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  1. Pretty much my point. LS2/Tuuk Holder I am certain would be lighter since LS2 is much lower grade steel and not nearly as tall- Most pro's are on STEP Steel, so comparing LS2/Tuuk to the STEP/TRUE holder is not an Apples to Apples comparison. I would like to see the weight of LS3/Tuuk compared to STEP/TRUE Holders. Or even the Tuuk vs TRUE holder as the OP claims the TRUE holder is DRASTICALLY heavier. I would like to know what that number is and why it's so signficant that a player cannot overcome this perceived drastic performance inhibitor.
  2. I am trying to get my arms around this statement... Can we back up and unpack this? Did you weigh each setup? I'd like to see pictures to back up how much " Drastically " is. It's not a unit of measurement I am familiar with.
  3. Unless there is something specific the player is asking for ( I have seen some players ask for lacing patterns to be cut back etc etc stuff like that )- No. The process and materials are the same. It's even in one of the videos they did. Scott himself said it- We don't have a Pro Stock Version and a Retail Version. They make the skate exactly the same way for the Pros as they make yours.
  4. I would be really interested to hear the detail / evidence of the claims this trainer is making. How did this person come to this conclusion?
  5. It's not the gloves... It's the hands inside them. ;)
  6. I think alot of players overlook the TC2.5 / p95L5 - When I steer many good friends towards it I always get alot of great feedback. I do find that I have to draw their attention to it. It's a great option. I agree the average consumer doesn't know. As for the TC3 user- I can't say for sure. When I watch how players look at patterns ( directly in front of them-straight down the shaft ) and then grumble how they could N E V E R use that kind of a hook... I often have to draw their attention to how a blade looks as you stare directly down the shaft at it vs how it's actually used and how it sits on the ice- It generally opens the door to acceptance. It's just so important to teach these things to the younger guys. When you are talking about shot mechanics to a generally older guy that stands to the side and uses a sweeping motion to shoot compared to how you face the gaolie / stand square and load the shaft up it's important to qualify the shot mechanic early on so it makes more sense as you explain it to them.
  7. MC2 is Modano/Forsberg pm9 and TC2.5 is a p92L5.
  8. Guys- I am all for adding patterns. The issue is when you add a pattern something has to come out of the line... What do you drop? Currently we offer- TC2, TC2.5, TC4, TC3, MC, MC2, HCS I already lost my pattern with the HCR, but I knew the above patterns sell far more.
  9. Alot of guys really liked the palm material they sourced. Then some Big name brand found the source of the material and bought it all up making it extremely challenging for the guys at Verbero. Dirty Pool.
  10. I know lots of guys that break blades and I generally recommend they drop to the next softer flex as the blade ends up taking the brunt of alot of the force from One-T's and Clappers. In that case they typically break fewer blades; however, when the stick does break it generally breaks in the kick point. Sticks / Blades also break from chopping and whacking at everything. I'm never surprised anymore by the things I see hockey players do with their sticks. I suppose my point is you have made your choice based off of your experiences... Which for many others their experiences may be different. Part of that slippery slope of having freedom to choose. The benefit of a one-piece ( note- not a FUSED paint job one-piece ) is weight and balance. Where many sticks have a blade and shaft fused together there is a knot of materials where the two come together. That knot of materials also has an effect on flex profile. I don't know the full environmental impact, I can only surmise that we will start to question it once there is an island of composite marterials the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean. Didn't Michael Benoit have some sort of Initiative for recycling or downcycling these products?
  11. For me it's those old Blue Easton Aluminum Shafts... Been whacked pretty damn hard by a ton of those guys.
  12. You do know that every single stick TRUE makes uses Axenic right?
  13. Sandy at Ultimate Skates @ Toyota Center is great. Jakes is closed now... He runs the shop in Vegas for the Knights.
  14. Mark- Brian dialed in the swing weight on every stick we offer and the BRT was reinforced deeper through the heel and throughout the blade. So even all the way down to the 1.0 and even all the Int, Jr & Yth sticks... It wasn't just done on the high end sticks... Every stick in the A-Series line got these improvements. Hope this helps.
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