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    Bauer TotalOne NXG
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    CCM Tacks H11
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    Bauer 4Roll Pro
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    Reebok 8K Pro Stock
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    CCM 520/Bauer TotalONE girdle
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    CCM CL
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    Warrior Projeckt
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  1. I have the same issue on my right foot... Which is the primary reason I'm going to go with full custom skates for my next pair. Very disappointing to hear this was not addressed, sounds like I might have no choice but to go with True instead of CCM.
  2. Interested... Hopefully the Cubs are home that weekend!
  3. Team A is shorthanded and Ices the puck (Hybrid Icing League) Team B player hits the dots and the referee calls icing, obviously incorrectly. The ref apologizes and says the faceoff is in Team B's defensive zone. Team B protests saying the faceoff should be at center ice due to the official's mistake, however the ref says no. According to USA Hockey rule 624(c) - If the Officials shall have erred in calling an “icing the puck” infraction (regardless of whether either team is shorthanded) a last play face-off (end zone face-off spot nearest to the location of the puck when play was stopped) shall occur. Is this a recent rule change? I just don't understand why either team should be rewarded/penalized for a referee's mistake. I always thought a faceoff at center ice offered no advantage to either team, what reason would there be to change that., For the record we won the faceoff and sprung our right winger on a breakaway and scored... but still think the faceoff should've been at center ice ;)
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