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  1. I don’t even have TRUE skates, I’m just asking in general should I go that route and want to consider swapping holders. When I’ve needed to do it in the past due to a broken holder, it’s never seemed to be quite the same quality as the job done initially. The rivets that have been placed were always the same type as the originals. Due to so many issues, I’ve often had some replaced with copper or had extra coppers added. I’d prefer if I do have holders swapped on a pair of TRUEs that I won’t be bothered by such issues.
  2. For those who have swapped holders, have the new holders stayed in place well? In my limited experience, the few times I’ve had a new holder put on, it’s never seemed to be as secure. I want to know if that is a common problem or if it’s primarily a matter of who is attaching the holder and how well it is being done. I ask this in general but also as it pertains to VH/TRUE.
  3. Thanks for mansplaining, NOW I get it
  4. Can you still send in whatever holder/steel you want for them to attach or does this mean you must use the TRUE/STEP holder?
  5. What are the sizing recommendations for these? I have old Jofas but the tag has worn and I can no longer read what size they are as a reference should I want to replace them. Assuming they fit similarly, of course. I think they were Large, but just can’t remember 15+ years later. Is a Large 6’0”+, 6’2”+, etc?
  6. Asked about full custom CCM skates today at LHS, was told CCM will not send boots only to have any holder mounted, instead requiring their holder. Is there truth to this statement?
  7. Asked about custom TRUE skates today at LHS, was told TRUE will put TUUK holders on by request, but everything I’ve read here would suggest that’s not reality. Can you or anyone else confirm or deny this statement?
  8. How does the Crazy Light Pro Stock gear compare to retail? Also, I’ve seen guys in shoulders, elbows, pants. Anyone wearing the shin guards or they mostly still use Jofa/Rbk/CCM?
  9. Interesting, must’ve been taken down, understandably so I suppose.
  10. What is this talk of Generation 4? Is the current skate then considered Generation 3? Perhaps it’s exclusive to goalie skates?
  11. I’m sure this is somewhere, but for simplicity’s sake, if there is too much volume upon doing the pencil test, what is the downside, less than ideal heel lock? Anything else?
  12. Having now done the pencil test on both the NXGs and the 1Xs, I’m actually surprised to see that in the ankle area where I would have potential lace bite issues, I actually pass this test with both skates on both feet! I notice the slight difference in volume between the two but considering that the one skate causing me actual lace bite (right foot NXG) is the one that actually provides the greatest amount of volume where I’m having the issue is puzzling. The left NXG has been fine on the ice yet the pencil barely grazes in that area. The right NXG has a small gap, probably ~1/8”. The gaps on the 1Xs for each foot in those areas are just ever so slightly less than the NXGs but still passing in my opinion. The one obvious area where the 1Xs fail is in the instep area, due to the reduced volume. The right 1X never was a problem, it was only the left and the issue was in the ankles. I can’t deny that the rigidity of these Curv boots must be a contributing factor. I actually feel like these NXGs allowed my left ankle to heal and I could probably skate in the 1Xs again without issue, at least for some period of time while the right lace bite area heals. This topic has veered from its original purpose, but I think I’m learning that my original question is most likely irrelevant!
  13. This is very informative, thank you. I didn’t expect to learn so much about skates in the last 24 hours. It seems that putting a kitchen sponge in there (which I tried this morning to no avail) could actually exacerbate the problem. Without testing just yet, yes, I fully expect to fail this pencil test, perhaps on both pairs! One point worth mentioning... when these NXGs were baked, I took them to the local Perani’s and they were put into the oven together. I wasn’t particularly pleased with this, but didn’t feel comfortable messing with their oven. I laced the left skate first, then the right skate. The right skate is the one I’m having issues with so is it possible the boot had cooled too much prior to lacing it up? Could there be a benefit to re-baking the right skate?
  14. I’m not familiar with the pencil test. I do believe you’re probably right in regard to stiffness and using a non-Curv quarter. I noticed that my 1Xs have a bit of squishiness in the tongue where they primarily flexed behind the Curv whereas these NXGs with the ONE.9 tongue have a defined crease already with zero give, so any flexibility would probably be in the laces, which I already replaced. I’ve only skated on these maybe 10 times! I think the X:60s caused lace bite after a much longer period of time, but they also weren’t Curv. Interestingly, the problems I’ve had with the 1X and the NXG are on opposite feet, so perhaps I should try using one of each! Thanks again for all the feedback!
  15. They totally are! I didn’t specifically mention them since the fit profile wouldn’t matter in that instance. I hadn’t given them much serious thought previously, but will do so now. In my brief reading about them, I’m very intrigued. I plan to make do until the new Bauers and CCMs com out, then try on as much as I can. I typically wear EE which has made trying on skates locally an issue where I live, but we’ll see. I’d simply prefer to have 2-3 to try on versus feeling the need to try every skate line available.
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