and a .356 in the rear by the trigger. Experienced this prob with Custom+ and LS2, and always fixed it with tape. Been on LS3, had the skates almost 2 years. 165lbs. Skating twice a week. I'm betting the taller steel might open the holder groove up faster because of the added pressure on the walls from more leverage.
  7. I got the jist of what you mean by "rotate." I'm curious why the label needs to be facing up at all times?
  8. By rotate what exactly do you mean? Flip it over? I'll try and test it out in the next few days. I'm going to be selling my machine in the near future since I'm going to most likely be leaving the country for work. I hope to get a good return on my investment.
  9. X-track. Mine does has consistent contact through a whole revolution of the wheel on my X02. I occasionally read this forum so please excuse me if this info has already been posted or asked: From what I've read, I dont see anyone posting the dates of their machine's manufacturing or purchase date. I'm wondering if we could pinpoint issues back to dates. My machine was purchased sometime during 2010, will see if I can find manufacturing date when I get home.
  10. I've also noticed movement on the arbor. It's actually quite large as I used a digital caliper on it. Same boat as GunRunner in that it still does yeild a nice grind and consistent edges. I guess given the rpm and wheel diameter the wobble is negligible at full speed.
  11. I wanted to try a drastic jump. I really enjoy the bite. I've used the 90/75 during the summer.
  12. Hey JR, no by accident. Can you elaborate on your post. I'm curious to get some professional input. Thanks
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Easton-Mako-Ice-Hockey-Skates-/271158689675?pt=UK_SportingGoods_IceSkates_RL&hash=item3f22513f8b
  14. I went from 90/75 to 95/1 and am very pleased.
  15. My buddy is a Tron whore as of recent. He's using their visors sticks and socks. Seems to be pleased with the quality.
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