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  1. I noticed these newly built Cat Pros shared on the interwebs have a new carbon shell. I pinged the retailer and they suggested that the shell has been changed for the new release year. I assume it is only on Cat Pro Customs. It looks much more like the SVH Custom shell and excludes the extra graphic decals. I think it gives a very nice simple stealthy look.
  2. Anyone get the versteeg pattern that can post a few pics?
  3. Bauer P08 Curve Does this look like the "versteeg pro" curve?
  4. There are zetterberg pros on PSHG site right now, for curve reference
  5. I know what a fused stick is. I was asking about the type of blade that will be on the fused stick
  6. Can someone describe/compare the velvet grip? -and- The widow construction is straight forward, but can anyone better describe/compare the fused construction? Is it more or less a dolomite? I'm mostly concerned with the blade construction/ weave style.
  7. JR - what are the cuff specs on your franchise glove in the pictures that rotate through as this website's top header and homelink? Savard, and is it otherwise modified? 1" length? Thanks.
  8. just to clarify some info from page 1, can you get a shortened standard non-blooming cuff without additional cost? For reference, I like way Frolik's gloves look. The over and under side of the cuff looks shorter than most guys have it.
  9. i dont think those gloves existed in january 2004, ur camera must be jacked
  10. just saw some dolomites today at the store, sakic and draper lies look the same. but fedorov definately had a lower lie than modano/ forsberg. i lined the dolomites up with stealths for reference.
  11. which is why i asked about specific items, in case anyone new what would be out early... for example ive had a synery II for a month now.... so... maybe next time dont have so much funn tearing apart a reasonable question. thanks anyways
  12. great to see the new stuff, thanks.... anyone kno what month we might see the gloves and skates in stores?
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