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  1. I went through someone that has some connections at Warrior. But last I heard from him, they're out of this color material now. I ended up selling them and made a little bit of a profit.
  2. I wear STX shoulders and the cage hit the caps. I don't think the caps are that big but who knows. I had to stretch the cage for the Avision too. It was a pain in the ass and could still stand to be stretched more, but it's fine now. I'm using it on a Bauer Reakt 75.
  3. Just be aware that the MK5-X is HUGE. The bottom of it would hit my shoulder pads when I turned my head and kept getting in the way. I also had issues with it fogging. I've been using the new one from Boulder Face Shields (https://hockeyfaceshields.com/shop/) and have had no issues with it fogging. I think I've played at least 10 games with it now. Way better than the Hockey Ninja one. The bottom isn't too big to get in the way and breathability seems better to me.
  4. Got some Warriors made to match the Stars Winter Classic gloves.
  5. I'm using the Shift holder.
  6. I got mine mid December and I skate 3-4 times a week. I haven't seen any abnormal wear. I have noticed the last two skates that the left skate has a click when I walk. Anyone have that? Sounds like the steel is a little loose or something? I don't notice anything when skating, just started hearing a click when I walk. Using the shift holder.
  7. Because the wrap around your actual foot and ankle is so tight on the True skates that there's barely any room for the laces to move. When you tighten them, they're rubbing so much against the tongue that the wax comes off all over the skate. I never saw that happen on my other skates. I went back to normal laces so the skate wasn't covered in wax just from tightening them.
  8. Does the prostock trigger 4 actually have the same taper as the retail one? I've been debating picking one up, but I can't tell if the taper is the same or not.
  9. Decided to pick up a pair I found on ebay that was the exact color I wanted. These are insanely comfortable, I get it now.
  10. I'm not that familiar with Eagle gloves. Do they have a pair that are more like a supreme or vapor fit?
  11. I have no idea how I'd be able to find the color code.
  12. What does a pair of customs from Warrior or Eagle run? I want a pair like the Stars Winter Classic gloves, can't imagine finding anything close to it in retail gloves.
  13. Yeah you're probably right. That's why I'm trying to find something senior length in 60-65. I know adding the extension to an intermediate would make it feel lower. I just haven't felt a 65 compared to a 75 so I'm not sure how different they feel.
  14. Give me an update. I like the 75 flex a6.0 ht a lot, but I don't feel like I can get enough flex out of it when I'm using it. Really tempted to try something around 60 or 65 flex but not sure how much of a difference it would really make. If I got an intermediate I'd probably have to get an extension too.
  15. This is really good to know. I got an A6.0 HT for Cyber Monday and I really like it, but I feel like I need to go down in flex from the 75, and that's the lowest they offer in senior.
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