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  1. Yup that's why pros get extra soft and extra light skates when they check through there options. Remember I said in my opinion as you are entitled to yours. I love my MLX skates and think there are the best out there better then the Mako's. I love how on this forum you make a comment and some one who "thinks" they know more then you beats you like a red headed step-child with there's. I thought this was about education and helping people not a competition of who knows the most about hockey equipment.
  2. Looks like Easton cheapened up a great handmade skate. Very sad MLX is unavailable they are my favorite skates. In comparing the two in my opinion MLX are stiffer and better made as with all Easton skates they are comfy but break down the quickest. I have been skating on my MLX' since 2010 and the Mako's are drastically less stiff in the quarter package out of the box compared to my MLX. Hopefully, Easton changes the colors because I'm not likely to don an orange and silver skate that can be seen from the rafters. The simplicity of the asthetics was also a great aspect of the MLX.
  3. I just found out from Graf that the 8035s and the 9035s are to be realsed May 2014 to the public. The 5035 and 7035 are available now on Hockey Monkey. I tried on the 7035's and that 3D foot liner feels amazing and i really like the beefed up anatimical ankle padding. I will be puting my pre-order in for the 9035's as soon as it's made available to replace my G70's. I wish May came sooner ! The are also making the 2 top line 8035 and 9035's in 3 different flexes 75, 85, and 95 depending on how much foreward flexion you like. I think these skates are going to be a homerun for Graf lovers !
  4. Helmet: Pro Stock Bauer IMS 9.0 (love this bucket fits like a 4500 looks like a react and has my favorite VN liner over the EPP foams) Vissor: Pro Stock Itech 55p (hossa cut) Shoulders: Pro Stock Eagle X844 Base with Eagle Talon 100 caps (caps are even lighter with new HD foam) Elbows: CCM U + Crazy Light (best elbow pad I've used light, protective, and extremely mobile) Gloves: Pro Stock Eagle CP94 Pants: RBK 7k hybrid pant/girdle from 2009. ( I cut off shell and reinforced tail bone protection I wear a pro stock eagle shell over). Lightest pants and great mobility when you cut the shell off look like a jofa pro stock girdle. Shins. Reebok 10k Skates: Graf Ultra G70 with tuuk custom + holders and steel Stick: Eagle Talon 100 p33
  5. Helmet: CCM V8 Visor: Oakley 903 Shoulders: Eagle 844x base with Eagle Talon 100 caps sewed on. Elbows: CCM CL Gloves: Eagle CP94 custom with Savard cuff Pants: Tackla 4000 girdle with pro stock easton shell Shins: Reebok 10K Cup: Reebok euro 8k Skates. Graf G70 with Custom Plus holders and steel
  6. graf 2013 catolague

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