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    CCM Vector 8 w/Black Beauty Blade, CCM Vibe, Thornton curve
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    Mission Fuel 130, Mission HE750, RBK team Canada
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    NBH 4500
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  1. I see it as good only in the sense that he can now request a neutral arbitrator to hear the next level appeal, a new item in the cba. There should not be a10 game disparity between Neal and Thornton from that game. I hope the nhlpa use this as a test case
  2. I still think Neal's actions were much more egregious and much more dangerous. What Thornton did was stupid and heat of the moment. What Neal did was deliberate and potentially much more dangerous. I'm also a big ufc fan, and even in that full contact combat sport, knees to the head of a downed opponent are illegal. The outcry over Steckels shoulder to Crosby's head at the Winter classic a few years ago was much louder. This was far far worse. For a start, it was intentional. Neal should have come out of that game with far and away the biggest suspension. That's the problem with league discipline now. It's not about the shot, it's about the outcome. And I've no horse in this race. I'm a caps fan. I hate both teams
  3. Yeah, it's in Orlov's contact that if he doesn't spend 30 days on the NHL roster by January 1 he can go to the khl. Until the most recent call up where he's actually playing they were calling him up, not dressing him and sending him back the next day. Not good. And it's not like he wasn't good enough to make the team. Urbaum, Schmidt etc are all playing so inconsistently. I don't know how he fell out of oates grace so bad (though oates as a player was Moody too in Washington, that's why Linden was traded). Hell of a night for both Ovechkin and Green last night for very different reasons
  4. Speedz98, just saw your post. So sorry to hear about your loss. We have three dogs and I'm dreading a day like you had. Glad you could be there with your buddy at the end. I don't care so much for people, we have a tendency to be dickheads at times, all of us, but dogs love unconditionally, sincerest condolences to you and yours
  5. I make them dog biscuits with my used grains from brewing. They absolutely love them. And they are much healthier too, since there is no crap in them (grains, egg, organic peanut butter, wheat flour, water)
  6. 2 periods into the new hockey season and boom. IR for a month. Least my dog still likes me...
  7. Suprateller Effusion on my knee with fluid buildup after catching a rut and hitting the boards in my first game of the winter season. Full leg air cast, Injured Reserve for 4ish weeks, and on top of that, the tickets I had for the UFC in DC tonight are going to waste. What a balls
  8. I am about to kick off a solid month of awesome Tomorrow night - Winter Beer League hockey season starts back up Saturday night - Tickets for the UFC at Verizon Center, Bantamweight title fight Next Weekend - Pittsburgh for a wedding Weekend after that - My Birthday 4 days after that - 7th Wedding anniversary Weekend after that - Back home to Ireland for my cousins wedding, and god almighty piss up of epic proportions. Not a bad little october upcoming!!
  9. I think Derek called or texted you to say if you didn't want the 11k's I'd take them. Just so you know, I'll still take them...
  10. Yep, if you go in looking you are screwed. I made a beeline for the sticks straight away. By the time I got to the gloves they were all gone (but I'm blaming you and Derek for that!!)
  11. Season ticket holders had 4 1 hour session. You were assigned a session based on how long you have been a season ticket holder, and you could sign up for 4 passes to the sale. First STH group was 8am, but they restocked after each session (this is how they have done it for years) I was in the 9am session. The problem was, they had so much less stock this year than in years past because they also sell it all throughout the season at Verizon. Still happy I got me a Semin like new Total100, but was still terrible comparatively to years past
  12. When I was in Chicago there was a place called Hawkzone near the hotel I was in (fairmont) that sold gear at reasonable prices
  13. They do that every year though, but they still have plenty. The only thing I can think of is they have started selling game used stuff in Verizon center this year, so hold stuff back to sell then. I know we don't have a "right" to get this stuff cheap, but it's always been a nice little perk of living near an NHL team, and it's being eaten away bit by bit as the money grab continues
  14. Yeah, last year I could spend 15 minutes browsing gloves, wandered over and picked up some under armour gear, got a Jurcina stick, and tried on some skates. This year was a complete catastrophuck
  15. Pardon my language, but that was an absolute shit show of a sale. I've been going since they had shit out at Piney Orchard and this was by far the worst. They put far less stuff out than in years past. I went straight to the stick section, was lucky to get a stick (see story below) as they were still restocking when they let us in. I went from there straight to the glove table, which was absolutely empty. This was literally 4 minutes after the session opened and there were no sticks and no gloves left. Not even everyone was in yet. They had overloaded the place with T-shirts, which I hadn't seen before (they usually had under armour gear but not actual t-shirts, which they also sell downstairs in the apparel shop). Seriously pissed at this weak assed sale compared to others. That said, I scored a pretty sweet stick. Here is my story.... I got into the sale near the top of the 9am session. They were still restocking the sticks. As I was at the stick wall, kettler employee brought over 4 semin sticks, everyone reached for them. I ended up with my hand one one, and another guy with his hand on it, which began the staredown. Two other guys were going at it too, the staffer said settle down settle down. I kept my hand on the stick and pulled it toward me. Other guy said "you can keep it, you're bigger" and that is the story of how I got a Bauer Supreme Total one stick, almost new (looks new, but had tape on it) for $40 Also picked up a pair of the socks, $5 great deal Got them in XL+
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