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  1. I'm bigger in the waist as well. I'm hoping getting back on the ice can help. I bought a pair of supreme S190 pants. They have a nice design with velcro straps that sit on your stomach so you don't have to rely on them sitting on your waist. I like the S190 more than the 1S because it has less material that makes it lighter plus considering its beer league I don't think you need the same protection NHLers do.. plus they're cheaper than a 1S pant.
  2. Just got these bad boys converted over the weekend. First time playing roller in almost 10 years should be a good time
  3. Yes I did get them baked of course. I'm not a barbarian! 😂
  4. My dad bought a pair of Trues and didn't like them; said they were too hard to put on. Bought some Supremes and gave me his Trues. Luckily for me our feet are very similar besides me having a flat arch. I've been wearing them for about 2 months now and while they started out painful in the arches, I absolutely love them now. I was very afraid that they wouldn't break into a foot that it wasn't specifically made for, but I was wrong. If they fit somewhat correct, they can break in and they are incredible skates. My hats off to VH and True for their hard work.
  5. So my dad bought a pair of True's but recently injured his hip so decided to hang them up after skating in them less than 10 times and gave me them. Only skated in them once on the ODR and they felt good skating wise, but are a little too painful in the arches as well they are alittle short around the toes but haven't caused much pain there. I was wondering if you guys would advise anything to enhance the fit there whether it be another bake, getting them punched out, or just persistence?
  6. Also is an iOS/Android app a possibility?
  7. Agreed! and during the podcast you could have a forum open for members of MSH to ask questions for the podcast to answer. The forum itself obviously gives room for answering questions, but hearing it vocally could be special for members as well
  8. That probably no significant problems but I always tape the toe because my OCD doesn't want to risk it chipping and I like how it looks/feels better taped to the toe. My dad also doesn't tape to the toe and gets chips and can't figure out how to tape it to the toe the way I can do (which isn't hard) but hates my tape-jobs on the blade so he'll tape the blade all the way to the last couple of rows and will have me finish his tape job. Family finds it funny because he's been playing since he was 6 and was really good back in his day, but has his son finish his tape jobs haha.
  9. Just because because the league has high revenue doesn't mean they should have to pay the insurance bill for all the players. If you're implying that a percentage of their pay cheque should be deducted to provide them health care, that would be a different discussion. With that being said, these athletes also make millions of dollars on their contracts and can afford their own health insurance, who's to say they're unable to find their own health insurance provider?
  10. I heard that the reason they've raised the price on their sticks recently was because of how much Bauer pays for losing inventory when people abuse their warranty. However, this may have been an unreliable source. If it were a correct source I have to say I'm frustrated to hear that Bauer is this difficult about their warranties for their customers. This is why I buy pro stocks for the most current top of the line stick that have my specs online when I can find them (it does take some digging). I find I can save 100 bucks after shipping and spending an extra 100 bucks for a 30 day warranty just isn't worth it for me.
  11. I agree that the former players may have benefitted from it, but as I said before, there is much risk for insurance companies to cover NFL alumni so they would require a high premium. Who is going to pay for that?
  12. Knowing what we know now about brain injuries is exactly what will make insurance companies not want to cover these athletes unless there is a huge premium. I doubt the league or the owners are going to want to dish out that kind of cash especially after such a poor season viewership-wise.
  13. I don’t think this will be the most unpredictable series of the playoffs but I sure think it’ll be one of the most entertaining
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