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  1. Some one who knows what they’re doing could pretty well eyeball and put a straight edge on the blades to make sure they aren’t bent. If all they’re doing is replacing factory rivets and not drilling new holes it should be pretty straightforward.
  2. The pictures make it look more similar to a P46 than a W28
  3. You bought an LX Pro, and the taper will be a dead giveaway when it arrives. But on the plus side they’re damn fine sticks. Nicer than Novium imo
  4. A few of the resale sites have Noviums (purportedly), you may try asking one of them for the codes? A glance at the photos might also help you decipher if it’s legit, the concave taper should be pretty evident.
  5. You could try Currex footbeds also with a rebake. I’ve found the firm ankles under the superfeet weren’t for everyone.
  6. Where did you buy them, and why isn’t that store handling this for you? (If it’s a warranty issue, they should be)
  7. I don't need an absurd color way but I hope they do something unique. the Yeti and Mammoth names being tossed around are pretty good
  8. Pickups from some recent travels. Franklin Vipers pants Easton Pro pants navy 6K Pro M/L shoulders and a full family photo
  9. https://www.sourceforsports.ca/products/ccm-jetspeed-control-senior-hockey-shoulder-pads-2023-source-exclusive check the JetSpeed SMU series from CCM, particularly the Control. It had some similar features to the CL and are much easier to find.
  10. The one consideration I’d have is the jump in stiffness, sounds like you’re willing to jump up in half sizes. I was always a fan of graduating up in stiffness gradually for kids. He may see more immediate benefit from the True 7 line, depending on his ankle strength. But both should provide some benefit.
  11. Plenty of reasonably priced pants come with +1 mods if that would suffice. Most of the CCM's come to mind
  12. If the tongue says 14 (on a retail), it’s probably a 12.5 skate. Do you have the listing to show? I’m about 95% sure 306 was the largest holder Bauer used outside of pro stock skates, which I think went up to 324.
  13. Hearing and peripheral vision are overrated anyway
  14. Not ideal but I used to cut that flap off. Unless you’re trying to lead the league in shots blocked, it shouldn’t open you up to injury
  15. Did it come with a wheel standard? It should have an rpm rating that might matter. I’ve had difficulties in the past with an EZ-Sharp machine, I feel like the motor was rated a lower rpm as compared to blademaster or BlackStone. I keep a green wheel around for removing the factory polish on that type of steel, and a yellow or purple for a nice sharpen. Just my personal preference. blue and ruby tend to be popular as well
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