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  1. Reposting here in case some people still use the shift holders and can help
  2. Has anyone noticed that the steel in the shift holders sits more towards the heel or is that me. I have a set of the og steel and blade tech steel and both seem ever so slight set back from where they should be in the holder. This holder in particular actually has some front to back play if I pinch the steel and really try and work it front to back. You may be able to tell in the photos but the plastic in the heel of the holder is actually being chipped away. Also yes it’s the proper length steel and It’s properly seated in the front. https://imgur.com/a/S0T9yIR https://imgur.com/a/6lS3fAp https://imgur.com/a/08qBHdT
  3. Yup all same. I’ll try and get pics
  4. I finally replaced my old street hockey shin guards(koho 3330) that I’ve had for almost 20yrs with a set of ccm 9080’s. The kohos are essentially thick plastic with a foam and fabric liner so the shin guard would pretty much lie directly on my leg. the 9080’s on the other hand feel like they are floating over my shin if that makes sense. Now it doesn’t affect my movement and when I play it doesn’t bother me too much but it’s noticeable and my socks are pretty much stretched to the max and it looks pretty strange. Is this just how modern shins fit and I’m overthinking it or do I have Ill fitting shins. for reference I have decent sized calves but nothing extreme or out of the ordinary. edit: I did test them at the store alongside the ft4 shins and they both felt fine in store but I also didn’t know what I was really looking for in terms of fit.
  5. Well I was wrong. I tried on a pair of hg97 gloves in 13 and was way too small so I thought I’d be good. The ft1s came and they’re just slightly too long. I’ll give them a try and see how they go. Any ideas for taking up the little bit of space in the fingers
  6. 14 narrow. The trues were suggested to go down a size. I ordered the 14 anyway we’ll see how it goes
  7. My shop says they can be ordered but they go through true custom. Best bet would be try sideline swap and pray you get lucky. Contacting true directly doesn’t seem to work as I never get anyone on the phone
  8. Thank you. Would you say 14 is your “normal” glove size
  9. Looking at a set of used pro stock ft1’s. I know it’s suggested that ccm fits .5 bigger but is that true with the ft1/ql line? Trying to see if anybody with a set can chime in. currently in true a6.0 13’s and had 14” franchises
  10. I’m probably closer to an 8.5 or 8 In the 3x pro when I tried them on and I’m currently down to a 7 and maybe could’ve tried 6.5. After two bakes my twos don’t really touch the cap unless I try
  11. Yes I have those it’s just been hard getting ice time to try them. I will say I don’t mind my toes having the volume I sort of like the ability to splay my toes like a running sneaker. It’s mainly just before the toes that’s the issue. I’ll have to adjust the tongue and add powerfoot. The store I got them from said they will take them back used if I opt for customs so I guess I still have time. I’m leaning towards just going custom as mentally the idea that they’re “perfect” for me puts me at ease. Many people seem to say they barely need to tie their skates to feel secure and that’s what I had w/ makos. However it seems many people also end up having to add insoles or powerfoot to make their customs work and I don’t want to splurge on $1000 skates for the same experience I have with the tf9
  12. I had that sitting in my car when I baked them lmao what a dummy I am. Ya I have the power feet and I’ll have to give them a try. Do you cut them to where the tongue ends or do you just overlap them? My tongues are adjusted to where the end is above where my toe “knuckles” are for lack of a better term. Any lower and the tongue sits weird on the crook of my ankle. Would a spot heat with a hair dryer on the forefoot work potentially to get the same affect. Not really trying to bake them a 3rd time.
  13. I’ve been littering the tf9/7 topic with my questions so let me ask a few here. I’m currently in true tf9’s coming from Easton makos. I’ve gone back for a second baking on the tf9 to get more heel lock with success. However the forefoot area just seems like it has to much volume. Right around the 4th eyelet and into the toe box has a lot of volume(just top and bottom not width) so I can raise the ball of my foot off the insole. Is this something that would be corrected in customs or is that the design of the toe box and I just need to get used to it. my makos I pretty much just pulled those eyelets so there’s no slack and didn’t need to tighten them where as the tf9 I’m cranking them down. And yes I’ve adjusted the tongue but then it sits weird on the rest of my foot
  14. So second bake worked for heel lock it seems from just sitting in my apartment. I tried flexing my foot walking around and they barely moved if at all (although now my toes do not touch unless I reach for the cap.) Kinda wish they could use the Saran Wrap on the bottom of the boot from like the 4th lowest eyelet down as my I can lift the balls of my feet off the insole slightly. It almost fits like running shoes where my toes can splay and move freely. Idk if this is good or bad honestly as the heel is locked but something to note.
  15. I do think these skates are just naturally big in the forefoot. I’ve had this same issue. Im beginning to wonder why they didn’t just start with a narrower last if the boot is that moldable. The toe box also just comes up so high and has so much volume it just feels strange so maybe that’s what I’m feeling Ive also not been able to figure out if it’s something that’d be fixed with customs as it seems like the toe box is the problem area and from what I’ve heard they don’t change that at all. Searching for skates is not fun. If anyone has a suggestion for someone who needs a vapor fit w/ more volume and slightly wider toe box let me know
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