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    vapor x60
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    vapor x60
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    eagle x88
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    rbk 8k
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    ccm 862
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    custom made
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    bauer 5000
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  1. Doust 301s with the og clear holder (late 70's) Bauer 7000 Bauer s9s Bauer 190s Bauer vapor x60
  2. How about 11 or 10 since the date is 11-10-1776. Or 239. Semper fi devil dog
  3. it may have been. don't want to give up my source
  4. found this on craigslist. could not pass it up. he has at least one more. brand new still has the upc sticker. it is a synthesis blade http://s349.photobuc...t=shanny028.jpg
  5. it even has the old flying bauer logo on the side.
  6. bid on them both and you have a pair of miss matched gloves
  7. i thought the black x60s were non grip? my 2 white x60s are grip.
  8. was driving in the sub last night (garbage night) and someone threw out a an aluminum t-flex, and an old easton pro lami blade. the t-flex is in great shape with no dents or bends in it. the blade is a juneau patter rh standard. i had never seen that pattern before. will post pics sometime today.
  9. on95s? looks like he doesn't know that they are s9 http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Bauer-Supreme-One95-10-EE-10-5-EE-Senior-Pro-Stock-Return-Ice-Hockey-Skates-/290628655121?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43aad15811
  10. they are wides. i can't fit my hand in to the narrows. they fit similar to my x-51s and 5000s. and are wider than my x-88s. he had a pair of jason williams form when he was with the trashers and i could not get my hand into those ones. way to tight
  11. there is a hole that was repaired in the right palm. the guy i got them from is the eqm from the u17 ntdp team. he used to be the aeqm with the grand rapids griffins (red wings). said they were left at the prospects camp a few years ago in traverse city.
  12. just picked these up today. warrior franchise montreal pro stock. full plastic, mess gussets, nash palms, va-80 pro pack. full tufftek. paid $50 for them off craig's list.
  13. form the innovative days is polar fiber an option? what about the neuindyke pattern
  14. got the idea when i bought a pair of 7ks (2010) that were too tight in the legs for me. tried the thigh pad from my 420s and that didn't help. so i took them back and was finally able to find a pair of 852s that have worked great. i just wish that someone would make pants with the old boxy fit for retail (is 420, 520)
  15. you could always switch out the thigh pads with the 520s
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