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  1. All the Warroad stuff is great as long as you’re willing to wait for their sales. Been happy with every product of theirs.
  2. I have the Blademaster one, though I dont recall paying that much for it. A&R distributes the Edge Checker in the US, any shop should be able to price and order one for you
  3. https://www.hockeyservices.com/product/ccm-ribcor-platinum-sr-skate/ Platinum are a nice option for US SFS customers, a step down from top of the line but nonetheless a nice skate
  4. Maybe a TF7 from True would be worth a shot. Should be some deal on them currently
  5. Influencers are our generations commercials and Kay-Bee Toys Catalogs i guess, whether we like it, understand it or not. We're part of a dying breed, Hapsburg. Like people who can name all 50 States.
  6. If I remember, I thought there was a brief period Bauer removed Kanes name from retail sticks, but I thought it was earlier that 1X Lites. like Hills said, have home remove that trash tape job and show the barcode, plus the serial number stickers.
  7. I'm guessing they cannot, simply because they don't keep stock insoles around. And if they did, they'd package and sell them to retailers the way CCM does.That being said, a generic Bauer retail insole at the retail level wouldn't be the worst idea. That being said, these are pretty close replacements to stock; https://www.hockeymonkey.com/elite-pro-insole.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiApb2bBhDYARIsAChHC9trdpY039W5yxFv70kx75V8ImMNlUBarf-1Z1z8uKPchZDh5qy1JwUaAno-EALw_wcB#978=116730&979=116811
  8. By Warrior measurements, 60" is stock retail, 63" is 3" taller than stock
  9. Maybe Gold Bond or some post shave non scented talc? I admittedly don’t know what is or isn’t available up nort
  10. Bungapads Gel Ankle Sleeve https://a.co/d/5KbkD1X these would help in the short term
  11. Bump, these had a bad holder but I replaced both with new. Would rather make a deal here before SLS
  12. They’re nice if you like expensive repaints.
  13. So, it’s light, I’ll give it that. But I don’t see any major weight or construction differences compared to a HyperLight. At first inspection it appeared the elliptical taper started higher up the shaft but only slightly. Also the lower third to half of the shaft has no grip. Not sure it’s enough to justify the price hike, but I haven’t tried it yet. graphically Bauer knocked it out of the park, the stick looks great. Interested to see how it looks on TV, I’m sure that’ll be the real determining factor.
  14. I have feet similar to yours minus the bunion issue. I’ve had luck with the last two iterations of JetSpeed in D width (surprising to me) so I’d recommend those in a wide fit. Plus you have the trial and fit guarantee
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