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  1. The generic sticks have badging as such. It may be different for a custom Team stick order, I don’t know for sure, only speculating
  2. I don’t think he intentionally misrepresented the sticks because this would’ve been exactly how he could’ve acquired it. It does t have the “Team” badging on it, so it’s not really different from a seller who doesn’t recognize a Tacks repainted as JetSpeed or vice versa
  3. This. CCM offers Custom “Team” sticks to mid range juniors and college teams. I haven’t been in the business for a while, so the RY marking are new to me but all the evidence points that way. The sticks weight in the 445-445g range at full length and have peel ply blades, so it would seem to back that up.
  4. 3, 5… Eureka Fibonacci’s sequence for all you young’ns
  5. In my experience it’s not drastic enough to require more than one good sharpening to blend it in. The initial profile would remain the same, the wheel never touches it.
  6. They are. Sent you a pm
  7. I’m a wide foot fit 3 and find Wide RibCore, and both Regular and Wide Jetspeeds to fit well. Either a mid-upper range current model or clearance previous model would be worth trying on. since you’ve had a nice skate in the XXX, no need to break the bank, but definitely don’t go too low end on a budget, you’ll definitely notice the feel of a lower end boot and regret it.
  8. When I used to heat Grafs, I would place the Achilles guard on the ground, blade perpendicular to the ground, and a little light pressure on the toe and side panel will open the throat of the skate and allow your heel to sink back deeper in the boot. This should make a noticeable difference in what you’re experiencing. a shop with a good boot press can soften the ankle padding as wel with a reheat. it’s a positive and a negative of those skates, it’ll be a bit of a process to get them broken in but there’s a reason guys still have their Grafs 10/15/20 years later.
  9. The retail tag on the tongue would suggest that’s the graphics package you’ll see when they’re released as well
  10. Some models are still Canadian made, and some customs are made in Switzerland depending on the model
  11. It would depend on your budget, but Graf still makes G series skates and customs. Off the top of my head I don't recall the G5 fit specifically, but I believe it was based off the 705 which they still make available. A rep or dealer who regularly sells Graf could confirm that (Fred's in VH sold Graf, not sure if they still do). Graf also has a traceable form in the catalog that you can send in for their opinion. If you're wanting to buy your last pair of skates, I'm sure Graf could make you up a 2022 pair of G5's custom
  12. The TiLo tech is nice, but the elbow pad lock is a little tight and difficult to fit most elbows. Personally I think Shock Doctor sleeve lock does it best but loses the forearm cut resistant sleeve. https://www.shockdoctor.com/products/core-compression-hockey-shirt
  13. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/player-skates/3932524-bauer-new-ultra-sonic-skate-fit-3 $750 for any member and I’ll ship free to the US. Please hit me up for any more info
  14. I understand the R&D aspect of the price, but a big part of the rising costs is “because we can, and people will keep buying them.” (Bauer, I’m looking at you…) the positive part is what was once a top of the line stick trickles technology down to models in subsequent years second and third tier sticks at a comparative bargain
  15. Stores can sell products for whatever they want, but cannot advertise lower than MAP.
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