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  1. The most important thing is to just start playing, and not be a big PUSS. I think as long as you don't flinch, try your best like a monkey to make saves, you will not get made fun of. Also, one must want to get hit with the hard shots, love getting bruises, and slide on their knees. Angles, reading plays, and all that good stuff comes with time, and some good suggestions in previous posts about using YOUTUBE n all that. Enjoy, because its a mind f*** playing in net aka crazy goalie syndrome.
  2. Some sweet conversions going on. As for these pups, Old is Gold. Like a 1988 300e AMG, takes a keen eye to see the BEAST released to play some puck. Nice job soldier.
  3. Appreciate all your valuable time kind sir. Happy to speak the language of skates. I'm happy to see the progress in technology to roll blissfully. So many unique custom breeds. Really amazing stuff to learn!
  4. Thanks. Took me ages to hunt down via ebay/kijiji One kid saw the Vapors at a public skate, and was like "Those are Vintage!" negatively. Didn't even recognize the old Bauer logo. As for the 8000's, I give the edge to 7000s (blacked out with blk tuuks+) as the coolest Bauer skate. 7000s are a perfect skate (like F40 with Ferrari). Period.
  5. I read a bit about KOR, but never had the luxury of putting them on and baking/breaking in one, so its something I hope I get a chance to do one day. Same with Alkali/Tour boots. When I was a pro shop tech, I got many chances to try on whatever was on sale at the store, building knowledge, but that was ages ago. I am also trying to get a pair of inlines that match the feel of a custom +, so transitions are not as drastic. I play goal first, in Supreme 7000, then I might play out in Vapor 10 (Custom +) and public skate in Supreme 8000 (Lightspeed), then street in Vapor 8 & 10 (with Roackers)/ APXR (Hi-Lo.) In a way its not too bad, because I can adjust to experiment skates easily. I read Sprung is not up and running? If they do get back/are back, I would certainly give it a go. Possibly Marsblade as well down the line. Never hurts to live and learn and share. If Sprungs are adjustable, then I'm curious how close it can get to the Custom+ feel. Also, do you know if Sprungs adjustable to the point where it can mimic (without actually adding a lift) a 3mm raise in Custom + (3mm disc at heel)? Any input appreciated!
  6. Well explained! I understood after a few reads. What boots have you used with Sprungs? Would you say stiffer would maximize its potential or maybe a slightly flexier top end boot (weight aside) like a supreme 7000. I was a big fan of the Nike v12 when working as a pro shop tech back in the day and selling skates. Did you upgrade boot (Mission)?
  7. Is it me or are Alkali boots designed for speed demons. Looks like such an aggressively cut boot (especially the line from tendon guard down). WOW! Please share experiences of those two skates. That boot looks like a 'yogi' crafted it
  8. Thank you for your time. I did go over many threads. In saying that, I take into account any person who has skated on both. So every opinion (that is backed by experience) is valued. Also, some people have mentioned more speed, grip, etc with Sprungs, but did not mention wheel/bearing setup. E.g. Sprungs may have been setup with modern top of the line bearings/wheels vs Tuuk Rockers with inferior micro bearing/wheels, possibly exaggerating Sprung benefits. From what I've read, Sprungs sound really beneficial, but I am trying to figure out how far the gap truly is. Someone said 3 seconds off lap time with Sprung vs Tuuk. That's HUGE! An APX2 with Tuuk Carbon, Swiss Bones, Addictions surely would result in faster times, better grip, etc. possibly closing that gap. Again, I appreciate all input from anyone, because we all know 'chasing' for the best setup is $$$ . Just doing my research Probably will try Sprung down the road, and now there is some new Marsblade chassis. This stuff gets more confusing everyday LOL
  9. Do you have any experience with Sprung/Tuuk Rocker? If so, please comment Also, where did you buy Marsblade? Can you give specific areas where you see improvement (e.g take off, acceleration while in motion, turns, stops). What is it made of? I am used to Rocker and Hi-Lo, but always looking for an edge to push limits. Thanks
  10. Possible Swap http://s158.photobucket.com/user/KILLERWHALE89/media/1_zps2af45c66.jpg.html Vapor 10 Prostock Ice Skates - Bure still wears them for a reason. APXR Inline Love Vapor boot > APXR boot APXR + Sprung possibility ?>? Vapor + Hi-Lo...time will tell or Vapor 10 + Sprung > APXR? Tough decisions!
  11. For road hockey ya mon http://s158.photobucket.com/user/KILLERWHALE89/media/IMG-20130627-00226_zpsb034e124.jpg.html?filters[user]=139272550&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1 http://s158.photobucket.com/user/KILLERWHALE89/media/IMG-20130627-00224_zps24cf0697.jpg.html?filters[user]=139272550&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=2 http://s158.photobucket.com/user/KILLERWHALE89/media/IMG-20130627-00224_zps24cf0697.jpg.html Ice Hockey - Same but all white. EAgles 4 Life!
  12. Pads: BHG Eyelite 10 34+3, Pro Stock Toskala X:60 (Heaton 10 skins) Glove/Blocker: BHG Eyelite Mask: Hackva (Skull design) Skates: Bauer 7000 Stick: Heaton 10 pro Stock Belfour Pants: CCM/Heaton Pro Stock Chest: Gatekeeper Pro Stock http://s158.photobucket.com/user/KILLERWHALE89/media/IMG-20121009-00054_zps420f497e.jpg.html?filters[user]=139272550&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
  13. Interesting. I have Vapor 8 (aluminum rocker), Vapor 10 (carbon rocker), and APXR I am curious about sprungs. Can you be more specific as to the differences/advantages. You say smoother. With same wheels you notice differences b/w rocker/sprung ? I love Rocker, so if a fellow rocker says sprungs are that much better I would consider. The Hi-Lo Mag is super fast with Addiction combo. But hard to control using 3 wheels as opposed to 2 on rocker for turns (2nd wheel no contact on 76-72-76-76 combo). Also I find the 76-76-76-76 on rock once broken in (front n rear wheel burn a bit) to rocker nicely. Do all pro inline players use Sprung? I'm an ice goalie, so I don't know too much about Sprung.
  14. My babies http://s158.photobucket.com/user/KILLERWHALE89/media/6_zpsa69051b6.jpg.html?filters[user]=139272550&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 Pro stock Vapor 10 Bauer 8000 +superfeet grey
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