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  1. brand new recently purchased ice hockey girdle - black nylon with pads to go under my shell. left them in the garage next to random stuff the dog got busted the door into the garage and tore them up pads out and everything i was looking forward very much to noticing how much lighter I mightve felt on the ice with this purchase instead my dog left me a nice mess to clean instead
  2. What Whitley is this that you represent? I went to a school named Whitley in the burbs of Chicago. Never played hockey for them though, so I was just wondering if this is them. Sweet look. Heres my team this year.
  3. Yeah. Its sketchy. Im not expecting alot out of it because I know I didnt cut it correctly. But I got a blade in it and its just serving as a #3 stick or a loaner. But Its always fun screwin around with a new twig at late night scrimages.
  4. Just cut a Bauer X-60 and stuck in an Easton ST blade. Im just worried about the flex of the thing now.
  5. How much was he charged? Cant you get charged in some leagues for fighting? And if you do that much damage, Id imagine that there would be some sort of lawsuit. But thats just me thinking, whats the story behind it?
  6. Yea it was kinda stupid to be playing white vs. white. But being the first game, we wernt prepared and didnt have dark jerseys. It was fine though. The shoulders were orange vs. blue.
  7. I love where the goalie stick ends up towards the end Yea he was crazy cause with 14 seconds left in the game I got a goal to tie it up. So he goes by and elbows us when we are doing the..you know..hugging thing. I have a video of that one too, but the goal isnt as pretty so I didnt show you guys. :P Then the game winner with 6 seconds left - he throws his stick.
  8. Newest for me. video, winning goal with 6 seconds left in game :) http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=...ideoid=20221184
  9. #44, are you wearing any shoulder pads?
  10. I found this artist -- Flipsyde. Anyone heard of him before? I think hes got a few good tracks. Angel specifically. He has some other really stupid songs though.
  11. Best jersey I have seen in a long time! :lol: I want one!
  12. I'm likin the baby blue jerseys more then anything.
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