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  1. I did, once. Felt like I was wearing an egg carton on my head
  2. That makes a lot more sense, it looked like plastic inserts that could fall off
  3. Can’t believe that’s somehow not considered a safety hazard
  4. If there’s a difference, it isn’t much. kucherov and P28
  5. Never made any allusions that they weren't, I simply called them what they are
  6. There's a certain Instagram knockoff company who offers it as well
  7. Laine is more similar to P14 than P28
  8. What about plastic add on pieces, that are designed to cover the ear, that already exist, and nearly every player removes them from their helmets already?
  9. It seemed inevitable, but if it buys a few more years before jersey ads become a thing, it's not the hill i care to die on
  10. The early reports I saw on Twitter made some allusions to this, saying the hospital he was evaluated in wasn't capable of dealing with the injury, and he couldn't be stabilized enough for a transfer to more appropriate care. A freak accident and terrible tragedy.
  11. I didn't, i removed them, but i prefer a thin footbed and being right on top of the outsole and holder, and my foot has pretty high volume so negative space wasn't an issue
  12. I have flat feet, and used the cheap generic footbeds from Elite and really liked them. The right balance of volume and give. Elite Hockey, Ice Hockey Skate, Pro Insoles (Size Choice) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VEEUGLE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_GFCV8ZGAEPVZ9QHWPGVR
  13. I get that, I think a message got lost in the exchange there. It seems implausible that True would refuse to send holders now if asked. It would seem more likely that True said he could get custom skates, or custom boots only, but the price remains the same. Aside from that, the retailer he's purchasing through should be handling all these issues for him.
  14. I have no motivation to defend True, but what are they doing so differently from Bauer and/or CCM? You are paying for a custom complete skate, the fact you don't like or want their holders means zero to them. None of those companies at the retail custom level will ship you boots only.
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