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  1. No less than 6. I’ve made a similar transition, but found I prefer P90T to the 28.
  2. I was told this by an MD during my time on a quarantine ambulance during all this. One aspect of the mask recommendation was to slow the rate of self transmission, as in touching a dirty grocery cart, then your mouth, nose, eyes. Does it look silly, yes. Does it work, arguably for the time you're wearing it, yes. But people will do it habitually as soon as the mask is off.
  3. Random alma mater pickups from my travels.
  4. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/hockey-training-accessories-other/equipment-care/1264293-black-steel-stone-and-leather-2-pack I bought this combo and like it a lot
  5. https://www.instagra...d=1g9egourr3owj Found a few gems cleaning out the basement Center Ice series practice uni PaceSetter (?) track jacket
  6. Still riding out the Externo holders as well
  7. You could also keep one wheel around, the shallowest hollow they make, run a few passes on both blades until the factory edge is gone, then move to your preferred hollow ideally just have the place you get them from do the cross grind though
  8. Bauer One90’s skates, retail. Size 8.0D reinforced heels, not done by me, but looks like a professional did the work. No footbeds, light use, includes 2 sets of LS Power steel. $150 shipped to the US
  9. Boots are used MakoII 8.25D, about a season and a half of use. Factory blackout tendon guards. Shows the usual wear and tear, but structurally sound, and very stiff. Tongues are discolored slightly from a cleaner i used on them. Holes drilled in heels for LS screws. Holders are new LS (non edge) 280, three sets of steel. One set profiled HudsonV. Attached using copper rivets and MLX screws/anchors Also including 3 sets of footbeds, One Bio-Dri, two stock. $200 plus shipping, open to offers.
  10. First up for all you brave souls are brand new True skates, size 8. White sides, white felt tongues. VH Step holders and untouched steel. I heated these and wrote my number on the tongue but just couldn’t do it. More detailed pics to serious buyers $529 shipped to the US Open to non-silly offers
  11. McDavid makes some as well. I think football padded shorts as well as baseball sliding shorts https://www.mcdavidusa.com/collections/hex/products/hex-thudd-5-pad-3-4-tight?variant=19643064025184
  12. Where do I even begin? Bauer Tri-Flex; the most awesomely ugly graphics ever. But too stiff to be used by mortal humans. Bauer 3003 stick; never lasted more than two ice sessions TPS Adrenaline; loved the XN10 but this was a huge miss Warrior 6” Tapered Plugs; every one broke right at the tenon
  13. Yessir, 13’s they are
  14. Nolan Pratt Dolomite grips. perfect length, perfect flex, perfect grip, perfect curve. For me, anyway.
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