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  1. CCM rep is saying a quick release version of the current mechanism, with forward compatible steel to go along
  2. https://www.prostockhockey.com/hockey-sticks/player-sticks/left-team-stock-not-identified-85-flex-stick/ Unique branding on this (russian i imagine) stick, though the font and blade look very much like STX
  3. More interesting than new, but Gudas in white CCM skates still using lace locks.
  4. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/holders-runners-replacement-steel/6995376-eagle-used-steel-holder-for-the-bench?referral_code=Zydo441 this holds up to six sets without being overly bulky step used to produce a roll up pouch for 5 sets as well. There should be some out in the wild
  5. I found the shock Doctor to be a bit better, the Warroad padlock fits way too snug for most elbows.
  6. Personally I think pointing out the differences between the two are kind of moot. I would think 95+ of Sparx users go that route for convenience and cost savings, and until manual sharpening provides a much greater than tangible benefit, there’s no need to switch. The average youth and adult player is likely not to notice a discernible difference between the two. I prefer a manual sharpening because I own my own machine and have been doing it for just under 25 years. But the Sparx owners I know have 3-5 players in the house skating in some fashion 7 days a week. Convenience is king.
  7. Ignorant question; How is this different from the league that already existed with Buffalo, Connecticut, etc? besides more teams and cities Also this line; "The league also plans to televise all regular season games, but also hopes to televise all regular season games."
  8. Citristrip would bring those right back to useable state
  9. I used liquid citrustrip and it basically left me with a non grip True stick once cleaned up. did the same with a Warrior and it took the decals clean off with it. So be careful and also prepared. edit; when I say liquid I mean this, not the spray stuff https://www.homedepot.com/p/Citristrip-1-qt-Safer-Paint-and-Varnish-Stripping-Gel-Non-NMP-QCSG801/307416109
  10. HECC Certification and helmet manufacturing, plus the league Branding fee were not all that cheap back then I'd imagine
  11. Seems the same to me, old steel fits the same. it’ll be replaced with the next generation of skate, so you may consider waiting. The steel will be reverse compatible, just the mechanism is changing.
  12. They (gloves) were Canadian made, not sure by whom. My guess is they wanted their name visible on gear, so between gloves, helmets, pants and sticks, it was the most financially reasonable piece.
  13. Also, totally subjective, but the PowerFly feels like noticeably lower quality plastic than the edge
  14. On my 830 it’s a rivet with a washer seemingly. On my 10k it’s stitched.
  15. Maybe I’m an ignorant American but between Olympics, IIHF and World juniors, and not really understanding what the difference is, I couldn’t care less about best on best. I’ll watch nhl hockey for that.
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