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  • Skates
    NBH Supreme 30
  • Stick
    CCM Vector 8 w/Black Beauty Blade, CCM Vibe, Thornton curve
  • Gloves
    Mission Fuel 130, Mission HE750, RBK team Canada
  • Helmet
    NBH 4500
  • Pants
    Itech HP 8000 pro
  • Shoulder Pads
    Koho 3360
  • Elbow Pads
    Koho 3360
  • Shin Pads
    Koho 3360
  • Hockey Bag
    CCM 1152

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    Leitir Ceanainn, Dún na nGall
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    Hockey, Beer/Homebrewing, dogs

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  1. Speedz98, just saw your post. So sorry to hear about your loss. We have three dogs and I'm dreading a day like you had. Glad you could be there with your buddy at the end. I don't care so much for people, we have a tendency to be dickheads at times, all of us, but dogs love unconditionally, sincerest condolences to you and yours
  2. I make them dog biscuits with my used grains from brewing. They absolutely love them. And they are much healthier too, since there is no crap in them (grains, egg, organic peanut butter, wheat flour, water)
  3. 2 periods into the new hockey season and boom. IR for a month. Least my dog still likes me...
  4. Suprateller Effusion on my knee with fluid buildup after catching a rut and hitting the boards in my first game of the winter season. Full leg air cast, Injured Reserve for 4ish weeks, and on top of that, the tickets I had for the UFC in DC tonight are going to waste. What a balls
  5. I am about to kick off a solid month of awesome Tomorrow night - Winter Beer League hockey season starts back up Saturday night - Tickets for the UFC at Verizon Center, Bantamweight title fight Next Weekend - Pittsburgh for a wedding Weekend after that - My Birthday 4 days after that - 7th Wedding anniversary Weekend after that - Back home to Ireland for my cousins wedding, and god almighty piss up of epic proportions. Not a bad little october upcoming!!
  6. Caps make it official. July 16th - http://capitals.nhl.com/ If you go to "upcoming events" about 1/2 the way down on the right, and click to expand the July 16 tab, it's there. No direct link to the sale How it usually works is Season Ticket Holders can sign up and are allotted a slot (8 am, 9am, 10 am etc). They restock the place after each session and then have a final public session at about 1pm
  7. I'm not sure what the Canadian/other breakdown is here, but the Discovery TV network in Canada have a show called Best.Trip.Ever They are using the music from my cousins band back home in their promos. Band is called Soundproof. 4 members, 3 brothers. The brothers mother and my father were brother/sister. I hope it springboards them to some sort of success in North America, as they work their bag off for everything they get If you like the tune here you can check them out on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/#!/soundproofofficial1
  8. Caps looks like it will be July 23 here, last day of rookie development camp. That is when they have had it in previous years, with the one exception being the disaster year when they decided to have it at the "caps convention" thus making you pay $50 just to go. Big outcry, back to development camp next year Season Ticket holders get to sign up for the early sessions, and the public sale is usually around 1pm (they restock for each session, including the public, so it's not like it's just the leftovers at the public session
  9. My Thrilla in Vanilla stout just placed 4th (honorable mention) in the Spirit of Free Beer homebrew competition. I am very fucking chuffed with this. There were 506 entries across all categories of beer. Still waiting on scores but they posted the results and there I be. The SOFB homebrew competition is one of the biggest homebrew competitions in the area here (as evidenced by the over 500 entries). So to have my beer finish high in it's style category was a pretty big deal for me. This is what it looks like.
  10. Pretty much changed everything but Pants and skates since the last time I posted here Helmet: Bauer 8500 with True Vision Cage Shoulders: Warrior Hustler Shins: Warrior Hitman Elbow: Warrior Method Pants: Itech HP8000 Pro Skates: Easton SE10 Gloves: Bauer One95 Sticks: Ballistik 45 Caliber, Ballistik 50 Caliber, Warrior Dolomite Pro-stock toe curve, Easton Stealth SL
  11. Couple of things arrived/I picked up today. My local pro-shop in Laurel MD has last seasons Bauer gloves for 30% off. I picked up a pair of One95's for $73.50 And the Ballistik 50 Caliber I got from Stock07. I currently use the 45 Caliber, so I'm excited to move up to the 50 Cal.
  12. Unfortunately, since I don't do Center Ice, I rarely get to see DP play. I was really looking forward to seeing him play the caps tomorrow. But more importantly, get well soon, concussions suck
  13. http://www.truehockey.com/blues-buzz/David-Perron-Joins-Blues-Buzz-This-Tuesday?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Just a heads up...
  14. My sweet spot for today/tomorrow... Just watched those cheating french pricks get beat 2-0 my Mexico, meaning they may crash out of the world cup in the first round, which would be glorious, and they haven't scored a goal yet In addition to that, today is my friday. I always take a day for the world cup over here. Tomorrow, about 7 of us are off work, and going to the pub at 7am for the Germany game, followed by the US game, followed by the England game. It's going to be a good day
  15. this rumour has been floating for a few days now, but I just got a text from someone I consider reliable to say it was a done deal. backstrom extension 10 years $69 million deal. once it starts to show online I will post confirming link
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