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    My entire life revolves around spitting, fighting, excessively using the word “MOTHERFUCKER”, farting, and playing hockey. Don’t judge me, motherfucker.
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  1. I always used yellow laces until this current set, because everyone seems to be buying all the yellow laces.
  2. When I wanted my new logo, I got on Freelancer and hosted a contest for logo design. I set the winner to receive $25, told them a description of what I was looking for... and tons of graphic designers (from countries that think $25 USD is a big deal) really competed for it. A couple weeks later I picked a winner from all the submissions, and I ended up with the best logo in my league.
  3. Mine and one other nearby is still open (this could change any second, of course)
  4. Puckpilot is 100% correct with his advice. With proper technique, you can totally set aside stick measurements. Yes, a different length or lie might help... but even then, you still want to learn and use proper techniques. Im 5’8” barefoot. The average uncut stick is usually ridiculously long for me. Earlier on, I used that length... but I had to be even more focused on technique, otherwise pucks would be sliding right under my blade and I’d be whiffing on shots... etc. I immediately jumped to your conclusion and lowered my lie. Yes, it made things a little easier... but I was still required to maintain control over a stick that was way too long. Finally, I went back to a 5.5/6 lie and cut the stick. This brought the blade to a better position, as well as improved my ability to handle the stick. The bottom line is that technique always comes first. But after that, you need to find the best balance of length and lie for your body/stance/preferences. You’re tall, but mentioned that your proportions are off (short legs/knuckle dragger arms). Try cutting a stick to a length where the blade lays on the ice evenly, and see what you think. It will also help with the hand positioning you are looking for. If you later realize that you did prefer the old length... THEN look into a lower lie.
  5. As you said, You’re still learning to skate... continue learning to skate, and put some extra focus on learning backwards techniques. The best backward skaters in history, couldn’t skate backwards in the beginning either. Be patient.
  6. I'm very sorry to hear that, Dave.
  7. the orthobed is the new one with the removable arch supports... doughnuts was referring to the last custom arch support, where you chose from three different insoles.
  8. I gain nourishment and energy from eating the souls of my enemies. Really, I’ll eat a good protein and carb source 3 or 4 hours before a game. Then in the dressing room I’ll sip on BioSteel. I guess I never experimented from the energy standpoint- I’m a healthy eater by nature. My game day concerns are to avoid heartburn or a serious shit cramp erupting in the second period.
  9. You apparently picked the wrong cruise package. I've been on a couple, and they were nothing like you described.
  10. man, we're going to have to get Dave TWO jugs of Gallo to wind him down after this.
  11. in sweatshops, there's more emphasis on production numbers than getting shit to exact specs.
  12. Getting to sit on the bench again with Asian greatness, stevelkneivel... in a game at Joe Louis Arena. We kinda sucked and narrowly lost, but that's as sweet as it fuckin gets.
  13. There are three types of people in this situation. 1- the guy that would just ignore Dave's reply, like it never happened. 2- the guy that would jump straight to blaming Dave for getting too sensitive over nothing, because it's never his fault. 3- the guy that has enough integrity to realize he said something that could be offensive to someone, and felt bad about it. Fuck me for being the third guy. But the end of the day-I'm not addressing, defending myself to or trying to win over the masses here... my explanation and any apology I'll give was/is intended for Dave.
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