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  1. I had ankle surgery about a year ago. As soon as I was cleared to skate there was minor discomfort with the screws rubbing the liners of my skates. It does get better over time, as I hardly notice the screws anymore. There are skates out there now, with very comfortable ankle padding, such as CCM 70k which I’m currently skating in. I was in Bauer supreme 190 and the 70k has much better padding in the ankles. If you’re foot profile fits, it’s a good place to start. But I’ve heard a lot of different skate brands and models offer more comfortable padding in the ankles now. Just let your son know his ankles will return to a “more” normal state after time. I barely notice the plate and screws anymore.
  2. Did you have to drill new holes?
  3. I was recently able to go down a half size in skates to a size 5.5 and the holders are 247 mm. My old skates are size 6 and have 254 mm holders and since I have 4 pairs of steel in this size, i'd like to put those on my new skates. Can I put the 254 holders on a 5.5? I'm assuming they'd have to drill new holes to accomodate the larger holders?
  4. Any recommendations on compression jock shorts? I've had 2 ec3d compression jock shorts and they simply don't last. The durability for something that's $109 should last longer than a season.
  5. That was exactly my scenario. I took a slap shot in the gap right between the top of the boot and where the shin guards start. I had Bauer supreme 190's and there's a huge gap there. Love how light the shins are but the protection is lacking there.
  6. What shins have the best protection as far as covering the high ankle? I know most shins have a little gap between the high ankle and calf. Tried the CCM ultra tacks whic were great, but they're a little too heavy/bulky for my liking.
  7. I know Bauer bought Easton, but I see most of the Easton guys (Doughty, Neal, Parise) wearing Bauer branded stuff now. Even their helmets are blacked out and the cuffs on their gloves are re-branded Bauer. Is Easton only doing sticks now?
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