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  1. Hi Kaku, this is Scott and I am just catching up on the thread. I haven't received an email from you. I apologize if they maybe got sent to my junk folder. We are adding a new customer service director to our team and his email will also be added to the site if you have issues reaching me. FYI we are just waiting on the steel that you ordered. Regarding the tendon guard: For the guys that are having issues could you please email (scott@vhfootwear.com) me pictures. If it is the copper rivet coming loose this can be replaced at your local pro shop with a new copper rivet. You just need to make a small hole through the vibram to expose the crimp end of the old copper rivet (outside of skate), pop out the old loose rivet, and install the new one through the same hole with the copper crimp end now outside of the vibram.
  2. Hi, thanks for the questions. For at least the next 6 months we will be using the carbon toe caps exclusively. When and if we do bring in a line with plastic toe caps we will still offer the carbon toe cap option.Yes, we can do t-nuts instead of rivets.We did a lot of research on our materials and found the most durable synthetic leather for our exterior. It stands up very well to abrasion.Yes, there is 15mm of comfort edge at the top. Thanks we appreciate the kind words!
  3. Steve, that sounds fantastic. Please post your paper when it is completed. I'd love to read it.
  4. Hi, Aireaye, regarding educating customers, we will be putting a specific educational website together this summer. Smcgreg, your correct we can’t give specific/concrete timelines on a retail launch of the standard sized boot at this time, but we are aiming for Christmas 2013. If you are interested in the product check back to the website in the next month or two for more info. Jazzyjoey and shooter27, good debate on the effect of weight on skating performance. You guys brought up the two main factors that I was considering: skating is biomechanically different than running in that skating is a glide push motion (you’re pushing as your moving), therefore maximum velocity is more dependent on push force than it is on how quickly the leg can be returned. Conversely, with running the foot makes stationary contact with the ground and therefore maximum running velocity is very dependent on how quickly the foot can be accelerated and then decelerated back into position for the next stride. Therefore, a small change in the weight of your running shoes would have a larger impact on your metabolic energy use than with your skates. If you break skating down to a very simple model : Force=mass x acceleration, assuming the push force doesn’t change, a .095% reduction in weight will increase acceleration by .095%. For sure the real world isn’t this simple, but it puts it in perspective. I wrote my paper over 12 years ago and have had no luck finding it. I know thermablade also wrote a paper on the effect skate mass has on performance, but I’m also having no luck finding that. Sorry for the lack of substantive back up….
  5. Hi, I’d like to address some questions/comments that have come up regarding the VH hockey skate - hopefully I'm doing this correctly - first time.....: Aireaye, you are right on the ball, you can do much great customization with the monocoque process, including customizing the toe box for Hallux (big toe) deformaties. Our current model has the toe box as part of the monocoque boot body. Our production model skate, down the road, will have a plastic toe cap as this allows for more consistent, streamlined mass production. Deathtron, 520 grams is without the blade and holder, with the blade, holder,rivets etc. the weight is 765grams. This is in the ball park of the lighter Bauer and CCM models. I just wanted people to know the weight, I wasn’t trying to say this is the lightest – sorry for the confusion on that. Regarding durability, we have an impactor devise that was originally designed for testing the durability of speed skate blades, and with this apparatus we can attach a puck to the bottom of it and create the kinetic energy of a slap shot (whatever speed we want). In the early stages we used this to specifically tailor the composite layering to withstand certain impacts in certain areas dependant on the frequency of impacts in that area. Then we tested on ice. So far so good, but in a sport where a 100 mph frozen piece of rubber can potentially hit your foot in any spot it is impossible to full protect the foot and retain mold-ability and functional flex throughout the entire boot. Neo5370, with our custom boot we can fit any foot shape. We tailor the shape of the foot last to your foot tracing. Laserrobottime, we haven’t made a pair yet for a referee, but we certainly could. With the monocoque process we have the ability to modify the composite layering and the thermoplastic integration. Therefore, we could make the skate less stiff and with more thermoplastic. Meaning, it would be less protective and it would weigh more, but it would mold better and flex more, ultimately making it super comfortable. Althoma1, I totally agree with your weight comment: fit and function and performance are way more important than saving 100 grams on your feet. I actually did a paper back when I was doing my graduate degree that analysed the effect of 150 grams on skating acceleration and velocity, and if I remember correctly, the effect was almost negligible for a hockey player fully suited up.
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