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  1. Sorry they’re saying not to do full 10 minute bake but I’ll push it next time I get in. Also does it matter if the oven is preheated or no because they’re so small?
  2. I did but in hindsight the wrap was more around the upper three eyelets where in the video it goes around the heel. Am I good to do a full bake again pure hockey is telling me no
  3. Was there anything you did specifically during the bake to achieve this. While the length is perfect for me, I’ve found that my foot still feels loose in this area(and kind of overall.) On top of that I notice I have decent heel lift when walking around in them. I don’t notice on ice but I’m kind of pre occupied. I skate around fine in them but i pretty much never had a proper fitting skate until now so I don’t know if I’m just accepting the feel or if these are just different. I’ve had no pain whatsoever but they just feel not as tight. Maybe a tongue replacement? p.s just got off the phone with pure hockey who advised not to bake them again and only maybe spot heat the heel or at most 4 minutes in the oven. Is that really enough to do anything?
  4. Listen to the guy above I had to drop down to a size 7 tf9. Which he said right off the bat and I didn’t listen. Only thing I’m not a fan of right now is that they feel big which isn’t the case because my toes are against the cap. Probably the fact that the toe cap isn’t lined with anything where my makos tongue extends to the end of the toe cap. Played one game so far and literally no pain but I’m still getting used to them. I’ll be experimenting with powerfoot inserts which is the perfect accessory for these
  5. Yes and it does make it better but ultimately it felt best when I slid the tongue to the end of the toe cap. But then the top of the tongue starts digging into my shin
  6. Well as was said the 7s are perfect, at least in length. However it seems like the area near where the toe box would normally meet the boot seems pretty big. Idk if I’m just use to my makos since they wrap even as low as the first eyelet. With these the whole toe area is solid plastic and doesn’t wrap. Maybe I’m just being picky it doesn’t seem like my foot is moving but also it feels too roomy.
  7. You’re all right. Honestly the 7.5 feels very similar to the 8 except the ridge they put at the front of the toe box to take up space. However as is always the case my left foot still was barely touching and my right was a little more then grazing. Will return the 7.5 for 7 which they also have to order from another store. p.s I did try on a 6.5 when ordering the 7.0 just to see. Literally could not get my foot in. Also if the area just before the toe box is too wide is that a problem? Obviously narrow causes pain and such but if there’s a lot of space side to side is that negative
  8. Thanks for the input. I guess if it’s available that is another option. It just makes me a little nervous as I’m currently using 9D mako(slightly large), 8.5 alkali skates which my toe is against the cap, and a 10 in most shoes.
  9. So it’s weird 7.5 ccm was borderline to small. Bauer fit well length wise but the area just before my toes was too narrow. I did try on 8’s in most skates though and I really had to try to reach the toecap in them some of which I could reach. The 7.5 vapor probably fit the best but was getting a lot of pressure top of the mid foot on the left skate My one foot is about half a size different almost. The arch on the longer one is flatter causing that foot to play slightly wider in the mid foot and slightly less volume too. Due to this I am seriously considering some customs if the 7.5 don’t work out.
  10. Was unable to try 7.5’s but ordered them through the store(pure hockey) and will see how they feel. Best part is the y’all bake them and I can still return them if they don’t fit. Same employee helped me again and we tried every skate again. Like minimum 7 different skates. Problem was once I got down to 7.5, no boot was comfortable around the first eyelet. Whether the toe box was too narrow or volume in that area was short, no boot worked. The only boot that had enough space was the trues which actually seemed like way to much space. So hopefully the 7.5 gets me closer to what I need. If not guess ill have to save for some customs
  11. Was that to me? If so no. I just didn’t think to ask for the 7.5 while I was there and I specified I wasn’t buying today as it may be a potential bday present. I asked if to try on an 8 expecting them to drop them at my feet and he came back out with 5 boxes of different skates and watched me lace them all up. Really helpful actually
  12. So I’m looking at the tf9 to replace my makos I’m feathering the toe box with an 8r. My makos are a 9 and should probably be an 8.5. I tried on 3x/3s pro in a fit 1 size 8 and was also feathering the toes. My question is without getting them baked, is there any way of knowing truly what will be best? I sort of gambled with my makos(got the length wrong though) and it worked out. I would like to go. And should I be trying 7.5. we did the Bauer scan and it said I was 8.75 right foot and 8.25 left foot. last thing, is the tf9 in a class above the 3s/3x pro feature wise? I’ve been out of the gear whore life for a while so still can’t really tell.
  13. I grabbed the last 8.5 of the max+ on pure hockey and hockey monkey had a handful of sizes it seemed. One of which was the 9 I ordered and will probably be returning. Pure hockey not only matched hockey monkeys price but they even informed me that I can use the skates and still return them which doesn't make sense to me but I won't argue. Luckily the 8.5 might just be perfect.
  14. It kind of does thank you. Like I said the 8.5 isn't bad with superfeet in but I think at least my right skate would need a little extra space for it to remain comfortable. That's why I'm concerned with how much space I will gain with a bake and breaking in. If the skate doesn't gain too much length I think I'll have to opt for the 9
  15. Got the 8.5 currently and after lacing them up i feel my toe just touching the cap. After kicking my heel back and skating around the house. I kinda feel my toes subconsciously curling up to avoid hitting the cap. Im ordering 9's just to see the fit but realistically how much space can I expect to get after baking and breaking the skates in and tossing in some superfeet. Superfeet seem to help a little but I'd hate to bake the 8.5s then have to sell them if they don't work out.
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