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  1. Pretty much my point. LS2/Tuuk Holder I am certain would be lighter since LS2 is much lower grade steel and not nearly as tall- Most pro's are on STEP Steel, so comparing LS2/Tuuk to the STEP/TRUE holder is not an Apples to Apples comparison. I would like to see the weight of LS3/Tuuk compared to STEP/TRUE Holders. Or even the Tuuk vs TRUE holder as the OP claims the TRUE holder is DRASTICALLY heavier. I would like to know what that number is and why it's so signficant that a player cannot overcome this perceived drastic performance inhibitor.
  2. I am trying to get my arms around this statement... Can we back up and unpack this? Did you weigh each setup? I'd like to see pictures to back up how much " Drastically " is. It's not a unit of measurement I am familiar with.
  3. Unless there is something specific the player is asking for ( I have seen some players ask for lacing patterns to be cut back etc etc stuff like that )- No. The process and materials are the same. It's even in one of the videos they did. Scott himself said it- We don't have a Pro Stock Version and a Retail Version. They make the skate exactly the same way for the Pros as they make yours.
  4. I would be really interested to hear the detail / evidence of the claims this trainer is making. How did this person come to this conclusion?
  5. Last time I came down to see you- You told me and I quote... " Chuck you Farley... "
  6. Please keep in mind that every skate they build is the same... They are all made to Pro Spec. There is no Retail Shelf Model and Pro Model.
  7. That's kind of how Scott operates... If something works perfectly fine... Why reinvent something? Some companies have done very well for themselves by reinventing things and putting their name + a hashtag on it = Great Success! Occam's Razor type thing... Often the most simple process works best. Why over complicate things?
  8. I don't know why. Any reason you are not able to be scanned?
  9. Completely understand; however, those of you guys that really know me- If I didn't like them I would just avoid talking about them as to not put myself in an awkward situation with my employer ( note I am a 1099 contractor and NOT a direct employee ). What's the old saying? Listen more to what I don't say? I generally don't care to comment on alot of stuff because, the usual comments of " yeah, but you work for them " or the general attitude that some take that it's their job to police or dissect comments from mfg's reps. It's hard to foster that behaviour if you want rep participation. I'm here to help if you have questions, but I don't have time to go back and forth with someone who needs to argue for sport or has time to kill at work. I certainly don't have those luxuries and you generally don't see me picking arguments or fights with members... I may have had a few heated discussions with @JunkyardAthleticthat go back 12 or so years, but he's also a friend of mine and I can just pick up a phone as well and hash it out with him. Again... Those of you who truly know me... Know that I have ZERO EGO in this. Which I have encountered working with certain individuals in this industry. I just don't get it. There have absolutely been a few challenges scaling up the operation in Winnipeg; however, that team in that facility is truly first class and will do their best to resolve any potential issue. Making skates by hand like they do might never give you the aestheitcs you have become accustomed to with mass produced skates. It's just a difference in the business model. Scalability / Volume & Profit Margins vs Smaller Scale / Hand Made & Better Fit. Scott truly feels his process produces a better fitting boot that just happens to perform better. Those were his two main goals when he got into this... Making money wasn't even on the radar... He had to figure that out as he went. Not an easy thing to do. Scott is truly a pioneer in this industry- And that is rare when you look at how many companies have failed or were bought out with the sole purpose of being shut down to create less competition. I know my dealers received a kit with additional parts including steel rivets that were more size appropriate for our shell design. I have not yet dealt directly / read in depth enough with the issue at hand, so I am unsure I can comment accurately on it. I would need to catch up on all the reading.
  10. True Homer Honestly from all that I had heard leading up to me getting the skates I was excited to get a great fit with no more pain from the usual problem areas, but until you actually get a pair of your own you really have no idea what you are in for. I have many of my own friends who have purchased the skates and the feedback has nearly always been- " WOW WOW WOW- Best Hockey Purchase Ever PERIOD ". Some of them could perhaps have the argument that they don't NEED $1000 skates, but the fact that they better enjoy their hockey experience everytime they hit the ice makes me happy. I completely get an understand any skepticism and that for some it's a leap of faith to spend that much; however, if you are looking spending north of $600 on a pair of skates TRUE should be on your radar.
  11. This is interesting... I had a long talk with Rob at the factory and all the Step used in our holders is 9ft. Not sure why there would be sue a large discrepancy. When did you take delivery of your holders / steel?
  12. Key Callout on the Step Steel used with the TRUE Holder- 9ft. Not sure if that was already covered, but just wanted to loop back on this.
  13. Actually wasn't a dig at Easton at all. Other than blade durability I don't think they were given a free pass for their mistakes.
  14. What I find funny is that some companies are ALLOWED to make mistakes and nobody takes them to task. God forbid that hockey players have an option that doesn't cause foot deformities, is actually comfortable and actually helps you skate better. Why would we want that when we can look cool wearing Baller Hockey?
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