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  1. Plenty of reasonably priced pants come with +1 mods if that would suffice. Most of the CCM's come to mind
  2. If the tongue says 14 (on a retail), it’s probably a 12.5 skate. Do you have the listing to show? I’m about 95% sure 306 was the largest holder Bauer used outside of pro stock skates, which I think went up to 324.
  3. Hearing and peripheral vision are overrated anyway
  4. Not ideal but I used to cut that flap off. Unless you’re trying to lead the league in shots blocked, it shouldn’t open you up to injury
  5. Did it come with a wheel standard? It should have an rpm rating that might matter. I’ve had difficulties in the past with an EZ-Sharp machine, I feel like the motor was rated a lower rpm as compared to blademaster or BlackStone. I keep a green wheel around for removing the factory polish on that type of steel, and a yellow or purple for a nice sharpen. Just my personal preference. blue and ruby tend to be popular as well
  6. This also, check the steel in the skates, sometimes a puck strike knocks the holders out of alignment
  7. Within reason, most places that sharpen have a blade straightener and can flatten them out well enough.
  8. Keep an eye out for Bauers 2024 stuff, they have a new product coming out to assist the heating process achieve a tighter wrap. Basically a wrap to replace the saran wrap method
  9. I may be wrong here, as its been 5+ years since i owned a Cag machine, but i would set it to the width of the unmodified steel, as the width differences would be symmetrical, and the point of engagements that hold the blade in would be above where the width differences are, would they not?
  10. Longer runner for speed and stability. 2 sizes up is a bit unique. A more recent trend is going down a size in runners for skaters who want more agility and tight turns during board work.
  11. Nash Sports makes repair glue. But it’s basically gorilla glue. if the eyelet is compromised, have it replaced, it’ll keep destroying laces.
  12. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/sticks/7278736-bauer-bn-nexus-sync-rh-p28-87 $185 to your door in the us
  13. As of 2022 (i believe) the Graf catalog offered certain models of custom Swiss made skates to NA
  14. If you’re willing to spend for FT6, CCM custom would allow you to put 263 holders on 6.5 skates, assuming you’re ok with XS holders and steel?
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