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  1. Does anyone know where or how I can buy replacement tongues? My local shop where I got my skates said they can't get them. I'm looking for the newer TF Pro Custom tongue.
  2. Does anyone know if the new Ribcor will be offered with the P90TM?
  3. Sparx did explain why they changed the verbiage from 40 to 60 in a blog post. It had to do with typical consumer use. I didn't count how many sharpens I got out of each ring but I do 1 - 2 passes every other skate. I skate 3 to 4 times a week and my first ring lasted over a year. My second ring is about cashed and I'm just over a year on that one. I had consistent and reliable edges every time. To summarize: Old boxes say 40 New boxes say 60 It's based on average consumer usage. Congratulations, you are above average.
  4. If they don’t you are welcome to check out mine.
  5. I wore one for my game last night. I took the advice from a previous post and went one size larger with the foam pads than I thought I needed and had zero issues. It's super comfortable and light weight. I don't believe I've ever had a better fitting helmet. Ventilation is fantastic. My CCM Fitlite cage fit but not great. It seems that if the hanger / hinge brackets were a little longer it would be perfect. Does anyone know where I can get those brackets at different lengths?
  6. I got to try one of these on today. It was incredibly comfortable and fit me very well. I’m super impressed. I’m not sure how well the removable foam inserts will hold up though. They don’t feel like they are fastened into the helmet very well.
  7. I currently have in my possesion two pairs of Warrior QRL Prostock size mediums that are border line too loose. Two pair of the CCM HP45 one medium one large. One CCM HP45X Medium. The Medium CCM HP45 and HP45X are seam splitting tight. That's without wearing a jock. I'm confident it would tear if I tried to put them on over a cup. The large CCM HP45 barely hang on my hips and that's with them as tight as I can get them. I ordered them all through PSH. Maybe I just got some wonky pairs but the sizes are consistent between the pairs. I hope going from a Warrior Large to a CCM HP45 Medium works out for you but with my recent experience I think'll they will be way too small. I think I will have to just suck it up and use suspenders with the warriors. I'm 5'9 and currently at 210. I couldn't tell you what my pant size is currently. I'm getting my hockey gear sorted out first. Than I'll buy new pants. Ha.
  8. I recently lost 40lbs and am having a hard time finding a pant that works for me. Warrior Medium QRL pro stock are loose. CCM HP45 Mediums are way too tight and the larges are too big. I do enjoy the fit of the Warriors but am afraid smalls will be too small. I can't keep buying pants. Ha. Any suggestions? Do you think any of the other CCM Pro models will be that in between size I'm looking for?
  9. I do one pass every two hours of skating. It might be excessive but I'm happy with it. I play on average three times a week and one wheel lasted me just shy of a year.
  10. Mine too. "Your life is so pathetic I ran a 15K just to raise awareness for it"
  11. I've got the old style Hockeyshot dry land tiles. I've been really happy with them. However, if were to buy them again today I would get the tiles you can skate. It's my understanding that you shouldn't even stand on the regular tiles with you skate because you will cut up the tile.
  12. I have the same issue. I really like the FT1 shins overall though. I thought about folding over a small section on top of itself and sewing it.
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