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    supreme comps/U+12s
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    mako2 /EQ20
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    rawlings989s...Warrior Projekts "11
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    easton E700
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    ccm proline 20+ yrs old
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    bauer vapor x 3.0
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    ccm U+8
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    Bauer supreme (wheeled)

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    baseball/wrestling coach...back into hockey after a 16 year hiatus
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  1. thanks..Yeah...got some ammo from them,15 days to ship. Surplus ammo sent my lower in about 4-5 days...ordered the buffer tubes from aero 2 days ago and havnt gotten shiping confirmation yet .the cheapies from PSA are hard to find in stock , got to catch them at the right time....They had them when I wasnt looking for them ...go figure lol...... .I found an Anderson am-15 from surplus ammo that cost me $151 shipped....got my brother one(we are both building ) I'm still looking at piecing together a high quality upper and finshing the stripped lower but building the upper is a little more daunting for me...But with the Hardened arms upper with the anderson lower should be a fun gun to plink around with to learn the platform a little better.
  2. I'm starting an "economy build".... Hardened arms complete upper( not comfortable putting it together yet)....Anderson stripped lower and a areo precision tube so far...still researching triggers and lower parts.,the lower will be a bit more expensive... Then eventually I'll get a higher end upper....might buy a complete lower so I can shoot this thing while I'm building the lower...then when I Finish the high doller upper eventually I'll have 3 AR's....lol
  3. Nice...I have an old 870 wingmaster with a slug barrel that is my go to home defense weapon
  4. Well...after a few weeks with the new AR...I've decided to build one from scratch... I'm in the process of researching what I want...will probably be at least a month of researching before I start ordering. I'm not looking for the best of the best...but I want a weapon that is higher quality than my SIG( not that I think its not a quality weapon)...More than anything I want to challenge myself and have the satisfaction of building one and have it perform well
  5. 12+ inches....3-4 foot drifts....yay
  6. Coming home from a week in Jamaica to a blizzard
  7. Sitting in the Jamaican sun for a week...ya mon
  8. I suspect in my case that was the issue
  9. Actually it seemed like excess factory grease and with it being cold out it was limiting the movement...after cleaning it and putting a little oil on it it worked flawlessly
  10. Yeah...I did some research to find the most versatile setup...my brother was zeroed at 100yrds...I chose 50 because it seems to the best inside 250yrds..Which I dont plan on shooting anything outside that range ..at least for now. Without a magnifier there is really no way for me to be able to see the 11/2 difference at 100 anyway. My red dot covers the whole target at that distance...I was shooting with about 1/2 the circle showing...so about 2 inches low and was getting pretty good results
  11. Small aperture ....problem is the forward sight is blurry with my bad eyes..If I look through my reader/cheater safety glasses, I see the sights perfect but cant see the target well enough to do anything but hit it, but I'll try the white out...might help.. .Used a lead sled for zeroing the sights and then shot 30rds at 50 yrds off my forward grip/bi-pod..was not disappointed with the results..Will get better with practice. Then shot 30 more at 100yrds and was pretty happy to put all 30 in the 8 inch ring with the last few getting closer to the center. As a side note..shot about 30rds with my brothers Sig.45 from about 15 yrds....I did remarkably well for not having shot a handgun in over 10 yrs when my eyes were still perfect. Funny thing...got all our equipment out..set up the sled got my gun setup....Put 3 rds in the mag...loaded the chamber....aim....then click....nothing...Eject the round...load another....click...Took my brothers bcg out of his Colt..loaded a round...BOOM...Sighted the rifle in with his bcg in mine ...Then put his back in his Colt and I proceded to take my bcg apart(1st time Ive ever done something like that).Cleaned it, re-oiled it and the rifle worked flawlessly the rest of the way
  12. Went to the range today with the new AR...Got the iron sights close....but actually seems like I need someone with better eyes to get them closer. I cant see the far sight very well. Co-witnessed the red dot with the iron sights..Then adjusted with 3 shot groups at 50 yards to zero it in...I was pretty happy with the results...took 30 shots...inside the 8 inch ring with all 30 at 100 yrds. Im thinking I need a magnifier to get it better
  13. Thanks...I've been messing around with placement of the sight(bad eyes..lol) Moving it around some..Want to keep it forward as much as possible to keep the possibilities of a magnifier open with as little adjustment as possible. Using the iron sights is almost impossible for me...I can see the targets downrange perfectly....not seeing the sights very well. Since this is my 1st rifle...I have some work to do at the range to see what works for me and what doesnt...Been doing alot of reading to see what others are doing so im not flying blind.. The range where Ive been shooting only goes to 100 yrds, so a magnifier isnt needed there...but want to get one just to mess around with when i can get somewhere to make some longer shots.
  14. wanted a bipod....wanted to try the grip...combo of both...and got a good deal on it...its the all metal design...a bit heavy..just something to goof around with to see if I like it
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