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  1. I mean, the description clearly says it's a mini documentary. Did you even watch the video? The dude is 82 years old, so 82 skates, not 80.
  2. What's the learning curve like when it comes to manual sharpening? I'm not 100% happy with my Sparx, and I've considered getting something like the Wissota 911 for home use. I'm on the ice 4-6 times a week, and my wife a similar amount, so we sharpen quite a bit. Is there another machine other than the Wissota worth looking at? Not sure if I'd actually pull the trigger, but it's something I think about a lot.
  3. I just wish they were more available and we didn't have to hunt a pair down for ourselves.
  4. Yeah, sounds like we're talking about the same thing. I don't have a thumb loop either, it's just attached right to the thumb. I thought it was because of the palm material (black mustang) I got, but sounds like it's just from the flex thumb option. It doesn't really bother me, it moves just enough compared to a full lock thumb to make me not hate it.
  5. By finger liners, do you mean extra padding at the top of the fingers? The main thing I don't like about my Eagles is the thin liner at the top of them isn't glued down or something. So while I'm playing, my finger ends up moving behind the liner somehow. If they could glue that down or thicken it up, it may fix that issue. The flex thumb also isn't really much of a flex thumb, but it's better than a full locked thumb.
  6. Dumb question but, do you wear a separate jock with those warroad pants? And I'm guessing whatever separate jock you wear also holds your socks? I've thought about trying those but not sure what I'd do for jock and socks.
  7. Any thoughts on how less protective the FT6 shins would be vs the ASV? I like the ASV Pro's I have except for the break in the liner rubbing on my shin in a weird way. But I wouldn't mind having a little slimmer of a shin pad if they're not that much less protective.
  8. That's probably something I should look more into, cause I have no idea. I've never had any issue with shoes or anything so I've never gone to a podiatrist or had a doctor take a look at my feet.
  9. It's difficult to explain. It just felt like I was stepping on something inside the boot. As if I put the boot on and there happened to be a golf ball underneath my arch. As far as I know, there's nothing specifically unique about my foot. But every retail skate I tried had the same result. Didn't matter if I tied them differently or used different insoles, it always happened. As for looking to move to something else, really just for curiosity's sake. I haven't really had any major issues with my Trues aside from having to replace the rivet on the tendon guard a few times. But it does get slightly annoying having to baby them so much and then the difficulty in putting them on/taking them off gets old.
  10. Personally, every time I tried retail skates, I felt like I was stepping on a golf ball inside the skate. I tried all sorts of combinations of insoles and widths. This is before Bauer and CCM released the fit systems, so I was trying the different skate lines. When I decided to just get some Trues, it completely fixed that issue. Now I'm trying to decide what to get next, but it's difficult to tell if a custom CCM or Bauer would keep giving me that same problem I had in their retail skates or not. It's not something I could ever tell would happen when just trying the skate on, I had to actually go skate in them. Just having it on and tying it up didn't give me any indication on having that issue or not.
  11. You should actually call it out if it's that bad. Give us some better information if you have it. Hills recently released a video talking about his experience with cat pros and compared them a little bit to his CCM customs. I'm waiting for his full review on the CCMs before I decide what to get next, but that latest video has me leaning toward trying cat pros.
  12. What does that mean in layman terms though? Does CCM make a last and then build the boot around the last if its total custom plus? Or do neither CCM options use a last?
  13. My understanding was that only True and CCM made an actual last of your foot to mold them to. Bauer customs are more just a set of options rather than a true custom of your foot. But I'm probably wrong.
  14. Ok, I got an edge checker. Looks pretty square to me
  15. Yeah, I used 5/8 fire (different ring, I bought a new one for mine), same skates. I'll grab an edge checker and see if that's part of the issue.
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