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  1. Just watched the video again and I noticed something was missing...sparks. When it shows the machine in action there are no sparks kicked off from the grinding of the wheel on the blade. Is that due to a lower velocity wheel spinning against the blade?
  2. Must have missed that. Thanks for pointing it out.
  3. Can't believe I missed this when I was in St. Paul this weekend. This looks like a fantastic product at a reasonable price. It also looks like it could be a very portable product (only 33 lbs) that could be taken on road trips and used at the hotel during a tournament weekend. Any thought to designing a protective carrying case for that purpose? I read the kickstarter page but did not see when this product is projected to be available for retail sale. Very tempted to get into it early but am a little worried about that. The grinding wheels are proprietary, if for any reason the company does not get off the ground I would be stuck with a very expensive, and very high tech, boat anchor. The cautious side of me says to wait until the product is available for retail sale and is a little more established. I really think you have a winner on your hands though. The part in the video where you plop your skates on the counter to get them sharpened, yeah, I hate the hassle of getting everyone in the familiy's skates sharpened.
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