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  1. Has anyone been using the carbonlite blades without breaking them yet ? I skate a couple times a week in top tier beer leagues ha . Wondering how long they'll last ..
  2. Yeah very similar here on the trigger position , nice to know it's not just me lol . Yeah so I tried different steels (all bauer) just to see , and it does affect how far the trigger comes back out once snapped in . So seems to be dependent on that in this case. Nothing is a big difference talking minuscule mm's but enough to notice . My ls5's which have a season or so got the mushiest click of the bunch in the beginning . Was given a pair of the carbonlite steel but afraid to use them with all the breakage stories. Table ornament for now. May just roll with the pulse ti steel time being.
  3. After putting some weight on them with the blades in , its greatly improved to a crisper click. I think it's going to work out . Going to skate on them this week , so stay tuned lol.
  4. Thanks for info. Yeah I am getting the click , wasn't at first . Has gotten better after trying it a few times. Still not perfect, but will get some time in them and keep an eye on it .
  5. Interesting , sorry to go off ccm topic. Came from supreme's with no issue and found ultrasonic's in fit 1 & 2 to have no heel lock for me . Had to switch to hyperlite's go figure . Tried on a few AS ccm models & found them very stiff as mentioned above.
  6. Hey guys , wondering if anyone else has ran into this with tuuk's . As I think it's passable ,but wondering how common this is . Skates are bauer hyperlite's, bought new and opted for no steel with them (used ls5 carbon steel I already had) . On one skate I had a very hard time getting the rear of the steel to click in the second lock click phase . Finally with a little massaging & wd40 I got it to click in . No movement with the bauer tool once clicked in. However I did take notice that the trigger does not return to it's original position as the other skate does (varies better & worse depending on the steel I try). It's not a huge difference but enough to make note of . Can still see part of the semi circle mark on the trigger - once the steel is in but slightly less then the other skate. Hoping they'll settle in and its not a big deal. Would rather not deal with the warranty/down time if I dont have to .
  7. I haven't had good luck, play 2-3 times a week . Top tier beer league, blade went crackly and soft/ feels off . Took about a month - month and a half at most . Maybe a fluke... dunno
  8. I noticed similar results myself, although I have not tried all the skates you did . I bought supreme's to give a go , I fit the same way you do in supremes with the pencil test. I did notice the vapors lace bite tongue is pretty good,I really wanted to be in a vapor but couldnt .My theory I think what was happening with me in vapors was my smaller foot with less heel lock, puts more pressure on the tedon when your foot comes up & would get me with bite after 3-4 hard skates. Thanks for the reviews good info.
  9. I do agree the fit was spot on with the 3d scan for me , only gripe I have with it is I fail the pencil test moderately in its supreme suggestion . Not sure if lacebite will transpire , but didnt want to risk it . I know failing the pencil test isnt a good start if your lace bite prone . How many are skating successfully with skates they fail the pencil depth test in ?? I know the 1s boot stiffness wont be too forgiving , and some people who fail the test are probably fine but..
  10. Yeah I may try the as1's as well. true with the new supreme line coming out . I am in 7d vapors now while heel lock isnt ideal , they fit well & pass the pencil test go figure
  11. I did the 3d scan myself , and it wants me in a 6.5ee supreme . 7d supreme is close as nowhere usually has 6.5ee's to try. My issue with the 7d 1's is I fail the pencil test , not terribly but enough where I think ill get lace bite. Would a 6.5ee offer more volume in the same 1s boot ? or essentially let my heel go back farther and give me more room ? or is the 6.5ee just wider in the toe box . sorry to off steer the thread .
  12. I had a good bout of lace bite like you develop but in the original apx's , tried sticking with vapors but the bite returned . After bouncing around the bauer family & doing the 3d scan(recmnd. supremes) I finally settled into supremes & it has got rid of my bite . I slightly fail the pencil test in them, but the nexus line was too sloppy in the heel & forefoot . They're wider then I thought ( nexus line ) . I noticed in the 1s supremes they gave me better heel lock which in theory I think was less stress/movement on the tendons that go up against the tongue/laces . I found donut gel sleeves from pro sport protection in canada. They offered 100% relief until the tendons healed
  13. Yeah not sure on the vapor depth , I know of a couple others like this . I fail the pencil test badly in the 1s'. I dunno , but yes agree dont want a tongue thats going to add volume either . Still have my 2015 1x's & dont get any bite even with the skimpy stock tongues . Not sure whats going on myself with the 17's
  14. I am going to ditch the retail flex lock tongues & try something else .Fit everywhere else is excellent, dont want to give up just yet. On the fence between a bobby clarke tongue & a one95 style tongue. Anyone have experience with either & how they do with lacebite/longevity before breaking down . Or another tongue suggestion , at this point any insight is appreciated
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