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  1. I held a Pasta/Fisher and P28 Bauer against eachother and could have easily been convinced they were identical blades edit: it was a Kucherov
  2. That’s a useful machine, I’d focus more on Adduction (coming together) than the abduction. you may find the most benefit from body weight stuff while your arm is immobilized. Things like TRX squats, particularly split squats with no weight. Once you can manipulate your arm you could toss in a very light weighted vest for resistance. some very low step ups and box jumps would be useful. Also focusing on exercises and stretches to improve ROM in the hip would benefit as well.
  3. Source for Sports has an SMU Vapor X Velocity skate that would be similar if not a slight upgrade as well
  4. 3 pair of Franchise on the sale block, more pics on request; 14” Phoenix, white cuff. Feels loose for a 14, Hossa cuff I believe it’s called. Palms are useable but will need some attention in the future. Thumbs were cut but DIY reattached, not by me. $85 + shipping 14” Phoenix all red Turris, darker than the ones above. Also loose fitting, palms in very useable shape. $115 + shipping 13” Navy and white. Very good shape palms, will use a small amount of undercuff reattaching. $115 + shipping CooperAll girdle brand new old stock CG3 Junior Medium. Bought sight unseen under the impression they were senior. Recouping my investment. $45 + shipping.
  5. I know I sound like “get off my lawn guy,” but coatings aside even I’ll take any aftermarket steel over Bauer’s current steel any day of the week
  6. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/holders-runners-replacement-steel/4197968-easton-parabolic-steel-ii-runners?referral_code=Zydo441 I believe this guy may have what you’re after
  7. All good points, do you prefer the dimensions of the senior or intermediate more? I'd start there
  8. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/sticks/6033204-ccm-rbz-speedburner-pavel-datsyuk-pro-stock-stick-detroit-red-wings?referral_code=Zydo441 this one looks more current than the big old oar paddle I remember him using
  9. A - they're probably noticeably heavier than current skates but if theres comfort, who cares B - that parabolic steel was notorious for breakage, I'd keep my eyes on SLS or similar and have a backup pair sooner rather than later C - LocTite the blade anchors so you dont lose one
  10. Early 2000's, I believe they were one model below the UL Pro and Z-Air with the horrible black/green carbon fiber holder https://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/downloads/easton2002.pdf Some similar info there
  11. outside of finding someone who recently bought new and would part with the original footbeds, these may be the thinnest you'll find aftermarket https://www.purehockey.com/product/elite-hockey-pro-hockey-skate-insoles/itm/28243-2/
  12. There’s a Warrior W90 in the midrange pro sticks that I believe is a less open W03
  13. Size would matter too (as it usually does). I would Expect an 8.5 to sell for more than a 12EE
  14. By the time you get new holders and pay for installation, I’d consider going the custom route. Buy once, cry once.
  15. Hockey Services in Kalamazoo? Legit place, and great bunch of guys
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