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  1. Pros get what they want. A good number don't know what they want. And surprisingly few are picky.
  2. Those who remember. quarantine cleanup is unearthing some relics.
  3. Amp Human PR lotion, Performance & Recovery Bicarb Sports Lotion, Bottle (300g) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082P4SXRZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fab_cdOFFbE5HBGXS using this as a supplement could help as well
  4. http://www.ar-sports.com/12-pack-regulation-ice-hockey-pucks/puckpack_12-2/ This came to mind, but durability might be an issue
  5. would that be where the edge of the wrap was and made a crease in the boot?
  6. Sorry, I should’ve qualified it a little further. The shop was given the ability to buy one pair of each size offered, heavily discounted. I seem to recall it around the Synergy and Vector timeline, at the time they were used to demo on ice, as opposed to size. it’s possible you’re correct and it got too costly for the vendor or retailer and that’s why it went away
  7. That used to be commonplace practice with CCM and Easton, and wasn’t cost prohibitive at all. On toP end skates I should say
  8. The ones I’m thinking of are made in the Philippines, where TPS made their HGT and R8, if I’m not mistaken almost a clone, and a very, very nice glove. Someone who knows more than I can either confirm or refute that mfg claim though
  9. I wonder how much of hose equipment managers are simply using Bauer bias, and doing it also for simplicities sake
  10. Going back to my retail days, "Cheap shit on the internet, is Cheap Shit on the Internet for a reason." be careful what you wish for
  11. https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=1445 I believe he was the origin. Warrior referred to P89 as the "Drury" for years, and the Rbk equivalent was TD-13
  12. Not sure many will agree with me, but I’ve done the same experimentation. I had a few 77’s that I found too flexible so I cut them down and put a 2-4” plug in the make the height correct again. Stiffens it up a bit without making the full jump up in flex
  13. just leaving this here to ensure you’re using it properly. You roll the shirt over the forearm portion of the pad, not back over the shirt. A few posts made it sound like guys were rolling the shirt over on itself
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