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  1. My Sparx is always dead on, the initial feeling of Sparx vs done by hand is just noticeable on the first skate in my opinion.
  2. 1. We checked them side by side today and both edge checkers read the same. The skates were definitely off though prior. 2. I 100% agree. This may irritate some Sparx elitists but, a hand sharpening always feels deeper and more crisp on first skate.
  3. Different edge checker, we're going to compare them today. I made sure to clear it off more than once. I only doubt that because he has been doing skates for a while, including mine. He also posts here so if it is this, it is hilarious to me.
  4. This steel had a 10-foot radius put on it then was sharpened on a regular machine, not a Sparx. We then checked the edges in the shop after doing them and they were dead on. It hasn't touched the Sparx after it was hand sharpened.
  5. I had just a 10' radius put on my Tydan steel recently and sharpened to a 9/16 like I always do. Typically I use a Sparx machine but I have my buddy sharpen them manually too. He did them, we checked the edges, and they were even on both skates. My second time skating on them, I felt like I had to put more effort into each stride and like I was skating on sandpaper. I checked the edges today with a clean Sparx edge checker and both are uneven/off by a lot. I haven't thrown my skates around, or my bag. Hoping someone has some kind of idea because it doesn't make sense to me.
  6. Are you sure? It was available when I asked for any of the total custom skates.
  7. Anyone use the 5/8 fire ring and can provide a review of some sort?
  8. That is what I am curious about, how the 2N plays in comparison. Second hand / pro stock market isn't flush with the 2N pro yet but the 70 flex seems the perfect match for me.
  9. No chance at a market share loss. Real deal or not, I doubt it catches on.
  10. I feel the same way, I worry about too wide of a heel. That is an issue I am trying to go custom so I can no longer deal with.
  11. I was scanned today and it recommended a size 7D in Jetspeeds. I can easily fit into a size 6 and 6.5 in that skate so that was a little odd. I'm on the cusp of ordering the custom AS1 but the size that the scanner gave me makes me feel a little off from it. Also torn between going full custom vs just the $100 3D boot upgrade. I'm coming from Vapors. My fear is getting a skate that doesn't fit correctly.
  12. So that isn't something that should be expected on all sticks, right? I still might send mine back and just wait it out at this point. I have a bunch of back ups now anyways.
  13. Via email this morning True said they won't be able to ship warranty sticks until May 15th. I was about to send one out for replacement. Anyone know about this? I have the ACF stick on preorder but now I'm kind of weirded out.
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