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  1. Can anyone speak to this? I'm looking to replace my RBKs and really don't like the new line. The hard plastic seems so silly to me.
  2. yeah, i really don't get it. i'm always looking for an excuse to sell my old stuff and buy new and i was not feeling anything this time around.
  3. Really disappointed with how everything fits/feels this year. Nothing is quite as comfortable as the last RBK line. I like the straps on the shoulder pads and shin guards, but it's not enough to upgrade to new equipment. They also added hard plastic components in some (I think) odd places. The elbow pads are just not comfortable. I'm guessing that they made a fit adjustment compared to the Tacks line. But I'm tall and thin, so I'm not sure who the Quicklite line would be for if the Tacks fits me better.
  4. Can anyone tell me if the new Nexus shoulder pads are any lower profile this year? Or about the same as years past. Loved how they hugged my torso, but sat too high on my shoulders. 8/2/16 Got to try all the new gear on yesterday and was really disappointed. Every line's shin guards were fine, but the shoulder pads and elbow pads did not feel great at all. I loved how the original Nexus elbow pads felt and the N1 just did not feel the same. Maybe I'd feel differently if I were a heavier guy, but yeah, the fit just felt off. Your elbow is anchored, like the Vapor, but everything else is so loose, it doesn't even feel like a "classic" fit. The forearm guard is too hard and not flexible at all. Vapor just felt off. I guess I'm not used to the taper fit, but I've tried their gear in before and it felt better. The Supreme MX elbows actually felt great, but there is this plate over your joint instead of a smaller, hard pad. For being the anatomical line, it felt bulky. It feels like they're just spitting this stuff out now.
  5. I might be wrong, but do the new Nexus shoulder pads look a bit lower profile? I hope so! I absolutely loved the fit and protection they had, but ultimately switched to STX surgeons (which is probably the lowest profile of them all) because I looked like a semi truck on the ice...and couldn't see over my shoulders.
  6. They used a high def polymer, which looks and feels much different than the popular high def foams mainly being used by CCM and Bauer. Chest and spine protection are a free floating and hard material. The shoulder caps don't have much give, which is fine, because they stay exactly where they're supposed to. Bicep guards and the remainder of the pad has a nice cushion to it, but it's solid. Virtually no moisture is going into these pads. The Surgeon elbow pads are also very solid. Again, that heavier material takes a second to get used to, but they feel incredible. The full sleeve really locks your arm to the pad. All the padding is a bit heavier than what I was used to (coming from RBZs) but you can't deny the protection is serious. The Surgeon shin guards are super slim fitting, but feel like they could withstand a tank. They're the most protective feeling shin guards I've ever tried on.
  7. I was super lucky to have a direct connection to some folks at STX, and they basically sent me over one of everything to try on. Thank you, STX! I was so sure I was going to end up in Stallion shoulder pads, but the Surgeon's just fit so perfectly. The materials they chose might make folks hesitate for a minute, but I think this gear is going to have an awfully long shelf life- it feels extremely protective and mostly very durable. The only thing I can't decide on is the Surgeon shin guards. They easily feel like the most form fitting , protective thing out there. The HD materials they use are incredible and the outer shell feels like it could stop a tank. It's just the length I'm not sure about. I got the 15" and the outer shell is precisely, exactly 15" from middle of the knee (where the cap is) down the shin. My current CCMs are just about a half inch shorter, with that hard/soft material folded around the bottom edge, so there's a little give where your ankle is constantly moving. Has anyone else tried on the Surgeon shin guards? Thoughts? You think that extra bit of hard material will get in the way of your stride or no/ All in all, awesome products from these guys.
  8. 11 days! Has anyone tried on both lines? I'm really interested in the Stallion shoulder pads. I'm tall and thin and in RBZ right now and just think that there might be something a little more form fitting out there- I don't love how Supreme or Vapor feel. I was going to try on the new Tacks stuff and compare it to the Stallion line. Any thoughts or insight?
  9. Yeah, STX reached out to me directly and both the Surgeon and Stallion 500 will be ready for the 15th. The 300 is coming in September. The only site that has it up for pre order now is GreatSkate, who is normally awesome, but for some reason isn't going to carry the Stallion shoulder pads. Hockey Monkey should be carrying it all. I'm excited to try it all on!
  10. i think they've made an adjustment the last couple weeks, and it looks like the surgeon 500 gear is coming out before the stallion. i'm bummed about this, i wanted to try on the stallion and compare it to the new tacks gear. i'm in rbz now and want something more form fitting. From talking to the fellas at Great Skate several times, it seems like the 300 series isn't coming out until like, september. again, bummed about this.
  11. Nothing unusual, no. Just putting them in my bag when I'm off to the rink. That alone makes me nervous with these pads. I'm not twisting/cramming them in my bag, but still, moving from my solid as a brick (but big as a house) nexus to these has been an adjustment. I don't care how good the foam is, it's not going to stand up the same as foam with some sort of fabric layer. Time (and care) will tell, I guess. Overall, I'm very very pleased with them.
  12. I just got my rbz shoulder pads and even knowing the stats and numbers, their lightness is really surprising. I've scoured the internet since their release date was confirmed, and I'm still a little nervous about their durability. I know the CLs help up nice for people, and I know everyone's main point is "Well if they're good enough for vast numbers of NHL'ers, they're good enough for us", but NHL players can afford to constantly replace equipment if they want. Anyone have any first hand, long term experience with the CLs?
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