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  1. Noticed some cracking at the bottom of the heels on both of my ~5 year old True Custom Skates. I reached out to True to ask about a potential repair and was quoted $300 + Shipping. Between playing and refereeing, these skates have about 1200+ games on them, so was thinking about replacing them anyway, but was thinking it might be good to fix them to use as a backup pair. Think it's worth it? Couple of questions regarding ordering new skates: I've been having a hell of a time with the True Sizing App, I've done 4 scans and have gotten 3 different size recommendations (I know that's for stock skates, but I'd be much more comfortable if it were consistent) I was told they still have my original scans, and am wondering if it makes the most sense to use those. My hesitation is when I originally purchased these skates, it was due to inflammation around my navicular bones on both feet. Since I've worn them, the inflammation has gone away, so there are some subtle differences in my feet. I find it annoying that the app only allows you to use the front facing camera on an iPhone. It would be so much easier to use the rear camera and have my wife scan me while holding the lunge postion. The one thing I miss coming out of my old Super Tacks is the heel lock. I've heard the wicking liner improves that some, can anyone verify? Also, is the hydrofoam liner the same liner that was used in 2019? Thanks for sharing your input!
  2. I have the same issue on my right foot... Which is the primary reason I'm going to go with full custom skates for my next pair. Very disappointing to hear this was not addressed, sounds like I might have no choice but to go with True instead of CCM.
  3. Interested... Hopefully the Cubs are home that weekend!
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